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The guitar gym


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Published in: Education
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The guitar gym

  1. 1. WORKOUT I (BARS I - 12 CONTINUED) | '|'I)UODl'I'| A . :'= a:E— ". Z'——I"Z. l—I——: == fl—-£= =—: .: - ' -TZjj2_f'j-22--n WORKOUT 2 (BARS I3 - 26) '1‘! [IS SE('7(')NI) HALF IS I)I-IVOTEI3 T0 0110-0(*la"(~ versions of lf_'nu‘ro Inn mns<~im1s of uvvrslmntillg, your marks. or falling short. 1-an-11 alrpoggio (zuul S0[ll('li[lll-‘S l‘'(‘l1 smaller), as Ill(>‘S(’ are also you will pmb: |l>l_' rln hnth. S1211‘! off by inching _'uur way from one very common in rm)-('| ;xssi(‘:1l ruck. Will: the quick urpt-ggiu shifts lhrc-0-nolv group to lhv other. lwfure [lying In 51 ring evvr_'lhi11g in bars 10. 20 and 34 you will have to go in these with co11fi(lm1u~. Iogvtlwr‘ P2lIil"H('f‘ will pay off in lhe long run. ‘1_‘_—= £___—§ —— NOVEMBER zoos Guitar'I? ,-chniquos 95
  2. 2. w» );1_ : <~1;ar; 1; _. x.: v- - The Guitar Gym ROCK SWEEP—P| CKED ARPEGGIO WORKOUT