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Triads: Where we could go now and explorations



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Triads: Where we could go now and explorations

  1. 1. Triads Where We Could Go & Explorations
  2. 2. Triads • L2L Project envisaged learning & development being supported in Learning Sets • Name evolved • Possibly the role/scope also changed • Write what are you discovering about experience in Triads up to now
  3. 3. Triads Place for Learning
  4. 4. Forum says: The framework for professional development aims to: • Empower staff to create, discover and engage in meaningful personal and professional development in a variety of ways • Encourage staff to engage in peer dialogue and support in their professional development activities • Enhance and develop the pedagogy of individual disciplines for relevance and authenticity and enable learning from other disciplines • Assist staff to reflect on, plan and contribute to the evidence-based enhancement and transformation of their teaching and learning approaches • Contribute to the quality assurance and enhancement of the student learning experience
  5. 5. PDF • Framework for Professional Development • Informal & Formal • 5 Domains • Peer support and dialogue • Record of Engagement/Portfolio
  6. 6. Triads & PD • ‘I’ engage with the PDF • ‘I’ talk in my Triad about that & agree what it might look like at the end • I ask for ‘feedback’, ‘support’, ‘advice’ etc. I decide what to do with that • I engage with whatever aspect of the PDF I am working on • I share/update the Triad about that regularly. • When I am ready/finished with that I tell Triad, share the impacts & outcomes
  7. 7. What ‘I’ need to Engage with PDF Grasp of the PDF as a whole Prompts A Learning Agreement Triad to support learning & engagements Action-Reflection-Capturing of work Completion Process/Sign Off
  8. 8. Portfolio Where I am? Where I want to go? What I am going to do? How I am going to do it? Advice/support/feedback What I did Reflection Here is how I know I’ve done it How can I help others do this
  9. 9. Kolb’s Learning Cycle Concrete Experience Reflective Observation Abstract Conceptulisation Active Experimentation
  10. 10. What Needs To Be In Place for Triads to work as places of learning with peers?
  11. 11. How Do We? Ensure/Enable equal voice & weight Work with difference? Find the place between support/challenge? Give & receive feedback? Share responsibility
  12. 12. A Potential Process Devise Draft Learning Agreement/Portfolio Come up with Ground Rules Work with a Meeting Template Decide how to manage power/bring us all back Set aside time to reflect on process of peer learning
  13. 13. End Slide