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KMS OLIS accomplishments 1st year


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KMS OLIS accomplishments 1st year

  1. 1. 1 Kyril Solntsev. 1st year accomplishments at OLIS, Inc. Summary  Developed new generation of OLIS instruments including absorbance, fluorescence, circular dichroism and circularly polarized luminescence spectrometers.  Technical support and product installations, demonstrations, and client training worldwide.  Research studies of clients’ samples to demonstrate the applicability of OLIS equipment for future sales.  Worked with senior management to understand business requirements and expectations in order to develop strategic direction for the Product Development team.  Actively researched current and emerging trends in the industry, including all relevant areas that might be incorporated as new technologies into future systems.  Collaborated with sales, marketing, business development and other departments to determine competitiveness of new technologies and to develop new products in the broad field of optical spectroscopy. I. Instruments installations and service visits. Organization Instrument Purpose of visit UGA Stopped Flow Installation. Instrument successfully installed (with Richard DeSa) Montana State U DSM20 CD Installation. Instrument successfully installed (with Paul Boxrud) U Nebraska Lincoln CLARiTY 1000 Installation. Instrument successfully installed (with Paul Boxrud) Michigan State U U Michigan Xavier U Alcorn State U Courtesy visits. Instruments and parts picked up and delivered to OLIS Loyola U Cary 14 Service visit. Instrument repaired Washington State U CLARiTY 17 Installation. Instrument successfully installed Georgia Tech Stopped Flow, protein machine Service visits. Instrument repaired Washington U Saint Louis DB620 Service visit. Instrument tested and certified U Kansas CLARiTY VF Installation. Instrument
  2. 2. 2 successfully installed Kennesaw State U DM45 Service visit. Instrument tested and certified Weizmann Inst of Science, Israel CLARiTY 1000 Installation. Instrument successfully installed UNAM, Mexico City CLARiTY VF Installation. Instrument successfully installed Oregon State U CLARiTY 1000 Installation. Instrument successfully installed U Tennessee Knoxville DSM1000CD Service visit. Instrument tested and certified Virginia Commonwealth U Stopped flow Installation. Instrument successfully installed. Parts sent back for repair Drexel U CLARiTY VF Installation. Instrument successfully installed Presbyterian College DM45 Installation. Instrument successfully installed Emory U Stopped flow Service visit. Instrument repaired Aalto Scientific, Ltd. CLARiTY CCD Installation. Instrument successfully installed. Software will be updated II. Conferences and presentations. • CLARiTY invited talks were given at ACS Georgia Section, U Kansas, ENS Paris, Weizmann Inst, Tel Aviv U, UNAM Mexico, Moscow State U, U Tennessee Knoxville, Drexel U, Oregon State U. This is a new form of scientific/marketing interaction with a very broad spectrum of researchers from various research fields. Half of the talks were associated with the CLARiTY installations, so the researchers had better feeling of the capacities of the instruments they acquired. Another half of the talks were given at top research institutions introducing CLARiTY technique as a breakthrough alternative to the existing methods (DW- 2/2000). • CLARiTY poster presentation at SouthEast Enzyme Conference in Atlanta. A close interaction with research scientists from Aalto Scientific helped them to make a decision on CLARiTY CCD purchase. • Participation in American Chemical Society National Meeting, Philadelphia and Biophysical Society Meeting, Los Angeles as a vendor. Demonstration of instruments.
  3. 3. 3 III. In-house activity. • Experimental work with on-site visitors: Federico Gonzales-Fernandez (VA Med Center, Jackson, MS), Lynn Koplitz (Loyola U), Alex Vertegel (Clemson U), Jamie Phillips (Aalto Scientific). • Measurements of numerous samples from clients to demonstrate the applicability of OLIS instruments for clients’ needs. • QC/QA of various instruments before shipping. IV. Research activity. • The revised paper on Firefly luciferin (including in-house RSM1000 experiments of live firefly bioluminescence) is submitted to J. Am. Chem. Soc. Other in-house experimental work is acknowledged in the following publications: • Marcero, J. R.; Piel, R. B.; Burch, J. S.; Dailey, H. A. “Rapid and sensitive quantitation of heme in hemoglobinized cells”. BioTechniques 2016, 61, 83. • Gonzales-Fernandez, F.; Betts-Obregon, B.; Tsin, A. T.; DeSa, R. J. “Technical brief: Pump-probe paradigm in an integrating cavity to study photodecomposition processes” Molecular Vision 2016, 22, 953. • Mahmoud, M. A. “Tunable Plasmonic Neutral Density Filters and Chromatic Polarizers: Highly Packed 2D Arrays of Plasmonic Nanoparticle on Elastomer Substrate” J. Phys. Chem. C 2016, 120, 18249. • The list of solved scientific/engineering problems included (but not limited to): • Absorbance measurements of raw unfiltered red wine during fermentation and co- pigmentation. • Transmittance of plastic tubes used for UV-pasteurization of milk and juices. • Monitoring of transuranium elements separation using extraction. • Photoinduced processes in suspensions of insoluble Metal Organic Frameworks. • Monitoring protein concentrations in turbid commercial vaccine samples. • Study of redox processes in live cell suspensions • Determination of hemoglobin in blood samples. • Photoinduced transformation of chromophore in intact frog eye retina. • Other 2016 publications. • Carayon, C.; Ghodbane, A.; Gibot, L.; Dumur, R.; Wang, J.; Saffon, N.; Rols, M.-P.; Solntsev, K. M.; Fery-Forgues, S. "Conjugates of Benzoxazole and GFP Chromophore with Aggregation-Induced Enhanced Emission: Influence of the chain length on the formation particles and the dye uptake by living cells" Small 2016, in press. Invited.
  4. 4. 4 • Olsen, S.; Baranov, M. S.; Baleeva, N. S.; Antonova, M. M.; Johnson, K. A.; Solntsev, K. M. "pH-Sensitive fluorophores from locked GFP chromophores by a non-alternant analogue of the photochemical meta effect." Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2016, 18, 26703. • Tang, B. Z.; Solntsev, K. M. "Themed issue on shape-responsive fluorophores." J. Mat. Chem. C 2016, 4, 2638. Invited. • Ghodbane, A.; Fellows, W. B.; Bright, J. R.; Ghosh, D.; Saffon, N.; Tolbert, L. M.; Fery- Forgues, S.; Solntsev, K. M. "Effects of the Benzoxazole Group on Green Fluorescent Protein Chromophore Crystal Structure and Solid State Photophysics." J. Mat. Chem. C 2016, 4, 2793. Invited. 2016 Journal of Materials Chemistry C Hot Paper. • Solntsev, K. M.; Popov, A. V; Solovyeva, V. N.; Abou Al-Ainain, S.; Il'ichev, Y. V.; Hernandez, R.; Kuzmin, M. G. "Kinetics of intra- and intermolecular excited-state proton transfer of ω-(2-hydroxynaphthyl-1)-decanoic acid in homogeneous and micellar solutions." Methods Appl. Fluoresc. 2016, 4, 014001. Invited. Highlights of the journal.