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History 82 - E. Joiner - LAHC


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History 82 - E. Joiner - LAHC

  1. 1. Research Methods Using Databases &The Library Catalog 4* History 82 History of Working People in the U. S. Instructor: Ellen Joiner 4* Librarian: William Bermeo
  2. 2. History of Working People in the U. S. Everyone’s W110 AH]eriCa? Guide to w E N T ’n1ki11g2’L-uplc and llic ‘nIix>ix' llistnrv the Largest ‘ _ ' ""‘a'. '.". ';'. 'é’_"" W R 0 N G M LNRON 2 History I Ilc II ' ‘A s'¢: IiI': _lL NI H‘ WALSl—IlN(7rl ()N mas. FRIEDDM Man In ‘ runaunnr IHSIUIY ui clvll IIGIHS ' "
  3. 3. Selecting Research Topics > Great Railway Strike > Creation of Standard Oil § Homestead Act > Triangle Shirtwaist Fire > March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom a. ..u. .m. ... .i Ilf > Formation of the CIO Emmy m > Executive Order 9066 > Merger of the AFL & CIO > Passage of NAFTA > Taft—Hart| ey Act > Enron Collapse _ > Bonus March , _ _ i§~saiCARNEGl > Organization of Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters ii. F3 <1
  4. 4. yea search ' Los ANGEL! -ZS HARBOR COLLEGE - - ’ Where students learn | WWW STUDENT SERVICES INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS Academic Departments Achieving The Dream Accreditation - Student Learning Outcomes CONGRATULATION 3 TO OUR 2014 HARBOR GRAUUATESII For those who may have missed the graduation, A°""“'°"s 8‘ R°°°'d‘ you can watch the recorded ceremony here! Assessment Center College Plans Counseling Make a Counseling Appt Extension Program Financial Aid 8. Scholarships Governance Harbor Online Classes ~ Map I Directory Sheriffl Emergency Info Special Programs 8. Services (DSPS) Student Email Portal Student Services Tutoring/ Learning Resource Center Transfer Center Our Mission Los Angeles Harbor Cotege iosters learn-ng through comprehensive programs that meet the educational needs of the communty as measured by student success. personal and institutional accountabil r/ , and integrity Accreditation -R’: -C. C ‘E-". »3 ' oi‘ sea" iritat on of SCCU J on College Plans Governance Emergency Text Alerts For Emergencies, Dial 310-233-4600 (LA county Sheriffs Dept) COMMl'IlTY LAHC FOUNDATION FACULTYISTAFF LAHC NEWS - Harbor Tides Online Classes Harbor Advantage 4.. ‘lr'fI: t
  5. 5. Los ANGELES HARBOR COLLEGE Where students learn STUDENT SERVICES = Campus Home Page = Library Home = About the Library - Frequently Asked Questions = E-Reserves 0 Faculty Support 9 Library Catalog - e Off-Campus Link to Catalog e Library Databases a Library Workshops = Journal Finder = Newsletter e Tutorials & Quick Tis a Writing & Research ‘ = Learning Resource Center INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS LIB RARY mr’1il‘': '.' IE Fall Semester Library Hours: Monday - Thursday: 8 a. m. - 8:30 p. m. Friday: 8 a. m. - 2 p. m. , You Need It - AS_aturday: 9 a. m. - 1 p. m. closed Sundays and Holidays Please note: the com u - machines, and circulation es c - the LLRC closes. Keep your library clean. The consumption of any type of food is prohibited. l''‘'‘/ '' I' I" I-—-I H ll I _, / __/ ;__/ COMMUNITY Get Help, Whenever LAHC FOUNDA11ON FACUL Visited Us Lately? Help Us Improve! Take Our Reference Survey! These are the 3 main tabs we will explore. You will use these for your research needs for a_II your LAHC classes.
