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7 Technology Trends Transforming Consumer Behavior - Updated


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Presentation of technology trends presented at the Travel Manitoba conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba on September 26th, 2014

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7 Technology Trends Transforming Consumer Behavior - Updated

  1. @kyleplacy What do I do? Director Global Content & Research
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  4. What’s Next? @kyleplacy
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  6. What’s Now?
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  9. Moments Matter one.
  10. Connected Consumer two. @kyleplacy
  11. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Australia Canada China Japan UK USA 52.2 32.7 33.1 19.6 50.9 43.5 64.6 56.4 46.9 24.7 62.2 56.4 Mobile Penetration Rate (Total Population)
  12. Smartphone massive growth potential with only 30% of total market. Mary Meeker’s 2014 Internet Trends Report
  13. 26 million US consumers will book travel via a smartphone this year. European Travel Commission @kyleplacy
  14. constant. The connected consumer is
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  16. 83% of US consumers research products while in-store on their mobile phone. Google’s Our Mobile Planet Report
  17. The Amazon Effect/Affect three. @kyleplacy
  18. The Amazon Effect/Affect three. @kyleplacy eCommerce
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  26. Content Personalization four. @kyleplacy
  27. 69% of email consumers unsubscribe because brands send too many emails. @kyleplacy
  28. The Approach to Personalized Content •Guided Selling •Predictive Intelligence @kyleplacy
  29. 41% of consumers buy more from brands who send personalized emails based on past buying behaviors. Return Path @kyleplacy
  30. 12-25% increase in sales if the transactional message includes personalized product recommendations. Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud @kyleplacy
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  34. Collaborative Economy five. @kyleplacy
  35. An economic model where creation, ownership and access are shared between people and corporations.
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  42. @kyleplacy Phases of Internet SharingPhases of Internet Sharing
  43. Social Intelligence six. @kyleplacy
  44. I sensed in Myspace… My salvation. John Green Author, Fault of Our Stars
  45. Why would you ever want to put pictures of your family and friends on the Internet?? Kyle’s Mom, December 2003
  46. Monthly Active Users 185,000,000 Mobile Users 1,000,000,000
  47. 1 Product Group Marketing Services Solutions Online Sales Customer Service Comms PR & HR QUALITY & INNOVATION DEMAND & THOUGHT LEADERSHIP CREDIBILITY CONVERSION CYCLE TIME RESOLUTION REPUTATION Embed Social Media Across the Fabric of the Organization & Empower Subject Matter Experts…
  48. How do we make one department’s outputs another department’s inputs?
  49. Humanizing Automation seven. @kyleplacy
  50. Meet Kyle He’s the owner of a growing small business in Boston. As a father of 4 kids he’s very cost conscious and drives or takes the train to most locations. While a subscriber of T & H Client’s brandX and brandY emails, he’s not a loyalty member.
  51. An Upcoming Trip Kyle has an upcoming trip in two weeks to conference in Texas. He starts searching on for a hotel.
  52. Promo Email Kyle receives a promo email from brandX with special rates for the month. The top three are close to his upcoming trip in Texas so he clicks through and books. Email Kyle, Check Out This Month’s Top Rates From Portland to Portland we’ve got you covered. From $84.15 Dallas, TX Love Field Get the most out of your next Dallas business trip and book a room at our brandX by T & H Client Dallas Love Field hotel.…Read more Book Now From $101.15 Irving, TX Las Colinas brandX by T & H Client Dallas/Las Colinas hotel, near Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. Located off Route 114…Read more Book Now From $101.99 Richardson, TX Richardson Nestled in the heart of th Corridor north of downto TX, the brandX by T & H Richardson/Dallas…Rea Book Now
