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  • CLIENTS IN SPORTS INDUSTRY – below are specific notes on six NBA clients from fall of 2011Mavericks – integrated w/SFDC; using automation. Moved to ET first, implemented SFDC shortly thereafter. Large list, sending 15-20M emails/year. Using ExactTarget’s original social platform.Blazers – integrated w/MSCRM. Use ET for ~5M emails/year, plus landing pages. Adding social in 2011. Lots of lifecycle campaigns (welcome, b-day, thank you survey, season ticket retention)Magic – integrated w/MSCRM. Using smart capture + landing pages for opt-in; campaign automation for lifecycle campaigns, using inbox preview from return path. 15M emails/yearRaptors – part of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (includes Maple Leafs in NHL). MSCRM integration. Cross-sell / up-sell across four teams (Maple Leafs, Raptors, Toronto FC, Toronto Marlies hockey in AHL league)…wanted more relevancy. Using ET email + landing pages + inbox preview + premium support. Lots of campaign automation. Approx 35 M emails / year across the five teams.Bobcats – integrated w/MSCRM. Use case on next page.Pacers – use ET for mobile and social. Considering email in 2012 due to need for more targeted, relevant emails. Hesitation up to this point has been because of challenges with pushing data back into Archtics. Goals: 1. Increase online sales from 55% (08-09 season) to 60% for 09-10 season; 2. Drive single game ticket sales revenue from $1.7 million (08-09 season) to $2.5 million for 09-10 season; 3. Grow fan acquisition.We have clients ranging from the NFL to the NBA, NHL, Major League Soccer, motorsports, live entertainment venues and English Premier League. Our solution helps leagues and teams power timely and relevant communications via email, social media and mobile channels. This process drives fan engagement and increased revenues for your organization – taking your audience from casual fans to brand loyalists.
  • Dennis Howard quote taken from Sports Business Journal, January 16-22, 2012; volume 14, issue 37First quote - What does this mean? Teams, leagues and other properties must capitalize on digital engagement among fans; be proactive in email/social/mobile to keep fans hungry for more relevant info; maintain a presence on all major social media sites to ensure fans are being communicated with on the channel they preferUnfortunately, the majority of fans cannot regularly attend their favorite team’s live games so digital channels bridge the gap between fan and team.
  • Permission-based data is more important now than ever before – leveraging this data (past purchase history on tickets, merchandise, favorite player, etc.) can be incredibly effective in sending 1:1 relevant and personal communications with subscribers/fans.
  • Company Name: FC DallasIndustry: Media/Publishing/Entertainment/SportsSubmitted by: Matt PostonRegion: SouthSegment: EnterpriseState: TXDate Submitted: 07/2011 4D area: Interactions4D subsection: Acquisition / Cross channelProblem/Need/Goal:FC Dallas is a Major League Soccer team based in Dallas and they were struggling with building their subscriber base. Solution:They decided to build subscribers by having the FC Dallas employees go out into the stands with iPads to collect email addresses. They use forms powered by our Web Collect technology to capture email addresses and grow their subscriber base. When the fans provide their email address they have a chance to win a jersey at the end of the match. They then utilize that list-building strategy to follow-up on the matches that folks attend in order to cash in on the positive experience to sell more tickets.They also utilize the social media channel by using Twitter. They Tweet out, “Hey, be at this place on Friday for free tickets to the first 1,000 to show up!” The fans that show up have to provide their email address for the free tickets. This has also helped to build their list.  Result:Their goal was a modest 500 new subscribers for every game, but their programs have been quite successful thus far this year and they’ve exceeded that number. The subscribers receive weekly newsletter and special power lunch promotions. with their now larger subscriber list they’ve made $60,000 in sold tickets which is quite a feat. (Keep in mind that the tickets involved here are usually $10 or so a piece, and it’s quite a few sales involved for an MLS organization.)
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    1. -Dennis Howard (Philip H. Knight Professor of Business, University of Oregon)
    2. -Nathan Hubbard, CEO, Ticketmaster
    3. PROBLEMSmall email subscriber listSOLUTION- Leverage ExactTarget’s Social and Email Platforms- Integrated email and social data to drive personalization- Use social media to run promotionsRESULT210% increase in ticket sales through “Deal of the Week” emailCollaboration across teams and departments