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This was our final presentation for the CNS degree capstone project at ITT Tech. We received an A on it.

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  • 4G CONCEPTS AND DESIGNSTECH (4GCDT) plan is designed to keep theArizona Health Center (AHC) and its new formed partnership operating at peak efficiency as well as to provide better service to their patients. Remodeling the infrastructure of the AHC satellite l locations accomplishes this goal, this includes: Integration stable platforms & hardware installation. Upgraded computer systems (hardware & software) for faster speeds. Wireless LAN/WAN connection. Implementation program migration. Future proofing of the network until the next network upgrade.
  • Scope of Work
  • Five doctors decide to form a partnership and to consolidate their businesses to leverage their investments and provide better service to their patients. Each of the existing five satellite offices will remain intact. There is one located in the center of the city, one in the north, another in the south, and the remaining two on the east and west sides. Each of the lead doctors would like to be able to see their patients at any of the sites, and access any of their patients’ information from any of the sites.Problem Statement
  • Acceptance Criteria Other requirements
  • Other requirments
  • Doctors/associates can look up external patient data even if the local site database is out-of-syncvia site-to-site VPN connection and obtain the most recent data available from the master database
  • ITT CNS Capstone Project

    2. 2. 4G CONCEPTS AND DESIGNS TECH [4GCDT]Kyle Montoya - ProjectManagerKmontoya@4GCDT.netColin Spangenberg - SupportAnalystCspangenberg@4GCDT.netRowena Warcharsky- Project
    3. 3. [4GCDT] is a dynamic team that will flex &distribute or redistribute our given resources asneeded. Many of the tasks have or will beassigned are based on the area of expertise thatan individual team member brings to the teamcollective or has liking, skill, talent toward. Sometasks maybe started by one team member &completed by another, as long as the lines ofcommunication are open & accessible, as westrive to move forward there is always things thatpresent obstacles & through openCONCEPTS AND DESIGNS TECH
    4. 4. Identify and outline the project progress andtasks to be completed by all team memberswho are all actively engaged and have takenownership of this project.CONCEPTS AND DESIGNS TECH
    5. 5. Information TechnologySystems Integration & ImplementationForArizona HealthCenter
    6. 6.  Planning Execution Application Training Designing Building Testing Executing
    7. 7. CONCEPTS AND DESIGNS TECH(5) doctors arecombiningpractices indifferentgeographicallocations with nocommunicationsto each other.Each firm containsoutdated technologyand needs to beupgraded within thecompliancy of HIPAAcodes and securitypractices.Our goal is to advancethe companysinformation technologycommunications andefficiency, while beingproactive and promotingoverall organizationproductivity.
    8. 8. From a hands-on perspective and an application approach,we are incorporating the available LAN/WAN equipment inthe network lab. Every team must successfully completeand present the following: A site LAN logical topology w/ an IP addressing scheme Site WAN & LAN diagrams depicting the conceptual,logical, & physical views of the proposed systems foreach location specified within the RFP A systems requirements document detailing theconnectivity strategy for LAN & WAN:♦ Protocols WAN diagrams♦ Hardware Implementation and♦ Software Post-ImplementationproceduresCONCEPTS AND DESIGNS TECH
