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Top Level Social Media Strategies by FB Smarty


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This Top Level Social Media Strategy presentation was given at The Women's Summit, Bryant University. It was recorded and that video recording is available to you as well. Today's Social Media strategies along with some cool tools I use everyday. Enjoy! Here is the link to the video recording -

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Top Level Social Media Strategies by FB Smarty

  1. 1. Top Level Social Media Strategies B Y M I C H E L L E F O N T A I N E , F B S M A R T Y F A C E B O O K . C O M / F B S M A R T Y T W I T T E R . C O M / F B S M A R T Y G O O G L E ‘ F B S M A R T Y ’ F O R Y O U R C H O I C E O F C O N T A C T
  2. 2. Video Recording available Here are the slides used in The Women’s Summit at Bryant University. These are top level social media strategies today! If you’d like to see and hear the video recording from that session, head to and download it there. Here is the direct link - Michelle Fontaine ~ FBSmarty ~
  3. 3. Things about me most people don’t know I owned a craft store called ‘Cozy Corner Crafts’ in the mid 80’s I’ve been a teacher of various topics since the mid 80’s – how to create a pine cone wreath My daughter told me to ‘teach Facebook’ 5 years ago Mom of three, grandmother of 4 Second home is in Prescott Valley, Arizona Accomplished dream of MBA in 2002
  4. 4. Privacy Concerns
  5. 5. Similarities in social networks… and privacy concerns • All require a personal profile in order to have a business page
  6. 6. Personal Privacy Settings
  7. 7. Personal Privacy Settings
  8. 8. The Giants
  9. 9. Facebook and LinkedIn are the two most important social networks for marketers When forced to select one platform, 49% of marketers selected Facebook, followed by LinkedIn at 16% Linked in is international and skews toward male users.
  10. 10. Facebook is the Social Giant Should be major marketing focus – your social foundation Plan 3 posts per day (experts agree) – spaced out Your own blog posts or quality OPC OK to repeat good content Decide when your audience would be most receptive Facebook still skews young, but the 45- to 54-year-old age bracket has seen 45% growth since year-end 2012.
  11. 11. Google+ is important because.. • It is owned by Google • If Facebook is the Giant of Social, Google is the Giant of Search • Google also owns” • ANDROID operating system • YouTube • Your gmail is the connection • The most male-oriented of the major social networks. It's 70% male.
  12. 12. Understanding these connections…..
  13. 13. Your Goal Should Be….
  14. 14. To be found…. Website Images Other Website Pinterest Twitter LinkedIn Other Website Facebook
  15. 15. Even Generically… Social Media by Michelle Google+ Page
  16. 16. Defining
  17. 17. A significant 62% of marketers are using social media for 6 hours or more and 36% for 11 or more hours weekly.
  18. 18. Defining your target
  19. 19. Is your product high-end? Target by income?
  20. 20. “Digital Marketing Channels… should work together like players on a baseball team.
  21. 21. Analysis/Measuring
  22. 22. Analyze Organization – Dashboards and Reporting ◦ Decide what to measure, what are the questions that need to be answered ◦ Google Analytics tie much of it together. Currently free. It’s complex and a specialty of its own. ◦ Universal Analytics is here.
  23. 23. Strategy – Use a dashboard! has a good free level ABeansTalkSocial is a full social media management tool I use for clients – the $29 a month level is very robust. There are many social media dashboards - tools/
  24. 24.
  25. 25. I use daily to manage clients I am an affiliate (disclosure) LOVE it! Jump’n Beans level is $29.97 month
  26. 26. Reply to all your channels right here!
  27. 27. Scheduling to multiple platforms, including Pinterest!
  28. 28. Reports are what sold me, the rest blew me away! I can see that by posting at 3pm my engagement probability on Facebook is 42.86% Also has enewsletter templates and email Texting capability Perfect for small business Infusionsoft infrastructure
  29. 29. Hot Strategies
  30. 30. Hashtags (keywords with #) (#wsummit2014) Ubiquitous ◦ Google+ ◦ Twitter ◦ Facebook ◦ Pinterest ◦ Instagram When scheduling on a platform, include hashtags. Once they are posted they work on that channel. Search mechanism to pull together conversations
