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Think thank assigment

  1. 1. ThinkThankassigment<br />17/04/2011<br />Reputation Management + Klout by ReviewPro<br />
  2. 2. Klout by Review pro? <br />The most utility tools to developyour revenues and manage your online reputation.<br />The mosteasy data reviewprofessional: withreview pro you have access data and on Klout you know how you influence by using social media.<br />Thosetools are necessary if youwant to be a good influencer and if youwant to know what people think about you!<br />The Goal: communication, results, data, and revenue.<br />
  3. 3. E-reputation management<br />Using social media tools to develop a sort of E-reputation.<br />E-reputationis how influence people to buyyourproduct or your service? The goal isincreaseyour revenue!<br />An E-reputationisdifficult to manage because we must act to anticipate and influence people to communicate.<br />Develop a reputationis real life isdifficult but on web it take less time for more results.<br />People using more and more reviews to select and beforebuyingsomething.<br />
  4. 4. What will be the impact on customer service expectations of the capabilities presented?<br />Know everything about yourcustomers: Know everything about your clients and them expectations. The goal is to anticipate!<br />Identify the problem by managing E-reputation and know whichproblemappearwith clients.<br />Facilitate the direct booking by influence clients to book rooms on website. <br />Manage process and give the best answer to the client. In fact know every situation thatcouldappearwith a client.<br />
  5. 5. What types of hospitality operations will benefit + how?<br />Every types of Hospitality are concerned by thisreviewfrom the 0 stars to the 5 stars.<br />You can understand and put process on yourhotel to manage the quality standards. Because quality is the central positionning of everyhotel.<br />Manage and control your E-reputationwhichisverydifficult! As we saidit take 10 years to buildyourreputation but it take 5 minutes to destroyed.<br />It permits to know and interpreteyourresults in terms of revenues service by service and know what’swrongwithany actions.<br />
  6. 6. What types of services or benefits currently OUTSIDE of a property can be integrated into presented capabilities?<br />Everycustomerwill have the possibility of post comments and reviews about the hotel and likethatgivesoutside sources.<br />Thosereviews can beintegrated in website of the hotel and give a direct information access to the client (websitewithreviews of expedia…).<br />You can alsointegrated informations about whatisaround the hotel: restaurants, bars, Spa if yourhoteldidn’t have one, Club, attractions…<br />
  7. 7. How can a hotel use the capabilities to create digital differentiation - and thus a competitive advantage<br />Digital is by himself a competitiveadvantagebecauseitpermits to influence people and manage yourreputation.<br />The very important point of digital is to my opinion the personnalization of the web service! For exemple you can personalizedyour user bar navigation or act on different social media.<br />You can alsoact on the information system for exemple if you have a business hotelgives informations according to yourcustomers.<br />
  8. 8. What impressed you the most about the particular topic that you selected?<br />How many data youreceived by thisproducts. You could know everything about your hotels and manage whatyou have to develop.<br />The facility of managingyourdifferent site of reviewing! You can manage and answer to itveryeasily. Gain of time, money and objectives.<br />Influence people to increaseyour revenues! By direct booking on websites. <br />INFLUENCE PEOPLE IS EASY AND DIFFICULT and more DIFFICULT ON LONG TERM.<br />