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Top 5-trends-in-customer-service-innovation-e book

  2. 2. In this article, Pegasystems’ Steve Kraus explores 5 keytrends in customer service and how the latest technologycan help transform service delivery. By understandingthese trends and how to respond to them, companiescan drive innovation throughout their customer serviceoperations.Steve KrausSenior Director for CRM and Cloud Product MarketingPegasystemsJOIN THE CONVERSATIONand tell us what your top enterprise trends are
  3. 3. TOP 5 TRENDS IN CUSTOMER SERVICE INNOVATION WWW.PEGA.COM3 SHARE THIS EBOOK:Technology has empowered customers in ways we could never have imagined just 10 yearsago. A customer’s relationship with your business is now heavily influenced by social andmobile technologies that not only give them new ways to access service anytime, anywhere,but also empower them with new ways to share their experiences with fellow customers enmasse. A customer’s opinion of one service experience can go viral in an instant, causingan enormous and lasting impact on a company’s brand and reputation.The Empowered Customer
  4. 4. TOP 5 TRENDS IN CUSTOMER SERVICE INNOVATION WWW.PEGA.COM4 SHARE THIS EBOOK:Keeping the customer happy by delivering service that is fast, accurate and convenientis of crucial importance to building long-term customer loyalty. But it’s not the onlyconsideration. Companies have to thoughtfully balance the customer’s needs with theirbusiness goals – revenue growth, productivity and regulatory compliance.The good news is that incredible advances in technology enable superior customer serviceand empower the business side of the house to make changes to the application in realtime to address shifting customer, regulatory and business needs.Let’s look at five key trends in customer service and how you can use technology tosuccessfully address them.Using Technology to Drive Innovation
  5. 5. TOP 5 TRENDS IN CUSTOMER SERVICE INNOVATION WWW.PEGA.COM5 SHARE THIS EBOOK:TRENDFor the past 10+ years, CRM vendors have worked to convince you that if you migrate allyour data into one place and train your customer service representatives (CSRs) to find theuseful pieces of information among the data overload, then you could deliver an efficientand high quality customer interaction.What we have learned over time is that this 360º view is just not enough. Data is critical inevery interaction, but technology now enables you to access data wherever it is stored –without migration and in real time – in order to apply context throughout an interaction toensure that the experience is relevant. The latest technology takes this further, enablingyou to capture your goals, your customer’s goals and your best practices directly in yourcustomer service system, and the system will automatically apply those goals throughout aguided service process. This is true high-definition customer service.The 360º View Has GivenWay To High-DefinitionCustomer Service#1DATA + INTENT + PROCESS = HIGH DEFINITION
  6. 6. TOP 5 TRENDS IN CUSTOMER SERVICE INNOVATION WWW.PEGA.COM6 SHARE THIS EBOOK:TRENDFor decades, service organizations have focused on first-contact resolution. However,technology limitations meant that they have really just been delivering first-contactanswer. Once a call left the contact center and went to the back office for follow up, orinvolved other channels or groups, the contact center would declare victory. Call taken.Question answered. The real question is: Was the issue actually resolved?Businesses can now deploy dynamic case management capabilities beneath their existingcontact center desktops to finally deliver on the promise of true first-contact resolution.These capabilities enable business owners to identify their key contact types, capture theirbest service processes and automatically deliver resolutions without unnecessary humanintervention. The power of dynamic case management ensures inquiries no longer fallthrough the cracks between the front office, back office or the customer. Dynamic casesensure each interaction follows a straight-through process from initial inquiry to ultimateresolution.#Silos Are Fallingand Real First-ContactResolution Is Rising2CUSTOMER Needs helpwith . . .PurchaseMorePrevent aDefectionCommitFraudDYNAMIC CASE MANAGEMENTCustomerDataTransactionDataAccountData3rd PartyDataReal-TimeIntegrationRESEARCHRESPONDRESOLVERECEIVEROUTEREPORT