  53. Confirmation Email Kyle receives his confirmation email which invites him to enroll in T & H Client Rewards. Email Welcome! Your brandX by T & H Client Confirmation is below. Name T & H Client Rewards Confirmation Number Arrival Date Departure Date Check-In Time Check-Out Time brandX Love Field 650 N. Stemmons Freeway, I-35E Exit 434A Empire Central, Dallas, TX 75247 US Kyle Thompson Enroll Now 74589AH67DH 1/24/14 1/26/14 3:00 PM 11:00 AM
  54. Welcome Series Upon signing up for T & H Client Rewards Kyle receives a series of 3 emails from the Welcome drip campaign which aims to: • Thank • Educate about the program • Incentivize to complete his profile Email Welcome To T & H Client Rewards Total Points; 0 Complete Your Profile Free Bonus Points! Tell us more about yourself and receive bonus points towards your next free stay.
  55. Browse Retarget Email Kyle receives a browse retarget email that evening which reminds him of the free breakfast and wifi available at brandY. As a result he books his stay. Email Your Parsippany Stay Awaits Get a free, hot breakfast and WiFi at brandY brandY Parsippany 949 Route 46, Parsippany, NJ 07054 US A warm bed, hot breakfast, and free WiFi come standard when you stay at brandY. Book Now
  56. Gets a notification… After checking-in he gets a push message with a $5 off coupon.
  57. Gets a notification… Before retiring for the evening Kyle receives a Push Notification reminding him of the free breakfast in the morning.
  58. Gets a notification… After he leaves for his presentation in the morning he receives a Push Notification asking if he’d like to receive an email copy of his stay receipt.
  59. Email Receipt After his stay Kyle receives an e-Receipt with a partner offer to sign up for the T & H Client Rewards Visa. Inbox (1) Your Recent Stay e-Receipt E-Receipt brandY 949 U.S. 46, Parsippany, NJ 07054 Room Arrival Date Departure Date Adult/Child Room Rate Rate Plan T & H Client Rewards # 213 1/27/14 1/28/14 1/0 $59.00 LW-T 675930992 Stay Total $65.24 EARN POINTS TOWARDS FREE NIGHTS WITH T & H Client REWARDS VISA
  60. Email Newsletter Fast-forward 3 months Kyle receives his monthly rewards newsletter and there is a promotion for a trip finder. He has traveled a lot and accumulated a lot of points and is ready for a last minute vacation with the family. Email T & H Client Rewards Newsletter How will you use your rewards? Total Points; 42,000 Want to find the perfect getaway? Try our all new TRIP FINDER Start Now
  61. Trip Finder Kyle answers a series of questions which helps the ExactTarget Customer Intelligence engine determine the best trip for him. T & H Mon 3.31 PMWeb Browser Find Your Perfect Trip NextBack How will you arrive at your destination? o Drive o Fly
  62. Trip Finder After he submits his answers T & H Client displays the results. Mon 3.31 PMWeb Browser Your Perfect Trip Results T & H Client Grand Resort - Walt Disney World Orland, FL Located in the heart of Orlando, Florida, enjoy sophisticated charm and Mediterranean-inspired comfort minutes from the area’s top theme parks, golf courses and attractions. T & H Client Grand Orlando Resort is surrounded by 500-acres of the stunning woodlands of Bonnet Creek. Book Now T & H
  63. On Vacation… On day two at the pool he posts a picture of the family enjoying the vacation. He then receives a response from T & H Client with an offer for free ice cream for the kids during his stay Facebook Kyle Thompson 5 minutes ago T & H Client Hotel Group 2 minutes ago Glad you’re enjoying your stay. Bring this to the concession stand for free ice cream for the kiddos!
  64. Experience equals Relevance
  65. We must move from numbers keeping score to numbers that drive better actions. David Walmsley Head of Multichannel Marks & Spencer
  66. Seven Trends Disrupting Consumer Behavior 1. Moments Matter – every touch point and every connection is an opportunity to deliver a seamless brand experience to delight your customers 2. Connected Consumer – every business is a mobile business. 3. The Amazon / eCommerce Effect – Amazon and Alibaba have the ability to disrupt any industry and quickly 4. Content Personalization – massive lift in all success metrics with the use of personalized content 5. Collaborative Economy – people have the ability to bypass inefficient companies by building processes and economies using technology 6. Social Intelligence – It is more than “social media.” It is about listening, 7. Humanizing Automation – build messaging strategy around the individual
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