150 Retail Social, Email, Mobile, and Marketing Touchpoints Exposed


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30 days - 100 Retailers - +2500 emails - +3500 social messages

We live in a time where the consumer purchase journeyis radically different than when retailers first opened theirdoors. Today’s consumers are empowered by technology and engaging in fragmented communications across a growing number of devices, channels, and apps. As a result, the retail customer engagement, support, and linear purchase models of old are being stretched to their breaking point. Retailers must now scramble to embrace a new reality where consumers can access price, performance, and competitive data anytime, anywhere.

With Retail Touchpoints Exposed!, we’re excited to share insights gathered from our first-ever study of the 100 fastest growing retail chains in the United States. In these pages, we examine how these brands are building and engaging email subscribers, Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and other digital audiences across in-store and online environments. Our hope is that by highlighting what these retailers are doing right— as well as opportunities they may be missing—we can help others optimize their own consumer touchpoints in way that facilitate more profitable consumer communications
and relationships.

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  • Challenge #2: Creating customer loyaltyGetting customers to come back to your brand is a difficult task for any retailer. Great news though..Retail customers are very loyal to their stores… Looking at the chart above of a Forrester research survey you can see that Retail is #1 in customer loyalty. This means that consumers are less likely to switch where they buy their favorite shoes than where they deposit their paychecks! At ET we have a long history of helping retailers create customer loyalty within their stores (both online and brick & mortar). As we take a closer look at customer loyalty we will also review some examples of how are clients have been able to keep customers coming back again and again.
  • Challenge #3: Leveraging technology and dataThe digital era definitely gives retail marketers the opportunity to speak more directly with customers and really connect with them on the 1:1 level. The use of data & technology plays a big part in this very personalized relationship.Once you have people coming into your stores and coming back for more it is time to start collecting information from them….Sound simple, yeah right! Sorting through all of the data you have collected and keeping up on the latest technology trends is a very daunting task for most retailers. Even the most sophisticated retailers are still not where they would like to be with their data usage.
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