Language of Cambodia


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오준석 엄혜린 김한별

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Language of Cambodia

  1. 1. MISSION CAMBODIAPRESENTATION –Cambodian Language –Khmer (기본 회화)Kevin Jun Seok OhAshley Ye Reen UhmHannah Han Byul Kim
  2. 2. History캄보디아어 또는 Khmer 는 어디 영향을 받았나요?French, once the language of governmentin Indochina, is still spoken by many olderCambodians. French is also the language ofinstruction in some schools and universities thatare funded by the government of France.Cambodian French, a remnant of the countryscolonial past, is a dialect found in Cambodia andis sometimes used in government, particularly incourt.[82]
  3. 3. Khmer and EnglishIn recent decades, many younger Cambodiansand those in the business-class have favouredlearning English. In the major cities and touristcenters, English is widely spoken and taught at alarge number of schools because of theoverwhelming number of tourists from English-speaking countries.Even in the most rural outposts, most youngpeople speak at least some English, as it is oftentaught by monks at the local pagodas wheremany children are educated
  4. 4. 기본 회화안녕하세요 (Hello) – 수스테How are you? – 쏙세빠이 (젯데이)I’m good – 크뇸 쏙세바이제이름은 – 큼 츄모어 ___감사합니다 – 어꾼 (찌란)죄송합니다 – 씀또실례합니다 (can I ask you something?) – 씀쏘어 -반떼(짧게)Can you help me? – 따(question)네에 아엣쬬이(help) 크뇸(I) 빤떼Understand? – 욜때?모르겠습니다 – 크뇸 엇욜 (can’t understand)What is your name? 따네에 (you) 츄모어 에이
  5. 5. Continued…I come from New Zealand크뇸 먹 삐 쁘로떼 노붸(v)쎌롱I am Korean크뇸 꼬뤠Please솜Well done!퉈반 로어 (로어) or 로어 나~No – 엇뗴이Yes – 쨔 (여자) 빳 (남자)
  6. 6. Numbers1 - 모이 30 – 쌈씁2-비 40 – 싸이 씁 50 – 하씁3 - 바이 60 – 혹씁 70 – 쩻씁4-뽄 80 – 바엣씁5 - 쁘람 90 – 까이씁 100 - 므이로이6 – 쁘람 모이7 - 빠람 삐8 = 쁘람 바이9 – 쁘람 뽄10 – 덥20 – 멉 페이
  7. 7. AgeI am ____ years old크뇸 아유(age) ___ 츄남Example: 크뇸 아유 머페이 츄남 (20살)Example: 크뇸 아유 싸이씁 쁘이 츄남 (42살)How old are you?따 네엣 아유 뽄만
  8. 8. Days of the week시작 days of the week: 틍아이Monday: 틍아이 쨘Tuesday: 틍아이 옹끼에Wednesday: 틍아이 뽓Thursday: 틍아이 쁘로 호Friday: 틍아이 쏙Saturday: 틍아이 싸으Sunday: 틍아이 아뜻(해)
  9. 9. Self introduction Hello My name is ___. I am 20 years old. I comefrom New Zealand. I am Korean. Nice to meetyou쩜립쑤어. 크뇸 츄모어 ___. 크뇸 아윳 모페이츄남. 크뇸 목 베이 쁘로뗴 노붸쏄롱. 크뇸 꼬뤠.릿 리에이(nice/happy) 따이반 쬽-네엣.
  10. 10. 틈새시장 공략법Do you know Jesus?  따네에 쓰고 쁘렛 예수(Jesus)떼Jesus loves you  쁘렛 예수 쓰롤란(love)네God(Jesus) bless you  쁘렛 예수 므 타에 네I will pray for you  크뇸 능 뽄쓰롱(pray) 아이네(느에)I believe in Jesus  크뇸 쮸찌엣러 쁘렛 예수Jesus makes me happy  쁘렛 예수 트워 아이 크뇸싸바이 쯧Come to church(group meeting) on Sunday  목 쬽크니에 너(느발음)으 틍아이(day) 아뜻(Sunday)
  11. 11. Chicken Noodle Soup Do you know chicken noodle soup?따 네에 쓰꼬어 꼬이띠으모안 떼I like chicken noodle soup크뇸 쬬이쯧(I like) 냠(eat) 꼬이띠으(noodle)모안(chicken)Do you like chicken noodle soup?따 네에 쬬이쯧 냠 꼬이띠으모안떼Where is(can I find) chicken noodle soup?따 꼬이띠으모안 너으 뜨이너
  12. 12. Thank you  Good bye 리에쓴하이 See you next time뻴끄라오이 쭙 크니어