    9. 9.  Logical diagram with an IP addressing scheme A prototype environment of the following equipment:♦ An installed & configured Windows 2012 server♦ An installed & configured Web & FTP server (IIS)function♦ Configured Windows 7 Pro workstations♦ An intranet home page, posted on the Web server,that reflects the client’s products & services.♦ A database using SQL requirements based off theMedical Manager software♦ HIPAA compliancyCONCEPTS AND DESIGNS TECH
    10. 10. DeploymentMigrationFailoverConnectivity
    11. 11. Main OfficeNorth OfficeFirewall/Site VPNFirewall/Site VPNFirewall/Site VPNEast OfficeFirewall/Site VPNSouth OfficeFirewall/Site VPNWest Office
    12. 12. InternetInternetInternetRemote SiteCable DSL Cellular 4g1stFailover 2ndFailover
    13. 13. VPN Tunnel(SonicWall Firewall)Main SiteStorage Area Network (SANCable DSL Cellular 4g1stFailover 2ndFailoverMedical DatabaseRemote SitesVPN Tunnel(SonicWall Firewall)Server
    14. 14. InternetCable CircuitDSL CircuitSonicWall TZ 215 Firewall/RouterWireless AP192.168.1.254RICOH Color Laser Printer192.168.1.230(13) HP Compaq 6200 Pro Desktop PCDHCP Pool – > CellularModemRICOH Color Laser Printer192.168.1.231Fiber(x2) Cisco 500x Series 48-PortManaged PoE Switch192.168.1.253192.168.1.252RICOH Color Laser Printer192.168.1.232SonicWALL 2TBNetwork Storage Server192.168.1.220Snom ONEMini IPPBX20 ExtensionsCisco SPA508G 8 Line IP PhonePoE and PC PortDHCP Pool – > Microsoft Surface ProVMware Server192.168.1.241VMware Server192.168.1.240VM - Windows 2012 – File Server192.168.1.242HP 12TB (12x1TB)StorageWorks P2000 G3 SANVM - Windows 2012 – SQL Server192.168.1.244VM - Windows 2012 –AD, Web, Print192.168.1.243
    15. 15. SONICWALL VPN Wired +Wireless TZ 215 Wireless-Nw/ 3-years of the SecuritySuitCisco Small Business 500XSeries Managed Gigabit PoESwitch
    16. 16. 42 U2 U 48-port APC Patch Panel2 U Cisco Small Business 500X Series PoE Switch2 U APC 3000 VA 2700 Watts Smart-UPS2 U HP DL380p 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2630 2.3GHz 16GB2 U SonicWALL 01-SSC-4973 TZ 215 Wireless-N1 U1 U1 U1 U1 U1 U1 U1 U1 U1 U1 U1 U1 U1 U2 U HP DL380p 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2630 2.3GHz 16GB2 U APC 3000 VA 2700 Watts Smart-UPS2 U APC 3000 VA 2700 Watts Smart-UPS2 U APC 3000 VA 2700 Watts Smart-UPS2 U 48-port APC Patch Panel2 U Cisco Small Business 500X Series PoE Switch3 U HP QR532B 12TB (12x1TB) StorageWorks P2000 G3 SAN Array Bundle1 U HP AZ870A TFT7600 G2 Rackmount LCD KVM console2 U SonicWALL 2TB Network Storage Server
    17. 17. HP ProLiant DL380p Gen82 x Intel Xeon E5-26402.5GHz 6C/12T 32GB RAMAPC AR3100SP1 42UNetShelter SX 600mm Widex 1070mm Deep EnclosureAPC ACRD100 InRow RDAirflow Cooling SystemHP Rackmount LCDKVM consoleAPC 3000 VA 2700 WattsSmart-UPS 3000VA RM 2UHP QR532B 12TB (12x1TB)StorageWorks P2000 G3 SAN
    18. 18. VMware ESX 5.132GB RAM2x Intel Xeon E5-2640 2.5GHz 6C12THP QR532B 12TB (12x1TB) StorageWorks P2000 G3 SAN Array BundleRAID 106TBVM3 – AD, Web, Print ServerSoftwareMS Windows Server 2012Active DirectoryIISPrint ServicesDNSDHCPAllocated Resources1TB (VM Image) Partition24GB RAM1x ProcessorVM1 – SQL ServerSoftwareMS Windows Server 2012SQL Server 2012Acronis BackupRecoveryMedical Manager SoftwareAllocated Resources2TB(VM Image) Partition32GB RAM2x ProcessorVM2 – File ServerSoftwareMS Windows Server 2012Active DirectoryFile ShareAcronis BackupRecoveryAllocatedResources3TB (VM Image)Partition8GB RAM1x ProcessorVMware ESX 5.132GB RAM2x Intel Xeon E5-2640 2.5GHz 6C12T
