CVDI Benefits


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CVDI Benefits

  1. 1. Center for Visual & Decision InformaticsA Planned National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative Research CenterBenefits of MembershipAs a member of the Industry Advisory Board of the Center for Visual and Decision Informatics (CVDI), you willhave the opportunity to provide direction to the Center’s research projects that reflects the needs of yourorganization and of the potential users of the resulting technologies. You will also have access to theinterdisciplinary knowledge base from academic researchers and engage with other industry advisory boardmembers to explore potential opportunities.The following are the highlights of membership benefits: One-stop access to interdisciplinary university faculty, post-doctoral researchers, graduate students from the partnering universities; Ability to chose and fund research projects that collectively benefit multiple organizations; Access to the state-of-the-art CVDI infrastructure, supercomputing and visualization facilities; Opportunity to network and collaborate with other industry advisory board members to explore joint ventures of research collaboration; Formal periodic project reviews along with continuous interaction and timely access to reports, papers and intellectual property generated by the Center; Recruitment opportunities to attract outstanding graduate students.Background and Technical ScopeThe University of Louisiana at Lafayette and Drexel University plan to establish a national research center focusedon Visual & Decision Informatics, as a part of the U.S. National Science Foundations Industry-UniversityCooperative Research Centers program. The goals of the Center are: To function as a multidisciplinary center of excellence in Visual & Decision Informatics research fostering long-term collaborative partnerships amongst industry, academe, and government; To discover, share and leverage synergies of concepts, technologies and resources needed by industry- relevant Visual & Decision Informatics research in collaboration with CVDI partners; To educate a diverse body of students in the interdisciplinary field of Visual & Decision Informatics; To accelerate the creation and transfer of knowledge and technology for Visual & Decision Informatics into industry and commercial products.In order to make informed decision and gain insights from complex heterogeneous data, users are typicallyinvolved in a series of analysis and exploratory process. This is true for a computer scientist trying to analyze theWorld Wide Web, a biologist or chemist studying a molecular compound for drug discovery or a homeland securityprofessional analyzing the interdependency between the nation’s critical infrastructures. The focus of the newresearch center will be the creation of a set of new Decision-Making Environments (DMEs). DME is a new conceptthat leads to a top-down framework for the development of analytic and visual tools. These tools would enableusers to explore and customize information streams in a variety of modalities to gain better insight to information.A DME consist of the following components: Analytic; Graphics Software; and Perception/Human-ComputerInterfaces. This environment consists of many components combined into a seamless whole. The user can exploreinformation streams in a variety of modalities, depending on which ones offer better insight. At the same time,analysis programs run in the background and can be used to supplement the visual displays with analyticsummaries and statistical insights. CVDI is a collaboration between the University of Louisiana at Lafayette & Drexel University