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Gypsum & asbestos


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Gypsum & asbestos

  1. 1. Presented By:Presented By:Engineer LATIF HYDER WADHOEngineer LATIF HYDER WADHOMehran University of Engineering & TechnologyMehran University of Engineering & TechnologyKhairpur Mir’s.Khairpur Mir’s.Civil Engineering MaterialsCivil Engineering Materials11ststTerm 1Term 1ststYear B.E.CivilYear B.E.Civil
  2. 2. ASBESTOS
  3. 3. ASBESTOS:It is a silicate mineral with thecomposition of silicate of calcium andmagnesium .
  4. 4. The main characteristics of Asbestos are as under:1. It is commonly of white or whitish grey colour.2. It has the typical fibrous form (in the form of3. fibres).4. Its fibres show a silky shine or luster.5. The fibres are flexible and can be interwoven.6. It is highly resistant to heat and is fire proof.7. It is an excellent heat, sound and electricinsulator.8. It has high resistance to corrosion.9. It has a high melting point (12000C to 15000C).
  5. 5. It is widely used in several forms forheat, sound and electrical insulationworks such as sheets, boards, pipesand loose filling material, etc becauseof above mentioned notablecharacteristics.It is also used for the making ofAsbestos Cements, fire proof ropes andcloth.
  6. 6. Asbestos Products:Following are the main products of Asbestos:1. Asbestos Cement Sheets (A.C.Sheets),2. Asbestos-Cement Pipes,3. Asbestos Paints,4. Asbestos Paper, etc.
  7. 7. Gypsum:• Gypsum is the mineral with the composition ofhydrated calcium Chloride (CaSO4.2H2O). It is a softmineral with low density and good binding power. Itdehydrates on heating. Further on coming incontact with water, it combines with it again. It isextensively used as filler in paint, paper and rubberindustry. It is used as retarder in cementmanufacturing. It is also used for the manufacturingof Plaster of Paris (Gypsum Plaster).• Gypsum Plaster is used for decorative plaster of allkinds.
  8. 8. Developed by:Nadeem Asghar 9ThankYou
  9. 9. Developed by:Nadeem Asghar 9ThankYou