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ICO Marketing, Promotions and Public Relations :: Jordan St Jacques at an L-SPARK Community Co-Working Day

With the success of the Filecoin and Kik ICOs (amongst others) in the latter half of 2017, every Startup in the world should be examining the possibility of an ICO for their business. Bypassing traditional funding channels such as onerous Grants and difficult VCs with the non-dilutable funding that ICOs represent should be on the tip of every Founders tongue these days. However, there’s a large disconnect between what’s assumed and what’s required to successfully launch an ICO.

Jordan St Jacques is a Tech Founder operating out of the Bayview Yards community, at first out of the Invest Ottawa incubator and now out of the Carleton University Cybersecurity wing. Jordan has world-class expertise in all things Digital Marketing, and is well on his way to adding all things in the Crypto world as well.

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ICO Marketing, Promotions and Public Relations :: Jordan St Jacques at an L-SPARK Community Co-Working Day

  1. 1. ICO Marketing Don’t leave Coin on the table L-Spark Community Co-Working Day
  2. 2. Thanks to L-Spark ● Jordan St Jacques, a Founder operating out of Bayview Yards ● 1st year in the Invest Ottawa Incubator Room, 2nd year in the Carleton Cybersecurity wing (Tony Bailetti) ● Thanks to Erin, Jamie, Elza...and anyone else I should be thanking
  3. 3. History of Initial Coin Offerings ● First ICO was Mastercoin in 2013 ● Ripple followed shortly after, issuing 100 Billion XRP Token ● Ethereum itself raised in 2014, 3,700 BTC in the first 12 hours ● The case of the couchsurfing Ethereum Founder
  4. 4. ICOs in 2017 and beyond ● Popularity explosion in 2017 ● Over $3.8 Billion USD raised in 2017 ● Filecoin is the biggest so far, at over $300 Million USD; $257mil initially, then staggered ● Kik is the most prominent, showcasing how an established company executed an ICO ● Telegram is on deck, target is $2 Billion USD
  5. 5. But...what is an ICO? ● Unregulated (for now) Fundraising through Crypto Currency ● Other Terms are “Token Sale” or “Crowdsale” ● Non-Dilutable Funding ● Often sold as Right of Ownership or Royalties to a Project instead of a Company
  6. 6. But...what is an ICO? ● Tokens are almost always redeemable for a portion of the Product or Service provided by the Company ● However, the value of the Token can rise or fall based on the value of the company. ● Creation of the actual Token can be “piggy-backed” off the Ethereum Blockchain
  7. 7. Who will best benefit from an ICO? ● Three types of businesses ○ Blockchain as THE product ○ Companies that use the Blockchain to solve a centralized Database problem ○ Companies that use the Blockchain to solve a verification problem
  8. 8. ICO Stages ● Presale ● Token Generation ● Main Sale ● Staggered Main Sales
  9. 9. It’s STILL about Marketing ● Digital Marketing ● Growth Hacking ● Influencers ● Community ● Promotions ● Public Relations ● Direct Outreach
  10. 10. Initial Digital Footprint ● Whitepaper ● Landing Page ● SAFT Agreement (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens) ● Wallet Address
  11. 11. Digital Marketing & Growth Hacking ● Paid Ads (Facebook not accepting anymore) ● BUILD FOLLOWERS, Jordan style ● Hashtag Sentiment Analysis ● Auto-Tag, Auto-Like, Auto-Comment ● Facebook Live Video ● SEO, go after keywords of other Coins ● Remember your Digital Sales Funnel Basics
  12. 12. Influencers ● Floyd Mayweather with Centra ($30mi) ● Evander Holyfield with AriseBank ($600mil) ● Recruit Influencers IN the community ● Trade Shows, Expos and Conventions
  13. 13. Community & Promotions ● Telegram ● Slack ● Reddit ● Facebook Groups ● Linkedin ● ● Community Events
  14. 14. Public Relations ● Press Releases ● Grind it out manually and develop relationships with Journalists ● Radio & TV
  15. 15. Direct Outreach...the WHALES ● Research the WHALES ● Whales are hampered in their efforts to extract their massive crypto balances ● Hence, their increased liklihood to participate in ICOs
  16. 16. Direct Outreach...the WHALES ● Research the WHALES ● WRD = Whale Relations Department ● Whales are hampered in their efforts to extract their massive crypto balances ● Hence, their increased liklihood to participate in valid ICOs
  17. 17. Jordan’s Special Sauce ● Split your Whitepapers up ○ Business ○ Technical ● Accept multiple Crypto’s - WORLD’S FIRST
  18. 18. The Multi-Company ICO ● Jordan had the idea in summer of 2017, along with John From, Luke Tucker and Stefan St Jacques ● 22x (500 Startups) ● Y-Combinator considering
  19. 19. ICO Management ● Jordan St Jacques and Gabi Szabadi ● ICO Management and Execution through all stages ● Optimized legal and taxation setups ● Dealflow is coming mostly from the USA ● Major corporations starting to consider the possibilities
  20. 20. Some exciting things from us ● Jordan writing a book ● Syndicated Radio Show ● Community Speaking Tour ● ICO Ottawa Meetup -
  21. 21. ISED event at Bayview ● Wed, Feb 14th ● 1:30-3:00 ● ptocurrency-for-canadian-businesses-demys tifier-la-cryptomonnaie-pour-les-tickets-4232 4454583
  22. 22. Q&A