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College Magazine Research


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Published in: Education, News & Politics
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College Magazine Research

  1. 1. College Magazine research I like how this magazine uses colour to represent the attitude they’re giving off. You can see from the main articles and masthead that it is aimed at college students. Positive: • Bright colours • Eye-catching photograph • Clear features • Suitable features • Bond between the colours Negative: • Small date • Isn’t individual Although Nylon magazine isn’t for a specific college, it is aimed at that age range and the sane ideas still have to be considered for it to be as successful as it is today. Positive: • Blank canvas background adds to the fashion-effect of effortless • Female-colours to represent who the target audience is • Symbolic • Eye-catching features Negative: • I don’t like how they use pink and red so close together because it doesn’t stand out • They don’t keep to the left third completely.