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Good CPD practice- Dr. Eva Hornung


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Dr Hornung takes us through CPD, focusing on portfolios and how they can aid in CPD activities. She also gives us tips on how to create our own portfolios.

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Good CPD practice- Dr. Eva Hornung

  1. 1. Good CPD Practice Dr. Eva Hornung, CDU/TCD
  2. 2. Outline of talk – Quick introduction – What is CPD? – Some ideas about portfolios – Feedback on how you are using portfolios
  3. 3. Some background – Committee member of A&SL section of LAI – My own background as a solo librarian – Research into CPD for one-person librarians: – How do people experience CPD? – What kind of CPD are they engaged in?
  4. 4. A new model of understanding CPD CPD is… Upskilling for the sake of the organisation/library service (service orientation) Developing as a professional librarian (LIS profession orientation) Helping you to do all the jobs an OPL does (OPL orientation) When you have learned something and you want to do things in a better way when you come back (personal orientation) Your development as a human being (lifelong learning orientation)
  5. 5. Types of CPD
  6. 6. CPD activities Formal (academic) courses, training and workshops Visiting another library/Shadowing another professional Reading something on your smartphone on the way home: blog, article Spending time in the local museum and coming back with new ideas Meeting other librarians/professionals and exchanging ideas Reading newsletters from vendors, booksellers Doing a MOOC or attending a webinar Being involved in committees: work, your local GAA club, tenants’ association Teaching someone a new skill ON THE JOB LEARNING!
  7. 7. CPD you can do! – As this research has shown, not only formal opportunities count – Some things don’t cost any money – Some CPD activities don’t need your manager’s approval CPD is all kind of learning!
  8. 8. Portfolio
  9. 9. What’s in a portfolio? BASIC VERSION: A list of CPD activities with pieces of evidence ADVANCED VERSION: - A reflective statement - Your CV and a job description
  10. 10. Why start a portfolio? - A record of learning and work done - You might need evidence for your PMDS/a promotion - You might look for another job - Celebrate your achievements!
  11. 11. Outline of a portfolio
  12. 12. Are you using portfolios? Some feedback: Who is using portfolios already???
  13. 13. Take home messages Start collecting bits – TODAY! All types of learning activities count as CPD!
  14. 14. Any questions?
  15. 15. References Hornung, E. (2015). Continuing professional development of one-person librarians in Ireland: A Qualitative Study. Literacy Information and Computer Education Journal (LICEJ), 6(3), 1950-1955. Retrieved from: http://infonomics- Professional-Development-of-One-Person-Librarians-in-Ireland-A-Qualitative- Study.pdf Owen, K., & Watson, M. (eds) (2015). Building your portfolio: The CILIP guide. 3rd edition. London: Facet Publishing.
  16. 16. THANK YOU!