Seven Technological Trends Changing Consumer Behavior


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What are the next big things changing the marketing landscape of tomorrow? WE have found seven trends that are changing the marketer and the consumer alike.

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  • Google really ruined this era of marketers.  It was THE BIG THING.  You just tweaked some title tags and BAM, you had thousands of new search engine referrals because you were 1st page on Google.  It was like printing money.  And marketers have been chasing those easy winnings by looking for the NEXT BIG THING. But at each step, the NEXT BIG THING wasn’t really as big or as easy… 
  • Email has survived more “guru”-predicted, near-death experiences than any other medium. The lesson, “_____ Is Dead” proclamations are foolish in a world fragmented by channels and devices. There’s more than enough room for everyone. This should calm some content marketing nerves who woke up to “Blogging Is Dead” headlines earlier this year. But it should also serve as a cautionary tale about beating a dead subject line. “_____ Is Dead” headlines are clearly provocative, linkbait. However, if you ride such waves too late or with a faulty premise, you run the risk of sending “rolling eye content” and losing your credibility. Don’t sacrifice accuracy for provocation.
  • A call-to-action in the dressing room at the Men’s Wearhouse. Instant savings? Why not? Home field advantage means leveraging the spaces that only you control and finding the inspired moments where you can uniquely motivate consumer action w/long-term benefits.
  • Satisfy the CustomerThe easiest, and possibly the most affordable, way to build customer loyalty is to satisfy the customer. Begin by implementing the most basic customer service rule: treat the customer the way you want to be treated when shopping. Ideas: Back in stock emails, customer survey emails
  • Client Success Example: Vail ResortsProblem/Need:Vail Resorts was launching an interactive social initiative called EpicMix and needed a flexible email platform that they could send their real-time one-to-one personalized email updates through. Vail Resorts sees this program as a huge differentiator versus other resorts offering Season Passes and looked to grow brand loyalty. The EpicMix program involves Radio-frequency identification(RFID) enabled Season Passes for Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone, and Heavenly. As you enjoy your days on the slopes, you are tracked via the RFID embedded in the season pass. All of your lift runs and vertical feet skied are tracked and can be automatically shared to Facebook and Twitter and viewed on the EpicMix website or via a mobile app they created. Similar to Foursquare, EpicMix awards 100s of different pins that you receive by performing various milestones related to accomplishments, locations, and resorts skied. It was the real-time triggered EpicMix email alerts around pinawards and friend alerts that Vail Resorts needed a solution for.Solution: Vail Resorts leverages the ExactTarget API in conjunction with our ability to send dynamic triggered emails. These triggered emails contain dynamic content such as pin earned images that are passed via the API call when the email is triggered. Their API calls are fully automated with their RFID tracking system and saves them time by not requiring any manual interactions to send these emails.Result:Vail Resorts has experienced very high click thru rates (~8% CTR) and open rates (~46% OR) on these emails. & Vail has been able raise the price of their EpicPass and attributes the success of this campaign to initiatives like this that have allowed them to differentiate from the competition.EpicPass renewals are also up substantially since this program was launched which speaks to the enthusiasm and brand loyalty customers are showing toward Vail Resorts.Check out these other Client Success examples in the Client Success Library related to this challenge:Iceland Air Eat’n Park Dunn Bros Coffee Ted’s Montana Grill PF ChangsTaco JohnsSpeak Relevantly to the Travel & Hospitality industry through other Client Success Stories:Go to Client Success LibrarySearch under these Filters: Travel & HospitalityInteractions: ChannelsInteractions: Convert/GrowInteractions: AcquireInteractions: Reengagement FacebookTwitterSMSTriggered EmailCampaigns
  • Seven Technological Trends Changing Consumer Behavior

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    8. Needed to grow skier’s BRANDLOYALTYCreated TRIGGERED EMAILALERTS that were personalized toskier’s lift runs and vertical feetskied8% CLICK THROUGH RATE and46% open rate