  31. 31. Strategy - Hashtags To filter – interact live time or for research
  32. 32. Hashtags – #SMMW14 How can you see all hashtags across all channels? – Try
  33. 33. Podcasting • Podcasting set to explode in 2014 • Michael Stelzner, Cliff Ravencraft • Audio is so mobile and convenient • Easier to absorb than reading a book due to multitasking ability • Planning and discipline are required • Entertain, inform, educate • New form of blogging
  34. 34. Easy Graphic Design We need them but don’t always have a graphic designer in our back pockets! easiest non- graphic design interface out there! Free to very non- expensive.
  35. 35. Shortcuts ◦ In addition to sharing that blog post on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ (through one posting on a dashboard), Pin the image in that blog to Pinterest which creates another link into your website/blog ◦ Set your Instagram app up to share to your Facebook business page as well as Instagram and Twitter – 15 second videos done and up in the snap of a finger! FREE WHITE PAPER AT FACEBOOK.COM/FBSMARTY ◦ Upload presentations to Slideshare and share them on LinkedIn (Slideshare is considered a sleeping giant)
  36. 36. The Big Picture starts with Blogging! BLOG – Your Digital Asset Twitter – 140 characters fast streaming YOUTUBE or Facebook Video ENewsletter – The In Box FACEBOOK 3 posts a day
  37. 37. Blogging Content, imagery, video, podcasts… any media that is housed under your domain and shared with your networks (surround it by content). Blogging creates content that is scrapped by Google (98% of search) and drives traffic into your website/call to action page, etc. It is the #1 free way to achieve Google Page 1 ranking. 58% are blogging, 62% want to learn more about it, 66% plan to increase blogging
  38. 38. Google Authorship
  39. 39. Blog with YouTube Create a video – if it is a tutorial, check out my favorite screen capture program ◦ Snagit - ($49 one time) Upload to your YouTube channel ◦ Add description there Embed the video into your blog post and add text around it. Bonus, also pin that video to your Pinterest board! Creates traffic from your blog to YouTube, from YouTube to your blog, from Pinterest to your YouTube or Pinterest to your blog
  40. 40. Blogging vs YouTube 2 – 5 years put YouTube (video) and Blogging closely together – they actually work very well together
  41. 41. Social Networks
  42. 42. Think of Facebook as a subscription service Although it’s free to build, you need the reach to be effective
  43. 43. Three levels of FB Advertising Boosting – just got more limiting?
  44. 44. Power Editor is most advanced level
  45. 45. YouTube Organize videos with Playlists New way to capture video for YouTube According to Social Media Examiner report, “YouTube holds the top spot for future plans”
  46. 46. YouTube Channel Google Hangouts, when started, automatically broadcast on Google+ and YouTube (and Facebook if you use 22SocialApp) You can send the link out to your audience to watch. Also recorded as a regular YouTube video
  47. 47. Pinterest Pinning drives traffic ◦ To your blog ◦ To others’ quality content ◦ To your own quality content ◦ To your sales page is dominated by tablet users. And, according to Nielsen data, 84% of U.S. Pinterest users are women.
  48. 48. Instagram Sixty-eight percent of Instagram's users are women. Instagram is a teen fav SnapChat is another teen fav Here I ask a group of teens what they use….and I use Instagram to record it.
  49. 49. Twitter List Strategy – Strategically Follow A surprisingly young user population for a large social network — 27% of 18 to 29-year-olds in the U.S. use Twitter, compared to only 16% of people in their thirties and forties.
  50. 50. Next Steps
  51. 51. Video Recording available Here are the slides used in The Women’s Summit at Bryant University. These are top level social media strategies today! If you’d like to see and hear the video recording from that session, head to and download it there. Michelle Fontaine ~ FBSmarty ~
  52. 52. CommunicateFullCircl e Course Choice Segments In class or on-line, Recorded, Support group, Two teachers at every class #cfcsm,
  53. 53. Thank you! Reminder – fill in your email for the recording Check out for further training OR schedule time with me at