  6. 6. 8.- 1. . Los ANGELES HARBOR COLLEGE where students learn STUDENTSERVICES INTERNATIONALSTUDENTS COMMUNITY LAHCFOUNDATION FACULTY/ STAFF LIBRARY I‘ _ The Library Catalog is -v _ . ,;; . - - sited Us Lately? 0 Campus Home Page “*m', '; ,, @ mod for locating printed Ipuslmpm! o Library Home - books. These include _ ke Our Reference 0 Iéboutthfi L; t>rfrsé- books which can be requen s e . QU6S1l0llSy Fall Semester Libra checked out Wnh your 0 E_Resen, e5 Monday-Thur . . : student| .D. card. 0 pawl sum Friday: : . .- 2p. m. “Lb C t I - — ‘ Saturday: 9 a. m. - 1 p. m. 0 I my a a 09 Closed Sundays and Holidays 0 gglfgglpus Lmk to Please note: the Computer Commons. photocopy machines. and circulation desk close 15 minutes before the LLRC closes. Reserve a Study 0 Library Databases mom 0 Library Workshops ° Journal Flnder Keep your library clean. 0 Newsletter The consumption of any type of 0 Tutorials 8- Quick Tips food is prohibited. 0 Writing 8. Research 0 LearningResource l I I l""'I" l' l''' Center l
  7. 7. i 5;" i, :r _ Xi ' | Search/ Home Reserve Desk MyAccount i| lt. i:, :l’—ll| .Ii_Illl| l ‘ 1 Catalog ° Browse Search fo animal rights _ _ library: Los Angeles Harbor College Library [_ -. . . . . iT! o'liiril: :o)i’, iiiir; i;tej izlillii-ii‘ illlt-.1 iallilianll 71=‘ii'r: i:I L: -J Power Search : i;ir; i-, ii-,9 fI! l.ifI, li'I. l!l, ,l. l1h'. l. :ri. l.l: .t, «r: -2 . :rriL.1iifi: it . .iii§mr'l . ‘.? .=. l_lf-lI! Lfl Use search tenns that are specific and precise. Try various searches using different search terms. Each search you try will give you different results.
  8. 8. Los Angeles Community College District Library Catalog Search] Home Reserve Desk My Account GoBack Help Limit Search New Search X-Ref Kept Logout Search Results words or phra A Extremism : [opposing viewpoints] Willis, Laurie. HN49 .5133 E98 2011 2011 1 copy available at Los Angeles Harbor College Library in Stacks Primates and philosophers : how morality evolved waal, F. B. M. de (Frans B. M. ), 1948- BJl3l W14 2009 2009 1 copy available at Los Angeles Harbor College Library in Stacks I URL Animal rights Treanor, Nick. HV4708 . A54 2005 2005 1 copy available at Los Angeles Harbor College Library in Stacks
  9. 9. Los Angeles Community College District Library Catalog Search/ Home Reserve Desk My Account Gonack Help New Search Next X-Ref Change Display Kept Logout record 1 of 18 for search words or phrase "animal rights" Change Display Item Details em Information Catalog Record 6 Keep It Place Hold Title Extremism : [opposing viewpoints] Author Willis, Laurie. Fm mom by W5 author Publisher: Greenhaven Press ; Find more on these topics pub date; c2011_ Nearby items on shelf P3985: 203 D. 1 ISBN: 9780737749649 Call NUmber Item info: 1 copy available at Los Angeles Harbor College Library. 0 Holdings I A I I - - . . I a College Library Copies Material Location HN49 . R33 E98 2011 1 Book Stacks
  10. 10. record 1 of 18 for search words or phrase "animal rights" Change D splay Click the Catalog Item Details Record link to view ‘ Keen Item Information ! # detailed information. P‘3C€ H0 5 Extremism : [opposing viewpoints] . . w, ...5, Lau, .e_ This often displays a Title: :'e: *is. ~ : [oppos rg vie: -ipo rts} I La. .'ie Summary and contents- tor. Find more by in s author Find more on these iop cs '€~3’9‘v' '»5”ll5 0” 509‘: Publication info: Farmington Hills, MI : Greenhaven Press ; Detroit, [MI] 2 Gale/ Cengage Learning, c2011. Physical description: 203 p. : ill. ; 24 cm. Series Statement: {Opposing V! &i'. ‘DC rts se"esj' Bi 0 ra hy note: Includes bibliographical references and index. fl fl Ch. 1. What is the relationship between religion and extremist acts? -- Terrorism is an inherent aspect of Islamic extremism / Neil J. Kressel -- Terrorism is not an inherent aspect of Islamic extremism / Fareed Zakaria -- Terrorism is practiced by Non~Muslims/ Mehdi Hasan -- The Christian right IS extremist / Jan 6. Linn -— The Christian right is not extremist / Sarah Pulliam -- Ch. 2. What motivates Islamic extremists? -- Islamic extremists are motivated by moral disgust] Azeem Ibrahim —— Islamic extremists are motivated by social and psychological needsl Jessica Stern -- Islamic Jihad requires killing the enemy / Bill Musk -- Suicide bombers are motivated by social rather than religious injustice] Nichole Argo -- Ch. 3. How can extremism be countered? -— Extremists can be persuaded to change / Ed Husain -- Extremists cannot be persuaded to change / Carol Sarler -- Fundamentalist Islamic schools teach extremism / Samir Khalil Samir -— Islamic schools can counter extremism / Jay Tolson -- Ch. 4. How is extremism apparent in the United States? -- Extremist animal rights activists are terrorists / P. Michael Conn r _" . . .
