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L2l project presentation by Julie de Foubert


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Julie de Foubert, an information literacy librarian from DIT discusses the identity of librarians in relation to teaching and how to effectively showcase this teaching identity to other teachers and to students.

Published in: Education
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L2l project presentation by Julie de Foubert

  1. 1. Context
  2. 2. Identity Crisis? • Teacher librarian • Embedded librarian • Information literacy librarian • Information skills librarian • Subject librarian • Information retrieval librarian • Academic librarian • Liaison librarian ....etc
  3. 3. Faculty External Self / Peers Perceptions
  4. 4. What Helps?
  5. 5. Changing Role •Student expectations •Range •EdTech, prep, follow up, assessment, tutorials •% ? •60:40
  6. 6. Essential CPD - Self directed - Accredited Reflective Practice Current Awareness
  7. 7. Motivation Student learning Faculty relationship Teaching not telling!