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  1. 1. The state of business collaboration today.
  2. 2. Weapons-grade business collaboration.Business collaboration as a mobile, social game
  3. 3. PROBLEM !!! Why don’t SMBs use enterprise software?! !a) learning intensive! !b) cost prohibitive ! !c) narrowly focused! = no value proposition!! Spreadsheets, paper, chaos fill the void!
  4. 4. SOLUTION !!! Have to tackle all three problems to win ! !a) learning curve of consumer product! !b) network effects driving force for growth! !c) focus on usability not extra features !!! Radically simple enterprise experience for themasses with compelling game dynamics!!! Game dynamics fuel user learning and growth!
  5. 5. MARKET! Small businesses with Small businesses without * in millions SaaS SaaS30 !! Target audience: business25 teams, small businesses with20 1-50 employees, consumers. !! Salesforce.com dominates15 with large enterprises.10 !! SMB market is like the wild west; no clear winner.! 50 United States Europe!! We know the market is big.!! Winner will be non-consensus and right.
  6. 6. COMPETITION! Consumer facing product, driven by network effects and compelling game dynamics!!! Multiple product offerings that are not integrated!!! Hyper-focused on one activity (i.e. project management)!!! Looks like consumer product, no network effects!!! More features doesn’t equate with more value for SMBs!!! Status quo, spreadsheets, paper, filing, chaos etc.! (perhaps our biggest competitor, which is why simplicity is so critical)!
  7. 7. EARLYTRACTION ! Who is on Fusion?!! Currently in closed-beta! Small businesses, consumers, non-profits and corporate teams!! 3,239 total users and growing!
  8. 8. GAMEDYNAMICS!!! Why can’t business collaboration be a social game?!!! Increase engagement, differentiate, fuel network effects!!! Users to spend credits on upgrades within the “game”! Virtual/social currency Milestone badges User rankings/levels Social media integration
  9. 9. SALESSTRATEGY!!! Short term: reaching out to small, web-based teams!!! Smaller web-based services are best first adopters!!! Long-term growth is about network effects! !! Network effects will drive down acquisition costs! !! Game dynamics will amplify network effects! !! Customers will be our frontline sales reps just by using the product and interacting with customers and suppliers.!
  10. 10. BUSINESSMODEL!!! Free version for individual consumers (no free trial)!!! Paid subscriptions for teams (unlock project management)!!! “Game” upgrades: platform for selling 3rd party tools!!! Unlock upgrades by paying real money or virtual currency! "! 5 users" Free "! 1 project stream" "! 1 GB of storage" Free "! 10 users" Start-up "! 5 project streams" $19/month "! 5 GB of storage" "! 50 users" Small Business "! 25 project streams" $49/month "! 20 GB of storage" "! 100 users" Enterprise "! 50 project streams" "! 50 GB of storage" $99/month Upgrades $/credits
  11. 11. VISION!!! Blur the lines between the ‘stream’ and the business!!! Paper, fax machines, clutter will disappear into browser!!! A completely immersive mobile and web-basedenterprise gaming experience!The end game:!!! Dominant collaboration platform for SMBs, consumers.!!! Millions of active users with high conversion of free topaid accounts.!
  12. 12. TEAM!Team:!Kyle Tibbitts CEO!Tony Perrie CTOJarad Gilmore Marketing!Board:Brian Bogosian Former CEOAdvisors:David McIntosh CEO!
  13. 13. DEAL!The deal:!!! Company self-funded by founders!!! Raising $500k angel round ($150K committed)!!! Scale engineering team, marketing strategy!Milestones for round:!!! $50-100k/monthly revenue!!! 500K active users on the product!!! Network effects as driving force behind rapidcustomer adoption!