  11. 11. X I Los ANGEL! -LS HARBOR COLLEGE search ‘Where students learn STUDENT SERVICES INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS 2 Campus Home Page = Library Home = About the Library — Frequently Asked Questions = E~Reserves = Faculty Support = Library Catalog = Off-Campus Linkto Catalo a Library Databases - e irary" s ops = Journal Finder = Newsletter = Wdeo Tutorials = Writing & Research = Learning Resource Center LIBRARY mililili'. ' Summer Library Hours: Jul 1 - Aug. 23 Monday - Thursday: 9 a. m. - 7:00 p. m. Closed Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays 1 I Get Help, " __, ‘ whenever You Need It Need to contact us during intersession? Keep your library clean. The consumption of any type of food is prohil)ite(l. | I I COMMUNITY LAHC FOUNDATION FACULTY/ STAFF Visited Us Lately? Help Us Improve! Take Our Reference Survey! Reserve a study room
  12. 12. Gale Student Resources in context Los Angeles 1'imes Historical New York 1'imes Historical Scroll - o SUBJECT SPECIFIC D TABASE America History 8. Life Gale World History in Context Periodicals articles (both magazines and scholarly journals). Search all EBSCO databases at LAHC. Encyclopedia, periodical 8. newspaper articles, multimedia, primary sources and the 1881 to 1937. 1851-2007. F wn V ~ s'«‘ 1,700 scholarly journals covering the history and culture of the U S and Canada E ncyclopedia, periodical 8. newspaper articles multimedia, primary sources and the web 1 1 2 . i
  13. 13. :Y. i'tv. v.-_oi~r: il~". -—_v. -«ii. Bookmark Highlighted Articles Advanced Search Subject Guide Search Advanced Search Yoii1‘1ii)1‘aiy's G'RL Holdings offer a combined 876.584 documeiits. Select index(es) and enter te1'm[s) to search. Keynord ~ Type your search term(s) here And ~ DocumeniTitle v And v EntireDocument ~ "+‘ TitleList Dictionary Help Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL) is a good place to begin research to get general information and an overview of your topic.
