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Rules of Engagement - Jackie Turnure


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How to attract, involve and reward your audience a presentation at the 3rd LAMP residential in Perth in 2006

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Rules of Engagement - Jackie Turnure

  1. 1. Rules of Engagement How to Attract, Involve and Reward Your Audience © Jackie Turnure 2006
  2. 2. Rules of Engagement Back to Basics • The role of story, no matter what the medium • Our primal narrative need for meaning • Meaning comes from an emotional connection • How do we connect? • What grabs our attention? • What keeps us watching/listening? • Once we leave/pause, what brings us back?
  3. 3. Rules of Engagement The Process • Engage – create curiosity and suspense • Involve – immerse us completely in the world • Extend – direct us within and across media • Surprise – keep us on the move • Reward – make it worth our while