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Misfts first episode


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Published in: Education
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Misfts first episode

  1. 1. Misfts first episodeIn the first shot of the episode we see this, an orange piece of clothingand a tag. This tells us immediately about what’s to come; it could beabout criminals (which we know it is).Then the shot slowly pans up to see the girl wearing the orange boilersuit. Also from this we can assume that the show may contain somesexual content.
  2. 2. Then the camera shows each character so we can establish who’s in theshow. Also each camera angle is different, this could convey eachcharacter and how they are different from each other. Each shot showsthem wearing the orange boiler suit, and the grey lockers behind them,this tells us that there all together in the same place.
  3. 3. From the beginning of the scene when its showing each character to thispoint the music is slowly building up and then when this guy snaps hisfingers the sound is increased and the pace quickens. This is known asdiegetic sound, sound which is amplified to create a dramatic effect.Then the music suddenly stops and shows this shot, it’s a low angle shotwhich makes them look intimidating, also it’s a wide shot to establishwhere the scene is taking place. On the far right we can see the back ofsomeone facing them; this will make the viewer wonder who it is.
  4. 4. Then while the unknown person is speaking it shows each person closeup from the same angle, also in each shot the background is blurred, thisbrings the viewers focus to the characters faces.
  5. 5. Then in the next shot it shows the probation worker who was taking tothem and who was back on to the camera in the establishing shot.When one of the characters talks to the other he looks off the shottowards the other character.And then the other character looks in the other direction off screen.
  6. 6. Then when the girls phone rings which is off screen we can here it this isNon-diegetic sound.This is an over the shoulder shot, this shows that the probation worker iswatching the other two in the shot.After watching the opening clip the viewer can understand what the showmight be about and who the characters are, but also the clip doesn’t givetoo much away which makes the viewer want to see more and find outwhat might happen.