  14. 14. . Gale Virtual Reference Library "‘d‘“°°d Search Bookmark Previous Searches Title List Los Angeles Harbor College CC Nc'E T-ie nind" in your query s bei-ig Vented as a logical opernior More mro > SEARCH TERMS: Keyword (Search And Seizure) Revise Search Search within results Results for Aclvztnced Search Showing 1-20 of 178 Limit search by Document Type A hunt bv law enfoiceinenr officials for pi'Op€1‘I’' 01‘C0m11‘. '.. '.lliCallOl‘lS believed to be evidence of crime. and the act of taking possession of this pi'opertv The Supreme Court has recognized that high school zidininistrators need. .. A hunt bv law enforcement officials for pi'opertj: O1‘ conmzunications believed to be evidence of (“. 'll1‘. Q. and the act of taking possession of this pl’OpE'1T_'. In I. 'TER. 'ATI(). 'AL LA'. the light of ships of'. ~.'ai'. as V_. |_¢_W_M_0_'¢ regulated
  15. 15. in . .. ., _, . s.. ¢.. ... ~c. .,: g <«s<4.. .,. _.. .s n, .,, M Translate »‘-xticle Search and Seizure it 1 . sz; .': (: r. "qii: ':’<: ;>*.1': *: ‘ cit’: Lira SEARCH AND SEIZl'RE A hunt by Ian‘ enfc>r'cen: er: t o_ takfrzg possession ofthis p: 'oper'ty. 1:~’Ii3.-710131.-. .l9IF. L 4 - [_j TEXT 1; pnr ; <1 : . alsfoi'pr'oper1yorcomniiinicattons belfereti to be eriderzcc ofcrfuze. and the act of In I. "I'ER. 'ATIO. '. -KL L-‘. the right qfsliips of an r. as F'8glllGf€d by treaties. to eam: 'ue a nicrchant vessel diniizg irar in order to detm'nii: :e nvhether the ship or its cargo is liable to seiztire. Overview Sear u . n seizure is a necessary e: <ercise in tlie ongoing pursuit of criminals. Searches and seizures are used to produce evidence fer the prosecution of alleged crimiua1s. The police have the powerto search and seize. but indixicluels are protected against ARBITRARY. unneasoiiable police iittmsioits. Freedom from unrestricted search ivarrant_ to Aniericau col-mists. 4.-as critical I'uder England's rule. iuaujv searches were unlimited in scope and conducted nithout justification. Customs officials could enter the homes of colonists at “ill to search for violations of customs and trade laws. and sus ' icionless searches A s ‘L I’
  16. 16. £f: u:"Vfll(It: Jl : ('«l3=ll= lI'. I(: n_II'I)t= l|'- » Citation MLA 7‘-‘ Edition APA 6"‘ Edition Search and Seizure. (2005). In S. Phelps 8. J. Lehman (Eds. ), West's Encyclopedia of , iii', rii'--. iki; -ii-‘i I-. »v: ‘i; ».—"—. I: -' i~. ~ :0.-' '—, -,uZI. . You must manually convert MLA & APA T citations to Chicago style. For help, see the Writing & Research tab on the Library home page. This will be reviewed later in this tutorial. EasyBib EndNote American Law (2nd ed. , Vol. 9, on. 39-44). Detroit: Gale. Retrieved from r: tp: //go. galegrcuo. co"n/ as/ ..607 , Id= GALE%7CCX3437703935&V=2.l&U= t‘. ’|lm90744&l; =I‘8«D= GVRL8iSW= W&a5ld=7f970C °'°C"e 0S416db9b31S09daa2425b5b29 Reference Manager Refworks
  17. 17. Cl’: ‘V v I in E" " ‘1-- g 3 . l.! J ii is , i l E‘ ; ,i Important Notice Automatic citations generated by a database should be checked and compared to a reliable citation guide such as Purdue Owl. Citation guides are found on the LAHC website under the WRITING & RESEARCH tab. Automatic citations are generated by computer programs, not by qualified professionals. As they are not guaranteed to be always accurate, it's best to compare your citations before submitting your final research papers to your instructor.
