B2B PPC Campaigns that drive Booth traffic


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B2B PPC Campaigns that drive Booth traffic

  1. 1. B2B PPC Campaignsthat drive booth traffic and deliver results Approved Google Engage Agency
  2. 2. B2B Search EngineMarketing that Works.B2B Internet marketing is still in its infancy and trailsB2C by a country mile. But we think that’s going tochange in a big way. Because the things that make theInternet so useful for consumers work for businessesas well. Google and Bing and other search enginesare more than a place for consumers to find where topurchase products. For B2B marketers it’s an onlinelibrary where your customers go to research newproducts and services that relate to their business andinfluence their own buying decisions. At LAS, we alsothink that using search is a great way to establishleadership positions. That’s why when you searchfor “J2450” or “multilingual Google geo-targetingstrategies” our landing pages come up first. Because,when potential customers find answers to theirbusiness problems with your content, they are morelikely to think of you when they need your services.In the automotive industry there are many conferencesand “trade shows” that serve verticals throughout thesupply chain. While auto shows like Geneva or theNorth American International Auto Show in Detroitcome to mind first, every chain in the auto industryhas their own events that they spend a lot of moneyto participate in. For instance, in the parts aftermarketworld there is the annual AAPEX conference held everyyear in Las Vegas. According to the AAPEX website, in2011 over 59,000 industry professionals attended thisevent and over 15,000 were international executiveswith 2,292 exhibitors and 4,929 booths. So standingout and making sure your booth gets the traffic youwant is not easy. Here’s a tip to take advantage ofindustry events that you may sponsor or participate in.
  3. 3. Time PPC Campaignswith key industry eventsEvery April, the annual SAE World Congressis held in Detroit. Over 10,000 automotiveprofessionals from across the globe will beattending. In 2011, there were 148 exhibitors!Do you think every attendee visits every boothwhile they are there? How do you make surethey visit yours? The World Congressis truly an international event with 30% ofthe exhibitors being Asian and Europeanexhibitors. In the chart at right is the searchtraffic on Google for “SAE World Congress.”As you can clearly see, there is a huge spikein search before, during, and after this event.That’s the perfect time to prepare a PPC The spike in the graph is search activitycampaign to advertise your booth to increase during the “SAE World Congress”interest and traffic.Exhibiting is not inexpensive with boothsgoing from $7,500 to $30,000. That doesn’tinclude the cost of preparing your exhibiteither. However, preparing a great boothis only half the challenge. Getting peopleto visit is just as challenging, with potentiallymillions of dollars in customer orders atstake. A minimal investment in a multilingualPPC campaign can make your boothstand out and increase visitors and yourcompany’s leadership position. Make searchengine marketing a part of your tradeshow marketing plans to increase trafficand sales opportunities and make your PPC campaigns for event marketing is an inexpensive and effective strategyinvestment a success! to drive traffic to your boothFor effective international and multilingualSEO and PPC campaigns that make yourtrade shows a success, contact Rick Woyde atLanguage Arts & Science. Rick can be reachedby email at rickw@languageartsandscience.comor at +1-248-246-0475.
  4. 4. Language Arts & Science 333 West 7th Street, Suite 120 Royal Oak, Michigan 48065 P: 248-246-0475, F: 248-282-0433Visit our website at www.languageartsandscience.comfor more true stories and information on how to get the most from your translation needs!