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The Million Dollar Case Study: Session #19: Optimizing PPC Campaigns


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The 19th session of the Jungle Scout Million Dollar Case Study covers how to optimize your Amazon PPC campaigns for increased ROI.

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The Million Dollar Case Study: Session #19: Optimizing PPC Campaigns

  1. 1. THE MILLION DOLLAR CASE STUDY Session #19: Optimizing Pay Per Click Campaigns Journey to $1MM June 28th, 2017 100% to
  2. 2. Quick Favor! If you’re enjoying the MDCS - please help us out!
  3. 3. What has been the most difficult part of Amazon FBA? The most difficult part is having the courage to take the risk of losing money. You are courageous and an entrepreneur by definition when you take risks, not when you already know the outcome. I have been changing my mindset and learning the method through your videos. I feel it's time to take action and winning the jungle scout extension will propel me in this journey. Gucci Solo (Web App Winner!) Melinda Schmuck, as you know I absolutely love Jungle Scout products. I use their Chrome Extension almost daily for product research. I follow their #MillionDollarCaseStudy and all their other YouTube webinars to learn how to be a successful #AmazonSeller I have used these tools to successfully launch my first #PrivateLabel products with Raschify, LLC and look forward to great success all thanks to Jungle Scout Why do you love the #MDCS? Adam Rasch (JS T-Shirt Winner) Session 18 Giveaway Winners
  4. 4. Session 19 GIVEAWAY : Win a Web App or a T-Shirt ▸ HOW TO ENTER Use this Link to Enter our Giveaway The link will also be in the Video Description of the Replay on YouTube! ▸ 2 Winners, 1 Prize for Each ! ▹ 1 Jungle Scout Lite Extension ▹ 2 Jungle Scout T Shirt’s ▹ Featured on the Website! ▸ Winners selected every week for all of 2017!
  5. 5. Jungle Snugs Updates ● New images from ● Did some additional design work to all images ● Created and added a competitive matrix ● Not giving away any coupons right now ● Started an A/B test with to test main images ● Let’s take a look at Fetcher and our listing
  6. 6. 3 Steps To Optimizing Pay Per Click 1.Cut Wasted Spend 2.Ramp Up Profitable Conversions a. Bid higher to see if we can rank better b. And/Or increase daily budgets 3.Find new Keywords Setting up your first campaign? Check out Session 13 first
  7. 7. A Little Recap on Match Types & Vocab Keyword Will Fire On Won’t Fire On Can Include Broad Baby towel Baby hooded towels, toddler towels, baby towels, baby pink hooded towels Bath rag synonyms, abbreviations, acronyms, misspellings and variations including plurals and stemmings (e.g house vs housing) Phrase Baby towel Pink baby towel, Babies towels Baby hooded Towel, Baby pink towel misspellings, singulars or plurals, stemmings, abbreviations, and acronyms Exact Baby towel Baby towel, Baby towels, babie towel Pink hooded baby towels, blue baby towel misspellings, singulars or plurals 7
  8. 8. PPC Costs Sales from PPC Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS)= $10 $100 10% (ACoS) = Example: What is ACoS?
  9. 9. Landed Cost of Goods + FBA Fees Retail Price Breakeven ACoS 1 -= We know: ▸ Retail Price = Currently: $17.95, Future $23.95 ▸ Landed Cost of Goods (ie towel, packaging, inbound shipping) = $5.45 ▸ FBA Fees = $7.92 or $8.82 at the higher price 26% = 1 - $5.45 + $7.92 $17.95 40% = 1 - $5.45 + $8.82 $23.95 At $17.95 Price: At $23.95 Price: To Find ACoS Breakeven point….
  10. 10. 1. Cut Wasted Spend How can we reduce our spend to improve profitability of our campaigns? 1. Improve quality and relevancy of traffic 1. Adjust bids (manual and automatic campaigns) 1. Add negative keywords
  11. 11. 2. Ramp Up Profitable Conversions How can you grow your sales with Pay Per Click Campaigns? 1. Increase bids on profitable keywords a. increase the likelihood of getting the click over your competition 2. Change Bid Type on converting keywords a. Be more specific for keywords you know will convert--go from Broad to Phrase to ultimately Exact Match
  12. 12. Download Search Term Report Filter the columns so that you can sort ascending to descending Filter by: Highest ACoS – reduce bids for these Lowest ACoS – which keywords are converting well? Can you increase the bid on those keywords so that you can generate more of that traffic to your listing? Highest Spend – where are you spending a bulk of your money? Are those keywords converting or not? What is the CPA? Highest Conversions – do you need to adjust your bid on these keywords? Can you increase your bid to squeeze your more sales? 3. Analyze Search Term Reports for New Keywords
  13. 13. Let’s Check The Search Term Reports The Search Term Report show tell you: ▸ Profitable/unprofitable keywords ▸ How to adjust your bids appropriately ▸ New keywords that will convert
  14. 14. Watch Over My Shoulder!
  15. 15. Cut Wasted Spend a. Add negative keywords b. Pause Keywords c. Adjust bids to break even ACoS Ramp Up Profitable Conversions a. Isolate high-converting keywords to independent ad group b. Make bid types more targeted when possible--Exact Match is ideal Check Search Term Report for New Keywords a. Best keyword research of all :-) Recap: 3 Steps To Optimizing Pay Per Click
  16. 16. Next Session: Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) I’ll show you how to get these ads ➔ We’ll take the next week off for 4th of July ➔ Next session: July 12th at 5p PT/ 8p ET ➔ Signup at:
  17. 17. Quick Favor! If you’re enjoying the MDCS - please help us out!