  18. 18. Library Research workshop l' lhi ilk With the populanty of electronic devices and social networking sites, cyberbullying has become an increasing problem for young people View More A School Tackles Cyberbullying Biography Business and Economics ’ ' -_; . Featured News Arthur Miller Disney I ‘ E’ The New York Times R033 parks 319,9 Jobs 4 Decades 0' Inhalin Dee Theodore Roosevelt 1:13:11 Stock iilarket Crash 1929 CA5 519C310” L00m5 3 '30‘/ emof Chronicles His Ups and a . =ew Young Stricken and Determined Geography , Government ,4 ! _o_Egm
  19. 19. ST U D E N T R E SO U R C E “" “‘ WCONTEXT ‘ Browse Topics Maps Resources Advertising King Martin Luther. Jr. Affirmative Action King Stephen {American novelist} Afghanistan Kiribati African American Literature # Knights African Americans Korean War AIDS Kosovo Alabama Ku Klux Klan Alaska Kurds Albania Kuwait h Alberta Kwanzaa Alcoholism Kyrgyzstan Alexander the Great Laos Algeria Latvia Ali Muhammad (American boxer) L Lebanon American Citizenship Lee. Bruce gAmerican martial artist) American Dream Lee Harper American Government NewsWatch Lenin. Vladimir American Literature Leonardo da Vinci American Reconstruction Lesotho American Revolution Lewis and Clark Expedition Anatomy Liberia
  20. 20. Library Research workshop Browse Topics Maps St. i‘d; vig A. Il$i"" Academic Journals Early intervention post-hospital discharge for infants born. .. 0 Physical Therapy September 2014 highlights the findings and application of Cochrane reviews and other evidence pertinent to the practice Resources Autism is a profound neural development disorder marked by an inability to communicate and interact with others The conditions characteristics include language abnormalities. restricted and repetitive interests. and the appearance of these characteristics in early childhood. The disorder begins in infancy, but typically is not diagnosed until ages two to five years. Although individuals with autism are more likely to have severe intellectual disabilities than other | TiCl| V|dLl8lS. some people with the disorder have a high intelligence level The cause of autism is unknown although it IS probably biological in origin. in 2013. the Ayiaeuczi Psychiatric Association released its Diagnostic and View MQ A List Reference E sicki July 31 2007 DEFINITION Autism is a severe disorder of brain function It is marked by problems with social contact intelligence On This Page A Academic Journals Lu) Reference _ Featured Content La Critical Essays E Magazines -, News 6 Websites bj Videos my images .3) Audio £ Related Topics Search within page .4/’: Tools E Bookmark 4% Share (. -. Email
  21. 21. E l '7 The Gale Encyclopedia of Science 2014 . . . .. Asa. ~b<: .. Q Listen A; .:‘isnj_ is a profound neural development disorder marked by an inability to communicate and interact with others The condition s characteristics include language abnormalities restricted and repetitive interests and the appearance of these characteristics in early childhood The disorder begins in infancy but typically is not diagnosed until ages two to five years Although individuals with autism are more likely to have severe intellectual disabilities than other individuals some people with the disorder have a high intelligence level The cause of autism IS unknown although it is probably biological in origin Citation Tools Citation A Export 43.. l. lLA 7”‘ Editior< V: }_= l_: _| §'; fl._; §,l_'l, :O), I_ > Easyeib Braus. P (2014) Autism In K L Lemer& B W Lemer (Eds l The Gale Encyclopedia of Science (5th ed ) Fannington Hills. MI Gale Retrieved from htlp / .i’ic galegroup comi’ici’suic/ Refereni: eDetailsPage/ ReferenceDetailsWindow? faiIOverType= &query'= &windoi. vstate= nonnal&contentModules= &display- query= &mode= vieuv8.disp| ayGroupName= Reference8.| imitei= &i: urrPage= &disableHighlighting= true SidisplayGroups= &sortBy=8.search_within_results= &p= SUIC&action= e&catld= GALE%7CAAA000 Reference Manager D-'l4287&activityType=8iscanld= &documentld= GALE°/ o7CCV2644030211&source= Bookn1ark&u= i.-ii lm90744&jsid= =1909f03dl: >6b330149b486d1Afd717b69 Rem/ orks EndNote P| '0ClI€
  22. 22. tobacw Research _. «st -/ W. flbekahop Primary Sources Library Catalog Examples? When searching books in the catalog, combine your keyword with the word "narratives”. For example: Key Words: ”war narratives” — or — ”Mexico narratives” Library Databases Examples Gale Student Resources in Context Gale World History in Context Both databases have built—in tools for Primary Sources. If you use topics from the main topics page or the Browse Topics page, most topics provide Primary Sources.
