LAS White Paper - Advanced Multilingual Google Geo-targeting Strategies


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White Paper on advanced multilingual Google Geo-targeting strategies.

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LAS White Paper - Advanced Multilingual Google Geo-targeting Strategies

  1. 1. Advanced MultilingualGoogle Geo-targeting Strategies Approved Google Engage Agency
  2. 2. While everyone knows that you should target customersin their own language it’s actually more complicated thansimply marketing in German for Germany. For instance, latelast year I visited with friends in Munich. Munich is located inthe southern part of Germany, commonly known as Bavaria,near the Austrian border. While I was acutely aware thatthere were differences between Bavaria, Berlin and Stuttgartfrom having worked and lived part time in Stuttgart, myfriend, while discussing some of the cultural and languagedifferences between Munich and the rest of Germany,pointed out that she did very well in Austria because theBavarians and the Austrians had more in common than theAustrians and the northern Germans. This is quite commonin Europe where borders have been rewritten many timesthroughout history and populations have been displaced,forced to move or where whole cities where evacuated andthe local towns were taken over.As Google’s Search tools and network continues to improve,advertisers and marketers have more granular control and cantarget buyers more precisely. So if you’ve prepared separatecampaigns for Germany and Austria, you might want to runthat Austrian campaign in specific cities in Germany whereit might be more effect than your “Germany” ads.Run the French campaignin Germany, run the Czechcampaign in Slovakia,run the English campaignin almost every major cityWhile working in Stuttgart, I was told often how close wewere to the French border city of Strasbourg. Strasbourg isa famous picturesque city on the border between Franceand Germany and home to the European Parliament.Like other cities, Strasbourg has changed hands betweenthe French and the Germans more than once. As a resultit’s truly a blended French and German city. With Googlegeo-targeting you can match specific ads in the languagesof your choice to specific locations. So a campaign heremight run variations of ads in several languages.
  3. 3. And the same is true throughout Europe. For instance thereare many Slovaks living and working in the Czech Republicand many Czech’s have family in Slovakia while eachlanguage is understood by both. Here you might reach morebuyers by running ads in Czech and Slovakian in Bratislava.While conversely in Prague you might run a campaign inCzech, English and Slovakian since Prague has manyEnglish speaking ex-pats and even publishes a dailynewspaper in English; the Prague Post. Here’s an exampleof how you can run an English language Ad by city, provinceor country. In this case we have an English Ad. Since it’sdirected at the automotive industry we want it to run inplaces that are automotive-centric. For instance Slovakia isa very strong automotive manufacturing location. With manycar companies, including Porsche and VW which ownsSlovakia’s only car manufacturer, Seat. So this English Adwill appear in Search results in Slovakia, Prague and Ottawaas well as other multilingual cities and countries wheresearch results in English are appropriate for the audience.While in Canada you can set the English language Ad toonly appear in Ottawa and run a proper French languageAd in French-speaking Quebec. This type of advancedgeo-targeting will improve the performance of your onlineadvertising and impression-to-conversions ratio. It givesyou far deeper control than just choosing a single languagefor a country. You can run an English language Ad in a specific city, province or country.
  4. 4. A three-dimensional approach to multilingual keyword research Having lived and worked part-time in both the Czech Republic and Germany I can tell you first hand that a monolingual approach for most multinational’s targeted locales is a simple-minded poor-performing solution to a more complex challenge. Today more and more people are living bilingual lives, regularly speaking several languages every day. Watching TV programs in their native language and English, listening to local music and American music with friends while working with English speaking colleagues. Search is no different with bilingual people performing search queries in both their native language and other languages regularly. Want proof? Just take a look at Facebook profiles throughout the world. Many profiles are in English even though they live in another country. Bilingual Billboard for a local radio station in Ostrava, Czech Republic near the Polish border A three-dimensional approach to keywords applies here as well and should work hand in hand with your geo-targeting strategies. If you’re running a multilingual campaign you should have keywords in every language. In Prague, you might have Czech, English and Slovakian keywords to support an English language Ad campaign.333 West 7th Street, Suite 120 For effective international and multilingual SEO and PPCRoyal Oak, MI 48067 campaigns that rock, contact Rick Woyde at Language ArtsPh: 248-246-0475, Fax: 248-282-0433 & Science. Rick can be reached by email at or at +1-248-246-0475.