Gulf coast-government-contractors-association-overview


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MAY 4, 2010
“Fostering Partnerships”

GCGCA's mission is to be the premier government contractor association across the Gulf Coast Region by fostering industry, academia, and government partnerships which focus on technical economic development and solutions.


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Gulf coast-government-contractors-association-overview

  1. 1. ASSOCIATION OVERVIEW MAY 4, 2010 “Fostering Partnerships”
  2. 2. History of Association  Based off the Charleston Defense Contractor Association (CDCA)  A Highly Successful Government & Industry Partnership:  Supported the revitalization of the Defense Contracting Industry in Charleston S.C.  Great success at fostering Industry and Government relationships  Small Business Symposiums, Technical Conferences, CIC, etc  Support community education and outreach  100+ Corporate members with 250+ affiliate member  GCGCA Inception:  Establish Founding Companies – February 2010  Founding Committees and Directors Established  Organization Incorporated – March 2010  Membership Open Enrollment – April/May 2010  LTC Event “Tech Tuesday” – May 2010
  3. 3. GCGCA MISSION STATEMENT GCGCA's mission is to be the premier government contractor association across the Gulf Coast Region by fostering industry, academia, and government partnerships which focus on technical economic development and solutions.
  4. 4.  The purpose of the Association is to address issues and opportunities facing the Gulf Coast geographic area and surrounding regions with regard to Government organizations (Federal, State and Local). The Association has the following goals and priorities: ◦ To develop or improve the Gulf Coast regions ability to develop, attract, retain and more effectively execute government business opportunities with the primary focus on technical based requirements. ◦ To act as a liaison for the technology contractor industry with local, state, and federal government agencies, elected officials, legislatures, and special groups and committees. ◦ To perform as an advocacy group for both industry and Government within the Gulf Coast region. ◦ To foster increased and improved interaction among contractors for the accomplishment of better services to the Government customers. ◦ Provide a recognized forum for the free exchange of ideas, analysis and solutions to issues among its members and interested parties.
  5. 5. The Association primary functions include:  Develop partnerships with targeted groups and individuals including local, state, and federal officials, chambers of commerce, technical development groups, and professional government organizations and committees.  Take action to provide information, solicit desired outcomes, and promote issues in the best interest of the Gulf Coast region.  Work with academic organizations to suggest improved technical educational opportunities at the graduate and undergraduate levels.  Foster increased communication among various government contractors to develop better teaming opportunities to improve service offerings to government customers, and to develop more effective solutions to regional issues.  Pursue new business opportunities for the regional government community through connections with end users and funding sources.
  6. 6.  The Association is targeting technology-focused government contractors!  Advantages from membership: ◦ Gulf Coast opportunity and customer exposure ◦ Focused Industry advocate ◦ Association promotion and marketing of members’ Core Competencies and capabilities ◦ A liaison for customer and industry related information ◦ Voice in organizational events and operations (corporate membership voting privilege and Board member eligible) ◦ Partnership with industry, academia, and government to build “field of dreams” and relationships ◦ Ability to network and promote your company amongst colleagues and peers EVENTS!
  7. 7.  Business Outreach Symposiums: ◦ Government Agency Leadership ◦ Government Agency Contracting Offices ◦ Company teaming, networking & presentations (mix of corporate sizes) ◦ Input to future venues or agency via feedback  Membership Meeting: ◦ Annual election of Board of Directors  Annual Conference (TBD) ◦ To include training and education ◦ Industry Subject Matter Experts
  8. 8.  Corporate Members: $1,000 ◦ Shall be Voting Members and have up to 5 total members ◦ Can be elected to the Board of Directors ◦ Entitles a business entity to have its corporate description publicized on the Association website ◦ Entitled to attend meetings and events free of charge ◦ Names published in the membership directory  Affiliate Members:$100 ◦ Shall be non-voting Members in the Association. Affiliate Members are ◦ Entitled to attend meetings and events at a reduced cost - $25 ◦ Names published in the membership directory
  9. 9.  Inaugural Event ◦ July 14, 2010  Lindy Boggs – University of New Orleans ◦ Introduction of Association Elected Board ◦ Focus on SPAWAR Atlantic  4th Quarter Event ◦ In Planning Stages (TBD)  NASA, NFC, FEMA, USCG, DHS, Nat. Buoy Center, etc
  10. 10. WWW.GCGCA.ORG