  7. 7. TOP 5 TRENDS IN CUSTOMER SERVICE INNOVATION WWW.PEGA.COM7 SHARE THIS EBOOK:TRENDSocial applications and smart mobile devices have fueled staggering innovation, and whilethat innovation will continue at a breakneck pace, it is time to accept the fact that socialand mobile are a core part of the customer service ecosystem. They can no longer bedeveloped and maintained as independent and isolated capabilities.Technology that delivers a unified multi-channel hub can blend social and mobile contactswith contacts from traditional channels such as the Web, email, phone and even mail.Advancements allow customers to start in the most convenient channel and transition toother channels as the conversation dictates, without losing context and taking advantageof channel-specific features, such as cameras and locational services.Just as important as multi-channel execution is the multi-channel design for your hubthat enables you to “design once, run anywhere” so you get massive amounts of reuse andcan easily adapt as new channels arise.Social and Mobile Needto be Part of a CustomerEngagement Hub#3CUSTOMERS COMPANYServiceInquiryContextualResolutionsRelevantOffersOperationalGoalsBest PracticeService ProcessesOperationalVisibility
  8. 8. TOP 5 TRENDS IN CUSTOMER SERVICE INNOVATION WWW.PEGA.COM8 SHARE THIS EBOOK:TRENDWe have all experienced the occasionally successful attempts to have CSRs pushirrelevant and generic cross-sell, up-sell and retention offers at inappropriate times.Most of the time, customers get frustrated and offer conversion rates have remainedabysmally low.Technology now enables organizations to focus on their ultimate goal – building customerlifetime value. With Next-Best-Action capabilities, you can dynamically arbitrate across anumber of operational goals and customer treatments to ensure the best outcome fromeach interaction. Within the servicing system, you can configure customer strategiesthat predict likely outcomes and dynamically react to deliver the Next-Best-Action foreach situation in real time. Whether it is to collect an outstanding bill, complete a serviceinquiry or present a personalized and timely up-sell offer, Next-Best-Action ensures yourbusiness does the right thing for your customer and your bottom line.Improve Serviceand Sales withNext-Best-Action#41:1Business Case
  9. 9. TOP 5 TRENDS IN CUSTOMER SERVICE INNOVATION WWW.PEGA.COM9 SHARE THIS EBOOK:TRENDToo often companies wait until customers are frustrated enough to endure 10 minuteson hold to complain or find a resolution. Or customers just give up and defect – the worstpossible outcome.Now, you can use your rich store of data to detect patterns of customer needs and behaviorsand proactively intervene with a service action. You can use predictive analytics, advancedbusiness rules and automated processes to recognize and correct an issue – in many casesbefore a customer even knows he or she has a problem. The possibilities are endless forproactive service. Consider a few examples:`` If a customer is paying a bank transfer fee each month, an email can be pushed toher suggesting a new account type that better fits her needs and before she complains.`` When the status changes on a policyholder’s pending insurance claim, you can pushan automated notification.`` If you know there is a fix to the OS for a customer’s mobile device, it can be automaticallypushed to the individual.It’s Timeto Get Proactive#5REACTIVE PROACTIVEXALERT ADVISERECOMMENDHELP
  10. 10. TOP 5 TRENDS IN CUSTOMER SERVICE INNOVATION WWW.PEGA.COM10 SHARE THIS EBOOK:The worlds leading organizations are deploying Pega to successfully address these trends.Pega solutions can help you transform your service delivery so that you can optimize theoutcome of every interaction for your customer and your business.Pega enables a “customer engagement hub” – a coordinated, consistent environment thatprovides customers with a service experience that is personalized, relevant, efficient andavailable over every channel. At the same time, service organizations can function at peakperformance with dynamic, automated processes that guide users to resolution, eliminatemanual work and seamlessly integrate with the back office.And because change is the only constant in today’s world, Pega enables continuousinnovation with its “Build for Change®” technology, enabling business users to directlycapture goals in dynamic service processes for immediate response to new marketopportunities, competitive challenges and regulatory change.Pega - Driving Innovation intoCustomer Service DeliveryNET PROMOTERSCORE®COSTSNet Promoter Score, Net Promoter and NPS are registered trademarks of Bain & Company, Satmetrix Systems and Fred Reichheld.
  11. 11. © Copyright 2013 Pegasystems Inc. All rights reserved.All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.SHARE THIS EBOOK:About PegasystemsPegasystems revolutionizes how leading organizations optimizecustomer experience and automate operations. Our patented Buildfor Change®technology empowers business people to create andevolve their critical business systems. Pegasystems is the recognizedleader in business process management and is also ranked as aleader in customer relationship management software by leadingindustry analysts.For more information, please visit us at