  23. 23. Library Research workshop 32 More Search Primary Source; Browse Topics Maps Resources Topic Iraq War The war in Iraq IS an extension ofthe "war on terror" was on This page initiated by the United States in the aftermath oftl‘ ptember 11. _ 2001. terrorist attacks on New York City and / Va ton. D C In A”°°m'°'°””l‘ March 2003 troops from the United States. Brit: d a handful of . _ ‘°""‘"/ 5°“°°‘ other countries. attacked Iraq in an effort to ou iictator. — ‘U? -iee Ce’= °"= Saddam Hussein (1937-2006) The military a as precipitated Lg Retmrce by claims from the intelligence community t . was amassing i M.1q: :ir‘n weapons of mass destruction (VVMD) The is would later .5 CW3. 3,5,, prove to be mistaken Military operations / ere initially 9 . ,,e, ,,, e, successful Within weeks View More _ W“ yfl ii--. eiauivei. isp Some databases have Primary Source Tools. t; -twee, First click on the tab, type your term(s), then enter. to. images V‘ Al. ClO Also view Primary Sources in section below when available. * ‘’‘'’‘‘° ’°‘’‘‘’ Academic Journals tile. ” Ail 720 ' Primary Sources Seam‘ Wm" “age The Failed War on the ‘War on Terror‘ "Axis ol Evil" _ V Tools (' Commentary. November 2013 "-~ Terrorism Essential Primary Sources, 2006 P = ... ._. ...
  24. 24. Vvebsnes HNN”“*“* History News Network http: [[historynewsnetworkcrg '9 '9 6 ASK A LIBRARIAN DlGlTAL CO , 39 Li llV3313/_O, f_CQJJQ. f£‘5E > , C,iZ| J;O_D_LCJjJJ£, L/XJJEJJEQ . -8'74 ~<~~-“~~-c- CHRONICLING AMERICA '-mi’ ill w: :i. ;; ads i—"tumari"it1es . ., Historic American Newspapers - Chronicling America Search America's historic newspapers pages from 1836-1922 or use the U. S. Newspaper Directory to find information about American newspapers published between 1690—present. Chronicling America is sponsored jointly by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Library of Congress.
  25. 25. .. ... s.s. ..~c. ..: L. <«. u.. .,. ... ._. *«, .,, M‘ . "Cnminal Justice Abstracts with Full Text Choose Databases ctiminology Select a Field (optional) ' Select a Field (optional) V Select 0 Field (optional) ' Bascsearcc Acianced Search Search riES'.0”y) Refine Results Search Results: 1 - 10 of 41,182 Relevancev Page ODil0l‘lSv [A Share v Current Search 1 Of Theory and Meaning in Green Criminology. By Bnsman Avi InternationalJournaltorcrime, JUSilC&&30Cl3l Democracy 2014.VoI 3Issue 2. p22-35 Mp Boo| eanIPhrase: crim rioogy In this article I focus on green criminology's i€iElil0ilSil‘D v. in theory v. tri the 3l'l1 of describ ng some of its 3i‘l'Tla‘. .ilg features and offering sortie suggestions for green cnminology's further em -CaC€'7l : _ Journal 1 PDF Full Text (1 6l. lB) Limit To 2 Hybridity in the Canadian Craft of Criminology. Linked Fu| lText By Braitnnaite John Canadian Journal oICrimino| ogy&CriminalJustice Ju|201A. Vol E-6|ssue 4. p39€+4i6 t3p D01 elerences Available to 313.3/cjccj 2014 S01 Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Canada IS a dlS’. ‘iilCllV6 and rich contributor to crimnotog cal thought As in many in ngs. it benefits both from its proximity to powerhouses of the Joumals -car: e~i c discipine in the United States and from dista . ‘our. "al I910 PubIi: ationDate 2014 Subjects: CULTURAL Iiision; CRIMINOLOGY; SOCIAL sciences; CRIMINAL law -- Canada; LAPRAIRIE, Carol " " PDF Full Text (14:3KB)
  26. 26. I i ' rirriirial Justice Abstracts with Full Text Cnncse . SE5 Los Angeles Harbor College Select I Field (optional) ' _v . .sn. ..~‘< Select a Field (optional) ' Select a Field (optional) ' file = le'n 1 3oH1,lE2> Detailed Record Ia; PDF Full lextil Glii The Trouble(s) iiith Unification: Debating Assumptions, Methods, and Eirpertise in Criminology. Authors: .'i' eion . /I Source: .o. '"3‘c"”eo'et: s $= n‘cs: Criminology Ji. l2Jl4,lJol Elssuel pill-IE8 tsp Document Type: Article Res. ts 2 'extSeir= hr; CRIMINOLOGY CORRECT OVAL renal: ‘at on C°. “.'E ore-ien: :i~ C9. ‘, 'l'iAL, .is e ed” n strsz on F0. 