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Million dollar case study: Europe – Session #7 - Amazon Product Branding


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Join session 7 to find out how to brand your Amazon FBA product.

This session covers:
- How to find a brand name
- Design for your brand, logo, packaging and more
- Packaging requirements
- Amazon Brand Registry
- Trademarks

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Million dollar case study: Europe – Session #7 - Amazon Product Branding

  1. 1. SESSION 3: Supplier Outreach & Product Selection T H E M I L L I O N D O L L A R C A S E S T U D Y E U R O P E
  2. 2. Enter at 3 Winners selected every week for all of 2017, must share your #MDCSchallenge update! 1 Prize for Each Winner ▹ 1 Jungle Scout Pro Extension ▹ 2 Jungle Scout Web App ▹ Featured on the Website! Part 2: Session 4 Giveaway
  3. 3. You’re a Winner! Where are you in the #MDCSchallenge?
  4. 4. You’re a Winner ( A JS T-Shirt)
  5. 5. MDCS: Europe Progress 1. Build a list of products 2. Advanced product research 3. Profit analysis & supplier outreach 4. Picking manufacturers to order samples 5. Product design specifications 6. Intro to VAT in Europe TODAY: Product Branding For Amazon Europe
  6. 6. What Kym Is Working On Right Now! ◍ Samples ordered – Daily communication with suppliers ◍ Ordered some competitor products from Amazon (competitor research) ◍ Branding (what we will cover today) ◍ Forming relationships with inspection companies and freight forwarders (we will cover this in more detail later)
  7. 7. Just in time learning
  8. 8. We Will Cover: Design & Branding: ◍ Finding the perfect brand name ◍ Design & photography considerations ◍ Packaging design Business Decisions: ◍ Barcodes ◍ Amazon Brand Registry ◍ Trademarks
  9. 9. Kym’s Sleeping Bag Brand Ideas: Jungle Slumber Jungle Sleeper Jungle Spirit Jungle Siesta
  10. 10. Finding A Brand Name: Tips For Research ◍ Write down all of your ideas (even silly ones) ◍ Use online tools such as a dictionary, synonym finder, search for words beginning with specific letters ◍ Use Google Image searches for visual inspiration ◍ Think outside of the box… what should a customer “feel” about your product? ◍ Check domain availability (more on this later)
  11. 11. Branding & Design Design is an investment in the future of your product Account for it as an “upfront cost”
  12. 12. Branding & Design Start thinking about your brand design early! boxes, bags, labels , inserts, logos etc...
  13. 13. Packaging Requirements Requirements: ◍ Barcode (more on this in a minute) ◍ Country of origin (i.e. Made in China) ◍ Brand Name (for Brand Registry) ◍ Potential other certifications or guidelines Nice to have: ◍ Visually appealing ◍ Contact information ◍ Insert or information asking for a review
  14. 14. Resources for Packaging Requirements There is no great centralized resource for this :( Try these tips: ◍ Google “Packaging requirements for [country]” ◍ Ask your supplier if they have standardized packaging ◍ Ask an inspection company like ◍ Look at your competitor's products (especially large brands) ◍ FYI, Dangerous/regulated/complex products have a higher chance for requirements
  15. 15. Types of Packaging Most Relevant/Common ◌ Poly bags need suffocation warning ◌ FNSKU & no other barcodes ◌ Plush/Fabrics - max 1”x1” opening ◌ All around durable packaging (should not open or break when dropped, etc.)
  16. 16. Packaging Requirements: Examples
  17. 17. Barcodes: Why you will need them You need a GTIN (global trade identification number) to generate an FNSKU (Amazon Specific Barcode) Amazon requires your FNSKU to be printed on each product In the US these barcodes are called ‘UPC’ codes In Europe and other parts of the world they are called ‘EAN’ codes
  18. 18. Barcodes: Option 1 Use GS1 (fees for UK shown right) ● Amazon TOS approved ● No risk of getting an unusable barcode ● Annual licence fee for several EAN’s in Europe
  19. 19. Barcodes: Option 2 Use A Third Party (usually provides UPC & EAN) ● Not Amazon TOS approved ● Take on the risk as a seller ● Cost savings!
  20. 20. Barcodes: Option 3 GTIN Exemptions (difficult to get) ● Does not work for many categories ● You must apply with a support letter ● A product website is required ● Longer process 200426310
  21. 21. Amazon Brand Registry...
  22. 22. Why you should consider it: ◍ Added protection for your brand/products ◍ Easy to report any violations of your brand ◍ Able to list without a GTIN ◍ Access to Enhanced Brand Content, Videos and more... Amazon Brand Registry Difficulties with Brand Registry: You must have a Registered Trademark which: ◍ Costs to apply ◍ Takes time ◍ Requires a logo and website ◍ Requires extra packaging considerations
  23. 23. Consider Your Brand Registry Options Early Scenario 1 (cheaper): Create a generic brand name which can then be used to sell any further products under this same Trademark: i.e. Jungle Creations Scenario 2 (branded): Create a new brand name for each product: i.e. Jungle Stix, Jungle Snugs...
  24. 24. Applying For A Trademark In the UK, you can register on the website, it costs £170 plus £50 per additional class: ◍ You can register as a business, or an individual, but be aware if you do not have a business that your address will be published publicly ◍ You need details of what you want to register, for example, a word, slogan or illustration ◍ You need to figure out the trade mark classes you want to register in, for example food and drink services (class 43) or chemicals (class 1) ◍ The date you started using your logo or mark
  25. 25. Applying For A Trademark ◍ Trademark applications may vary in different countries ◍ Remember that applications can take several weeks so think about this early ◍ Research first… Avoid any established trademarks, especially in the same class. Resources: ◍ t ◍
  26. 26. Where To Register Your Trademark?
  27. 27. Follow Along: Your Homework 1. Create your brand name 2. Figure out your packaging requirements & speak with suppliers about this 3. Get a barcode from GS1 or a third party ready for creating an Amazon product listing! For bonus points, start working on your Trademark registration process!! Get all of the resources and links from this session:
  28. 28. Join Us Next Week Join us next Wednesday we have a special guest joining us to talk about importing specifically to the EU – get all those shipping questions answered, don’t miss it! Register for FREE at