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Balance is leiros


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This is a brief presentation that I did with the Wabash (2013) pre-tenure group.

Published in: Education, Career, Spiritual
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Balance is leiros

  1. 1. Balance is Leiros Living Abundantly amidst Our Many Vocations
  2. 2. What we Hope for … Understand the problematics of balance in pursuit of a theological vocation that claims life is abundant. Recognize our own implicit and explicit assumptions, values, and expectations for living an abundant life? Ask, “what kinds of choices are we already making to support or contradict our assumptions, values, and expectations? How do we practice full human agency and make our values about life explicit to our colleagues, students, and deans/administrators (and ourselves)?” Recognize that abundant life invites celebration amidst the multiplicity of vocations, amidst the vulnerability, and even amidst the suffering. Enter a reflective time to understand one’s own failures and frustrations in balance (lay them down) and begin to enter an understanding and engagement of life toward its abundance.
  3. 3. Oh mind you carry on your back Your actions like a heavy sack. No wonder that your shoulders ache Another strain's enough to break Your neck So drop this stupid load. This is the last stop on the road where you can find rest Stay, be Loves guest. ~Kabir
  4. 4. Balance equally distributing separate entities against each other as to allow all to remain upright and steady. Balance assumes conflict #against assumes isolated entities (work- life) assumes YOU are the primary and only agent (loneliness) assumes we have the control to keep all things upright and steady.
  5. 5. Balance David Whyte The Three Marriages: Reimagining Work, Self, and Relationship “People find it hard to balance work with family, family with self, because it might not be a question of balance. Some other dynamic is at play… something that does not quantify different parts of life and then set them against one another. We are collectively exhausted because of our inability to hold competing parts of ourselves together….”
  6. 6. Balance Balancing Life Partner/Others Academic Institution/Work Self
  7. 7. Balance Balancing Tenure Teaching Publishing Service to the Institution/Faith Community
  8. 8. Balance “We should stop thinking in terms of work-life balance. Work-life balance is a concept that has us simply lashing ourselves on the back and working too hard in each of our commitments. In the ensuing exhaustion we ultimately give up on one or more of them to gain an easier life.”
  9. 9. –David Whyte “The antidote to exhaustion is not rest but wholeheartedness.”
  10. 10. invitation to wholeheartedness in vocation a marriage of marriages Could you still live your life, pursue your loves, in the midst of life’s onslaught?
  11. 11. marriage of marriages assumes mutual and multiple agents - ask for help and be one for whom others ask assumes making the implicit explicit - a conversation assumes entry through “a doorway of vulnerability” assumes desire for abundant life which is peace, joy, happiness, and reconciliation
  12. 12. abundance a marriage of marriages “Marriage is where all of these difficult revelations can consign us to imprisonment or help us become larger, more generous, more amusing, more animated participants in the human drama.”
  13. 13. letting go/being present “It is a difficult discipline in all three marriages to let a person go, continually, to see if that person comes back, to let a work go so that it can be reimagined or to let a fixed idea about ourselves evaporate and be replaced by something more flexible.”