Amorio K W5 Final Project Revised2


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This is my final project for photography class...

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Amorio K W5 Final Project Revised2

  1. 1. Revival Nowa compilation of art and literature<br />By Kim Amorio 2010<br />
  2. 2. Week 1 : FramingRedefine the Best Example<br />
  3. 3. Revival of the road less traveled…<br />On our way home one day we approached jammed traffic . Ahead, an elderly man had lost his engine underneath the viaduct on a two way street. With no way around him, the cars became restless and just as they began to express frustration, I saw six young men let off a high school bus, running to aid the elder and his broken vehicle. <br />I watched them in amazement through the frame of the railway bridge as they pushed the man’s car off the road. The young men of valor had courageously overcome the cause of obstruction, and freed the rest of us to flow freely through to our destinations. By the time I reached for my camera they were returning to their school bus. <br />So many of us sat there and watched and did nothing; but these young, strong, lions saw a need to be filled. They chose to journey a path that so many of us reject. They chose to be kind, to help someone in need, setting the example of righteousness and reminding us of our purpose in life. If a man only lives for himself, what kind of man is he? I can only pray that as the time of the restoration of sons and kings is upon us, that we follow the proper examples… or choose to be one.<br />
  4. 4. Week 2: BalanceRenew: Heal the Land<br />
  5. 5. Revival of harmony<br />On a recent trip to the city, my husband and I stopped in China <br />Town to do some sight-seeing . I realized that day that I hadn’t visited some of the most interesting parts of Chicago and have been living here my whole life. <br />I watched the people scurry about, coming and going, all of them speaking a language that was unknown to me. They were many and seemed to have their very own country right smack in the middle of Chicago. As we walked along the block, I wondered why had we all been so perfectly separated from each other all this time. Blacks in their own neighborhood, Hispanics, Whites, Indians and Asians in theirs. My mind was cluttered when we walked into a book store.<br />After speaking with the lady behind the counter I was comforted. We had shared a common love and were related on a level that can never be divided by systems or tradition. I now understand the beauty of contrast; that we as people have been joined not by skin color, status, or location, but by Love… <br />
  6. 6. Week 3: Graphic and Photographic Elements<br />Reawaken Reverence<br />
  7. 7. Revival of worship<br />On Mothers Day, the children at Cornerstone Christian Center put on a marvelous display of reverence toward our Lord and Savior. It was exciting to see young children honoring God with such exactness and sincerity. <br />I noticed many shapes, lines and points as they danced unto the Lord. At times, the stances they took reminded me of soldiers with swords. A little girl stood out to me; she sang and smiled while she danced. <br />I captured her waving a scarf above her head and horizontal to her outstretched arms. I could see the joy in her heart by the expression on her face and it reminded me of the posture I have when I spend time in God’s presence. Child-like faith allows me to enjoy the benefits of true worship; there’s nothing like being free. We can learn much from these children about faith and love and reverence. <br />
  8. 8. Week 4: Light and color Resurrect the Desolate<br />
  9. 9. Revival of promise…<br />Saturdays are very busy at the salon. With all the different personalities that come and go, it’s a wonder that we are able to avoid much conflict. But still, each of us has storms that we must weather in our personal lives and sometimes, being a woman gets to be a bit much.<br />This particular Saturday we endured the worst storm of the season together. There was thunder and lightning and we were afraid that we might loose the power. After a few hours, the storm subsided. The sun was going down but we saw a rainbow on the horizon.<br />We all began to rejoice! For some reason at that very moment we knew that good things were about to happen. We were encouraged by the reminder that lit the low key sky; we would never be left alone to handle the struggles of life. <br />
  10. 10. Week 5: intentRebuild the Church<br />
  11. 11. Revive us…<br />Change is happening now! <br />Chicago is being shaken by revival <br />and I have been blessed with the <br />privilege of capturing some <br />major aspects of it on camera! I <br />am grateful for this class and every weeks lesson; they have given me the knowledge to identify my perception of art by name and share it in a practical demonstration of expression. <br />It is my intention that all who view this outward display of my passion will be touched in a monumental way to gain knowledge and understanding on the promise of revival in the land…<br />New Strength, Energy, Enthusiasm, and Joy for Chicago<br />