    19. 19. Server Naming SchemeVMware ESX 5.132GB RAM1.2TB RAID 102x Intel Xeon E5-2640 2.5GHz 6C12TVirtual Machine #1SoftwareMS Windows Server 2012SQL Server 2012Acronis BackupRecoveryMedical Manager SoftwareAllocated Resources400GB( Image) Partition16GB RAM1x ProcessorVirtual Machine #2SoftwareMS Windows Server 2012Active DirectoryFile ShareDHCPDNSFile SharePrint ServicesAllocated Resources800GB (Image) Partition16GB RAM1x ProcessorThe beginning of the NetBIOS name willspecify the office location followed bythe main use of the machine.Some examples:North-SQLMain-DCWest-DC
    20. 20. StaffBillingNursesDoctorsWorkstationsReceptionistManagersDomainServersGroupsUsersPrintersServers Printers IT AdminsWorkstationsGPO sUsers
    21. 21. CentralOffice(Main DB)UsersRemote Site(North)Remote Site(East)Remote Site(South)Remote Site(West)UsersUsers UsersUsers
    22. 22. Main Office (Master Database)North OfficeWest Office East OfficeSouth OfficeDatabaseReplication w/Main Office viaHTTPSMon,Wed,FriStart-12AMStop-5AMDatabaseReplication w/ MainOffice via HTTPSTues,Thurs,SatStart-12AMStop-5AM
    23. 23. APC NetBotz 500Live monitoringand logging of: Camera Temperature Humidity Airflow
    24. 24. SonicWall TZ215 Deep Packet Inspection Services: Gateway Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Intrusion Prevention, Application Intelligence andControl Content Filtering Service (CFS): HTTP URL, HTTPS IP,keyword and content scanning, ActiveX, Java Applet, andcookie blocking bandwidth management on filteringcategories, allow/forbid lists Enforced Client Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware: McAfee orKaspersky Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service Application Intelligence and Control: Application TrafficVisualization and Bandwidth Management
    25. 25. SonicWall Network StorageServerConsistent BackupProtection (CDP)ACL lists for users toprovide minimal recoveryprocedures
    26. 26. USB 3.0 Portable Hard DriveCentral OfficeSAN
    27. 27. Ricoh C242SF ColorHP Pro 6200HP ScanJet 3000HP 20” LED Monitor
    28. 28. Microsoft SurfacePro
    29. 29. Conference / BreakRoomAHCCabling Runs DiagramChartRoomDoctor 1Doctor 2Doctor 3Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4Room 5 Room 6 Room 7 Room 8Restroom RestroomLaundryIT/TelecomStorageReception AreaCopierNetworkPrinter FaxFinancialManagerManagerClaimsRackDataVOIP/PhoneExtra Data Cable forLaptops or other networkdevicesCable Channels aboveceilingReceptionistw/PagingCapacityCopierNetworkPrinterCopierNetwork PrinterBilling/
    30. 30. SeverDeploymentPhysical rackinstallationOSSoftwareInstallationHP iLO 4TestingUninterrupted ProductivityImaging & Sysprep(WDS) WindowsDeployment Services
    31. 31. RFP/SOW Release 23-Mar-134GCDT Selection Review 23-Mar-134GCDT Selection 25-Mar-13Period of Performance Begins 25-Mar-13Design Review 30-Mar-13Implementation Review 08-Apr-13Implementation Complete 27-Apr-13Training Complete 11-May-13Project Completion Review 25-May-13Project Closure/Archives Complete 1-Jun-13The below list consists of the initial milestonesidentified for the AHC Project:
    32. 32. HealthInsurancePortability andAccountabilityActIs a set of policys and procedures that as anorganization, must comply with in the medical fieldto keep patient information private and protected.