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The problem of online piracy


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The problem of online piracy

  1. 1. The Problem ofOnline Piracy { Kyle Taksar, Jack Cumming, and Brooke Carnahan
  2. 2. Group MembersJack Cumming • Freshman • Major: InformaticsKyle Taksar • Freshman • Major: InformaticsBrooke Carnahan • Sophomore • Major: Telecommunications Team: Telecommunications
  3. 3. • Problem • Online piracy is one of the hardest things to track over the internet and has been becoming more and more troublesome for companies that own copyrighted material over the years. As more media is being put onto the internet more and more of that media is being downloaded and shared illegally. Companies and artists don’t receive fair compensation for their work when it is illegally obtained.• Why we chose this problem. Introduction to the Problem
  4. 4.  In the public illegally downloading is seen as “normal” and can be as simple as taking a song off of your friend’s computer rather than buying it off of iTunes. Due to the large amount of people that “rip” material off of the internet it is hard to pinpoint and regulate it to specific regions or a specific person.  Though there have been attempts to make laws in regards to regulating illegal material downloaded over the internet (shutting down websites, putting trackers on websites, etc.) it has not slowed down the problem and it still leaves a large impact on companies worldwide.Scenario
  5. 5. Questions for You
  6. 6.  How peer to peer websites invented to share and swap files directly over the internet have posed a massive threat to the entertainment and music business.  The complex world of the pirating business in South East Asia.  Artists being compensated for their works being shared on the internet.  Compulsory license for creative worksResearch - Articles
  7. 7.  characteristics of online file sharing and software piracy  Many pros and cons to file sharing  effectiveness of strategies that deter the downloading of illegal musicResearch cont.
  8. 8. Infographics
  9. 9.  Our solution to this problem is to create a piece of hardware that will be installed in every future computer.  This device will detect when someone is illegally downloading or sharing files online, and when that happens, the device will connect to a computer program run by the government that documents the occurrence and sends the offender a ticket automatically. Once everyone gets a new computer (this stage could take several years) and ticketing begins, online piracy should slow down if not stop.  The device will be placed somewhere in the motherboard. It will be a crime to tamper with that device in any way.  One of the reasons that piracy is so popular is that actual CDs, DVDs (and Blu-Rays), and movie tickets are so expensive. This is a vicious cycle, because one of the reasons that prices are higher is that sales are down, but people file share illegally (therefore not buying the products) because prices are high.Solution
  10. 10. Questions?