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Internet marketing consulting consulting tycoon com 27 apr-2010


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Internet marketing consulting consulting tycoon com 27 apr-2010

  1. 1. April 27th, 2010 Published by: ConsultingTycoon Internet Marketing Consulting - ConsultingTycoon.com To learn more about the Internet marketing consulting Why The Gurus Don’t Matter business, register now for a FREE Consulting Tycoon I’ll keep this short and sweet: “Fast Start Kit” membership — including the proprietary 1. What they’re promoting now isn’t what they were promoting Strategic Design Model, video coaching and 60-minute 6 months ago and it won’t be what they’re promoting 6 months “consulting success secrets” interview. Click here to get from now. (I’ve been teaching my course for over 2 years and started. will still be teaching it in another 2 years.) 2. 5 of the 6 guys I’ve seen pimping local business aren’t doing Internet Marketing Consulting it themselves, they’re just jumping on the bandwagon looking for a quick buck, so they don’t really know what they’re talking Saturated? about. (I’ve been doing consulting for 11 years and only started Source: http://www.consultingtycoon.com/mindset/internet-marketing- teaching after 8 years experience.) consulting-saturated.php 3. 98% of the people who blindly follow the gurus never take One of my new students asks an interesting question: action (because there’s always something new being shoved down their throats!) so they aren’t your competition anyway. Now that some of the internet marketing gurus are getting in on the local business consulting market The fact is there will always be room in this market for ethical (and promoting it to their massive lists) do you think people who honestly want to help small businesses. it will become saturated? If so, how long do we have Competition is a good thing and only makes the good guys until the easy money dries up? stand out even more Here’s my take on the situation… Why Saturation Doesn’t Exist Frankly, I don’t believe in saturation. • Share this on del.icio.us At least not in an intangible, results-based market such as ours. • Digg this! We’re not selling fridges — where once you’ve “got” one you’re • Post this on Diigo sorted. • Share this on Reddit We’re selling results. So until everyone is perfectly happy with • Buzz up! the results they’re getting from their marketing, we’re going to have all the work we want. • Stumble upon something good? Share it on StumbleUpon And when you realize increased competition in the consulting space increases the results of some of the market… • Share this on Technorati … which naturally decreases the results of others… • Share this on Mixx … which increases their need to improve results… • Share this on Facebook … which leads to an increased demand for consultants… • Tweet This! … you see that more competition is a good thing! • Subscribe to the comments for this post? Besides, with 30+ million small businesses in the US, UK and • Share this on LinkedIn Aus it’ll be a LONG time before they are all serviced, let alone • Share this on FriendFeed satisfied. (And that’s not counting the millions of medium/large Similar Posts businesses who also make great clients.) 1