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Geometry In The Real World


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Published in: Technology
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Geometry In The Real World

  1. 1. Geometry In The Real World Kyle Grey Block 2
  2. 2. Point- A precise location or place on a plane.
  3. 3. Line Segment-straight line which links two points without extending beyond them.
  4. 4. Plane-An imaginary flat surface that is infinitely large and with zero thickness
  5. 5. Angle-formed by two lines or rays diverging from a common point
  6. 6. Perpendicular lines-A line that crosses at a right angle
  7. 7. Parallel lines-Lines that are always the same distance apart and will never meet.
  8. 8. Triangle-A closed figure consisting of three line segments linked end-to-end
  9. 9. Right Triangle-A triangle where one of its interior angles is a right angle
  10. 10. Pentagon-A polygon with 5 sides
  11. 11. Hexagon-A polygon with 6 sides
  12. 12. Square-A 4-sided regular polygon with all sides equal and all internal angles 90°
  13. 13. Rectangle-A 4-sided polygon where all interior angles are 90°
  14. 14. Trapezoid-A quadrilateral which has at least one pair of parallel sides 
  15. 15. Parallelogram-A quadrilateral with opposite parallel lines
  16. 16. Circle-A line forming a closed loop, every point on which is a fixed distance from a center point.
  17. 17. Cylinder-A surface generated by a straight line moving parallel to a fixed straight line and intersecting a plane curve.
  18. 18. Sphere-A three-dimensional surface, all points of which are equidistant from a fixed point.
  19. 19. Octagon-A polygon with 8 sides
  20. 20. Oval-any curve that looks like an egg or an ellipse. 
  21. 21. Rectangular Prism- object which has six faces that are rectangles.