0-’ ac ecoes Author-Supplied I-greli Keywords. era: esnc; 'o'ess: ra sn: rne: *o: o:igca‘ce: sc"-'r3- :5 assxnclons . .on escriairg ‘re ‘cris 5 n criminology IS hardy new In resoorise to recent ooncerrs. Robert Agnew (251 l, - has started sn imoonsn: conversation about the risiie oiworking towsrd unify ng criminology in this paper we exo‘ore i- more depzn the corral cs: :>ns ofsccn an endeavour We foccs on theorezcs‘ ! SS. "t‘E. O“S. tne po :9 rriolicahons o' methoco ogi: s' cecsons, and '. re comp ex ry require: (or 3 more robusi approach : o zne meat on of expense n or rn ns‘ ‘JSUN po cymak ng We nope : o can: ‘lie in s converse: on and propose one nreiiris to consider on wnat assis zreoretcel integration in xed methods and s rrt7'e rnodes: criminology best can proceed [ABSTRACT Filcl. ‘ AUT-IOR)
  27. 27. Searching Criminal Justice Abstracts wrth Full rm ciocse Dstacases ““ ""“"“ """°' °°"'“' cnminology Selecta Field (optional) V AND v Select a Field (optional) V AND v Select a Field (optional) V -‘-c. a‘: e: Eea': h Seam‘ Use the Scroll Bar to locate Chicago Style 4-? e3.t. s: °e‘ne’: ‘ -cn i3o'41tBZI & PDF Fulllextif E'E CC E. p:: ". Ste and -rare a'y necessaqrccrrectans : e‘oie 1.5 ng Pay special atteiitionto personal names. capitalintion and dates Alira, rsco-isx. ywncrany resc. ices to‘ the ode res 1’-'“°r€= ”ll*<’= =‘ Wileeltlomi HedtJ. Dooley rs rneriauiieiswzr Unification Debritrlp Assumptions iieiioas and Expe1i5ernCnrriinaog-, r Jouma. OliheoreircilAF'hiIo3oohicalCnmrrir: iogy Find Similiiltesutrs ASSDCI [sens onlinel . i.'y 2:-HE»: ttl-t: E I: VlliIDiei’0'fi Crmnal . i.stceAosiisc'. swi<r Full Tex‘. ‘psww MA Accessed Senzemoertz‘ tit: ~3". 'ex'. Eear: t n; ‘ | a K Ikni Psychological Assoc t Chicagoftuiabian Refeienoebst Au itlv-i-. l'xta Export to Bibliographic Management Software (Endmte. Procite. Relererioe Manager. Remarks. BibTeX. etc. ) a The Trouble(s) irith Unification: Debating Assumptions. Methods. and Expertise in Criminology.
  28. 28. PIOOUCSI ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The New York Times ‘ (1851-2010) Basic Search I Advanced I Obi Use the various tools to AdVaFiC‘3d Search modify your searches. Expand the options by clicking Look Up Citation I Command tine I Find Similar dates’ document the dr°p'd°Wn arrows- types and where your Field codes I Se standard oii u-us: search terms will appear in I/3nyw[1ere ND v : .-octe, =ei; e,- ‘ the documents you search. excep”u”teXt_ ALL ‘ Abstract — AB ‘ Author — AU El Add a row I Remove a row ‘Document text— FT Document title — TI Publicauon title — PUB ‘ More options Search options Da‘e| me_DLN Page— PAGE . _ Section — SEC Publication date: 3 B9f°l'e'h‘5 dale _ _ _ ec year, month, or date Search for documents published on or before a sp In Use Search forms customized JanU3|'Y ' 10 ' 1911 gyy-W‘; for each subject. '1' ' News S. Newspapers 1 Document type: V Seyect 3“ Advertisement 4 Article Banner Birth notice
  29. 29. Library Research workshop 1.1;‘ Los ANGELES HARBOR C()LLl: 'Gl-L Where students learn STUDENTSERVICES INTERNATIONALSTUDENTS COMMUNITY LAHC FOUNDATION FACULTYISTAFF Find Periodicals l: [TE i-.1i_; -.- E. TyLE Tmnble (onnemnu? ‘ By Title 2 1 = Campus Home Page igirg apt; g. n~I_E = Library Home = About the Library — Frequently Asked Questions = E—Reserves = Faculty Support = Library Catalog = Off-Campus Link to Catalog = Library Databases = Library Workshops Journal Finder Newsletter = Video Tutorials = Writing 8. Research = Learning Resource Center
  30. 30. Citation Guides CSU Dominguez Hi 5 Li CSU Long Beach Library Chicago Style Notes/ bibliography examples Citing Library Databases Sample paper (Hacker Handbooks) MLA Owl MLA Style Samples Citing Articles from Library Sources in MLA style Sample paper (Hacker Handbooks) APA APA Style Samples Sample APA paper (Hacker Handbooks) General Style Guides for MLA, APA, etc. (UW Madison) Citing from the Gale Literacy Criticism Series Diana Hacker Research and Documentation Knightcite _ '— Citation Machine ‘ Select Sample Chicago paper for citation guidelines. Scroll to end of page to view Notes & Bibliography pages. Manual citation tools for APA, MLA & Chicago styles.
