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2012 11 latipat-cpc_epo


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2012 11 latipat-cpc_epo

  1. 1. LATIPAT November 5-7, 2012 Medellin (CO) Citaciones : Formato, Flujo y SignificadoWistre Rodriguez Del Amo Medellin, 5 November 2012PD-PG - Information AcquisitionEuropean Patent Office 1
  2. 2. Project Start-up• USPTO/EPO agreed to co- operate on a joint USPTO and EPO Work Toward Joint Patent Classification System classification "In view of the significant benefit to stakeholders of developing a transparent and harmonized system based approach to a global classification system for patent documents; in order to make the search process initially on the IPC- more effective; and in the belief that cooperation between their two offices will facilitate progress in undertaking classification harmonization projects under the IP5 Common Hybrid Classification based ECLA initiative, the USPTO and the EPO have agreed together to work toward the formation of a (October 2010) partnership to explore the development of a joint classification system based on the European Classification system (ECLA) that will incorporate the best classification practices of the two offices. This system would be aligned with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) classification standards and the International Patent Classification (IPC) structure. Accordingly, they have initiated• USPTO to move discussions on governance and operational aspects of such a partnership. from USPC to CPC The IP5 partner offices will be continually apprised of progress at appropriate IP5 forums. Stakeholders will receive regular updates on the substance and progress of classification partnership discussions between the two offices."• EPO to move from ECLA to CPC October 25, 2010• CPC planned to be bi-laterally operational at EPO and USPTO by January 2013 2
  3. 3. CPC scheme• In one scheme, CPC will include: – the former ECLA (~140K entries) – the former ICO (EPO indexing codes) – the most important KW (EPO controlled keywords) migrated to ECLA or ICO – further refinements of the G06Q scheme for Business Methods so as to incorporate most of former USPC 705 subdivisions (about 375 subdivisions vs. 50 currently available in ECLA/IPC) – US special collections and digests – Y section of ICO (CCMTs and smart grids)• All-in-all around 250 000 subdivisions 3
  4. 4. CPC numbering: IPC-like• The "root" of the hierarchically closest IPC symbol is kept IPC ECLA CPC H01L21/027 H01L21/027 H01L21/027 H01L21/027B H01L21/02709 H01L21/027B2 H01L21/02718 H01L21/027B6 H01L21/02727 H01L21/027B6B H01L21/02736 H01L21/027B6B2 H01L21/02745 H01L21/027B6B4 H01L21/02754 H01L21/027B6C H01L21/02763 H01L21/027B6D H01L21/02772 H01L21/027B6E H01L21/02781 H01L21/033 H01L21/033 H01L21/033 4
  5. 5. Sections A-H H01L21/285 ... H01L21/28504 . . . . Origin: H01L21/28508 . . . .  IPC H01L21/28512 . . . .Classification (INV/ADD) ...  ECLA H01L21/28524 . . . . Main trunk  "mirrored" ICO H01L21/28528 . . . . H01L21/28532 . . . . -------------------- H01L2021/28528 ....  "further breakdown" ICO H01L2021/285285 ..... Indexing ... (ADD) H01L2925/065 ... 2000-series H01L2925/06504 ....  "orthogonal" ICO H01L2925/06508 ..... 5
  6. 6. Y section• General tagging of new technological developments; general tagging of cross-cutting technologies spanning over several sections of the IPC – Y02: Climate change mitigation technologies (CCMTs) – Y04: Smart grids• Technical subjects covered by former USPC cross- reference art collections [XRACs] and Digests: – Y10S
  7. 7. CPC scheme statistics ─ 18 Sept 2012 Sections A─H Section Y Main trunk (includes former Invention or Additional information USPC XRACs ~ 160 500 symbols and digests) Additional Information only ~ 7 500 Indexing codes (2000-series) symbols(former "further breakdown" and "orthogonal" ICOs; IPC indexing codes) Additional information only ~ 82 000 symbols
  8. 8. CPC DefinitionsUnderstanding the technical coverage of CPC entries 8
  9. 9. CPC Definitions• The CPC scheme will be supported by a set of instructions on how to search and classify in each specific technical area• They have been designed along the lines of the IPC Definitions• Completed CPC Definitions will (progressively) be published after 1 October 2012 and will finally cover: – all subclasses – all main groups, and – some subgroups 9
  10. 10. Quality Assurance (QA)• Robust QA in place to ensure quality of classification data and harmonization of classification practice between the USPTO and EPO• EPO will continue classifying US documents into the CPC for a transition period.• Reclassification of documents following a revision process will be shared (from 2013 onwards) 10
  11. 11. Quality Assurance (QA) (2)• Establish Points of Contact (PoC) per technical area between EPO-USPTO• Establish feedback mechanisms: – "Raise Hand" flags to signal non-compliances – Sample batches of classification products to check, e.g. ISO2859 norm• Check, find non-compliances, correct them, send feedback to PoC and record findings• Monitor and analyse data• Take corrective actions 11
  12. 12. Training• E-learning modules for USPTO staff and contractor• Field-specific training provided by EPO examiners and recorded• Extensive use of CPC Definitions• Examiner visits 12
  13. 13. CPC timeline  Develop training  IT implementation at USPTO and  Quality Assurance EPO process in place  Document classification practices (CPC Definitions)  Collaborative environment  CPC used by EPO and USPTO  ECLA housekeeping  CPC Scheme launch version publicly available on 1 Oct 2012  Harmonized  Design IT classification practices  DOC-DB back-file converted to  Design collaborative CPC on 15 Nov 2012  Joint CPC revisions environment  Conduct training  CPC available for use by other IP offices  Prepare for launch of CPCJan 2011 Jan 2012 1 Oct 2012 1 Jan 2013 1 Apr 2013Start of project CPC launch discussions version Launch of CPC No more ECLA-to- between EPO available CPC mapping in and USPTO 1 Oct 2012 revised areas 13
  14. 14. 1 October 2012 - CPC package• CPC scheme in XML and PDF• Agreed CPC Definitions in XML and PDF• ECLA-CPC-IPC concordance table in XML, PDF and TXT Delivered via
  15. 15. Scheme maintenance prior to 1 Oct 2012• Removal of outdated text: – ECLA Reform (ECLA and ICO mirrored schemes) – IDT, +IDT (old pre-EPO scheme) – ECLA transfer notes (groups deleted from ECLA) – EPO internal databases (e.g. RM25) – CIS, COMBI (now Combination Sets)• Warnings such as "reclassification in progress" stay in the scheme until reclassification is completed !• Some "critical" trademarks have been removed from titles, e.g. Velcro®
  16. 16. Draft CPC Definitions 18 Sept 2012• A47J• D01G• H01M
  17. 17. AND THEN?
  18. 18. • End of November 2012: Full DOCDB-XML delivery (ECLA+CPC)• Early December 2012: Espacenet will switch to full CPC mode. Classification search not possible in ECLA anymore• End 2012: CPC services available: – CPC-to-ECLA concordance service – ECLA-to-CPC concordance service – CPC-to-IPC concordance service – CPC validity service
  19. 19. • 1 January 2013: CPC enters into force• February 2013: Full DOCDB-XML delivery, no ECLA data anymore• From April 2013: First CPC revisions
  20. 20. Support for the transition to CPC• CPC Definitions• E-learning modules (cooperation European Patent Academy)• Events: EPO Patent Information Conference 6-8 November 2012, Hamburg, Germany• Etc ...
  21. 21. Thank you for your attention! For more CPC info, regularly visit: 21