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Social Media to Enhance Career Goals


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Presentation given to high school seniors at Millbury High School, Millbury, MA. Tips on how to build a good social reputation and resume. How to find potential employers, which social networks to be on.

LinkedIn for business connections, profile building, joining groups.
Facebook for reputation building and research.
We discuss Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter and how to Google yourself.
Michelle Fontaine, teacher - speark - manager of Social Media - FBSmarty.

Published in: Education
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Social Media to Enhance Career Goals

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  3. 3. Your Career is in Your Hands!
  4. 4. *You have a real advantage over your parentsNever before have we been able to strategically build a picture of ourselvesSocial media skills can open doors for you in any field….or close them!
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  7. 7. *“It‟s just a text.”“Only my friends see my stuff on Facebook.”“I really didn‟t say anything bad!”“It‟s just a share”.
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  9. 9. *Volunteer… and record itIntern….Sports, ClubsAwards, HonorsGet those photos from your parents andupload them or be sure they tag you intheir uploads.
  10. 10. *Going forward, starting from this minute, make every entry a positive one.Show values and morals in your posts.Don‟t get pulled into any negative conversations… just don‟t!
  11. 11. *Go to one of your social network walls and pretend you don‟t know yourself.Read a few pages of your posts and pretend you‟re a potential employer.What impression do you get, as a whole? Impressed? Bored? Surprised?How‟s that grammar and spelling, atrocious, decent or really good?
  12. 12. *John heard about a job opening. He submitted a resume and was lucky enough to get an interview.Potential Boss, “Do you know Henry Smith?”John lied, “No.”Well, the boss had just fired Henry. If John had told the truth it does not mean he wouldn‟t have gotten the job, he might have even gotten credit for being truthful.When John left, the boss got on Facebook and started poking around. Sure enough, a few minutes later, he found a picture of John with Henry. Do you think he got the job?
  13. 13. * Delete anything that is remotely negative. Go to your privacy settings and do not allow tagging or turn on the notification so, if someone tags a photo of you, you can say no. It‟s good to have social proof out there. Just make sure it‟s the right reflection of you.
  14. 14. * Post natural healthy photos as often as you can – image creators
  15. 15. *Employers first review Publicly-available photos Status updates Conversations with friends Wall postings
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  17. 17. * Content is king on the web! It‟s the number one reason websites rank highly and ALL businesses want to be ranked on page 1 of Google! Employers looks for good writers. What is your passion? What is your strongest interest right now? Write about it! You‟re learning how to produce reports in school, add them to a blog. It doesn‟t really matter what it is, just be ready to dive deeply and show that you have depth, that you know how to research and provide credible, quality posts.
  18. 18. *It‟s easy and free to start. Just go to and set up a quick new blog and start.Trust me, when it‟s time for you to seek employment, you can add this to your resume.It shows initiative, drive, enthusiasm, dedication and lots more of those great qualities in demand
  19. 19. *Our social media activity is officially scored, based on our level of involvement on the Internet.The application that stands out right now doing that is called Klout.
  20. 20. *You may not be looking ahead tostarting your career.You may be looking only so far as whatto do after high school.Trust us, the groundwork is happeningnow.
  21. 21. *  Understand how to post publically or privately  Every single thing should be stamped with the „mom‟ seal of approval  If you need to, clean up – be as squeaky clean as possible  The more you have „out‟ there, the more likely you will be seen as a credible candidate
  22. 22. *LinkedIn Profile - definitelyFacebook Personal Profile – yes – huge user basePinterest – Artistic, creative fields, researchInstagram – Positive Images, creativeYouTube - Video presentations of you in action? Playing Football, Receiving Award, Helping Your CommunityTwitter – promote blog, network
  23. 23. *Create your free profile List your activities, volunteer stints, part-time jobs Ask for recommendationsPhoto Your most professional looking photo for LinkedIn
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  26. 26. *Carefully accept friend requests hide/unfriend if necessary They are not alerted that you unfriended them
  27. 27. *Target Businesses, LocationsFrom your left column, click on that list and your newsfeed becomes their postsLearn the culture, the posting frequency, the toneFilters and focuses
  28. 28. * Interest Lists can be organized as favorites on the left of your home page. Just click on a pencil, choose rearrange and drag and drop into position.
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  30. 30. *INTEREST List of places you would liketo workAsk great questions, providingvaluable inputLike their postsBecome their top fans!They will know that when you applyfor a job there!
  31. 31. *Search on keywords to find people to followFind important people in areas you are interested in and follow themCreate lists to filter and focusSubscribe to other‟s lists
  32. 32. * Claim your name to prevent name squatting Fill in your profile info (in 160 characters!)
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  34. 34. *Search on a subject that interests youBuild visual boards and add visual pins Start a board for your club, sport, etc.
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  37. 37. *Start thinking of every electronic upload, every post, as building your credibility for future employers future school submissions scholarship material
  38. 38. *You have a real advantage over your parentsNever before have we been able to strategically build a picture of ourselvesSocial media skills can open doors for you in any field….or close them!
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