  31. 31. HOME HUMANITES SOCIAL SCIENCES HISTORY SCIENCES TPS FOR EVALUATING SOURCES LIST OF STYLE MANUALS GLOSSARY OF TERMS History Chicago documentation style -) Overview In Chicago style, superscript numbers in the text of the paper refer readers to notes with corresponding numbers either at the foot of the page (footnotes) or at the end of the paper (endnotes). A bibliography is often required as well; it appears at the end of the paper and gives publication information for all the works cited in the notes. Chicago documentation style chmago manuscnm mrma‘ Q The guidelines presented here are consistent with advice given in The Chicago sam, ,:; ~= <anrrh An: -;; ._ Chicago styte Manual of Style, 16th ed. (2010). TEXT , _ ‘ Expand options using A Union soldier. Jacob Thompson, claimed to have see drop-down arrow to view when asked to describe the six-foot-two “a little bit of a citation examp| es for BIBLIOGRAPHY ENTRY formats, such as: books, Wills. Brian Steel. A Battle from the Start: The ‘ videos, blogs etc. View these tabs for York: Harpercollins. 1992.7© [ . . examples of how to use §2§k? Tp? §f§"n‘;2ZfJfQ5‘: :k quotes, format your 822:: .222! .3 : I.’n"£, '2l. .e book Basic format for an e-book (electronic book) paper, and sources. Two or more aumois 3, 3 source Organization as author Unknown author - - - - - Mumue worksbyme Same aumor "rote should include publication information for Edngd wmk wmoumn aumo, _ r on which the passage being cited may be Eaiiea work wllh an author Translated work Edition other than the first Volume in a multivcilume work work in an anthology _ . i, .m, duci. o,. ‘yefacg iorewom or airemom us/7. Robert Gould Shaw and His Brave Black Repubiisried book _ work with a title in IIS true :2), 85. Leiier in a published collection work in a series Enc clo ia or dictionary entry‘ * . . re s osequeni: re ere ces to a source you have already cited, you may simply give the author's last name, a short form of the title, and the page or pages cited. A short form of the title of a book is italicized; a short form of the title of an article is put in quotation marks.
  32. 32. .‘, ,,. ... ... ~‘—: ... :&. —<. ««-»--~ “ave, Plagiarism htt : tin . cc YouTubeP| a iarism htt : tin . cc | ndianaU la iarism htt : tin . cc Lon | s|andUniversit APA References Bainbridge State College. (2010, January 05). Plagiarism: How to avoid it [Video file]. Retrieved from http: //www. youtube. com/ watch? v=2qON| WcTq1Y Delaney, R. (2014, July 10). APA Citation Style. Retrieved September 22, 2014, from Long Island University website: http: //www2.cwpost. |iu. edu/ cwis/ cwp/ library/ workshop/ citapa. htm Indiana University Bloomington (2014, April 07). Plagiarism: What It is and How to Recognize and Avoid It. Retrieved from Indiana University Bloomington website: http: //www. indiana. edu/ "wts/ pamphlets/ plagiarism. shtm| #p| agiarized
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