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Racing School Social Media Marketing Program


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Provide racing schools with high quality customer leads. We utilizing direct response technology that includes social media, online, DRTV 30 & 60 sec TV commercials, e-mail marketing, telemarketing, radio & more.

We provide consulting services; helping schools with up-sells, new racing programs and customer programs.

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Racing School Social Media Marketing Program

  1. 1. 30-DAYS GUARANTEE [IN All PLANS! A full refund if you are not happy within 30 days. Choose a plan: Monthly Cost Annual Cost Social Media Review Facebook/ '|'witter/ C»oogle+ Set Up YouTube Channel Set Up Instagram/ Pinterest Set Up Reputation Boss Sales Generator New Customer Generator Social Media Crew Chief Testimonial Pit Crew Facebook Apps Daily Deal Profit Maker Blog Set Up Blog Posts Time Trial Reporting SELLING WORD Row 1 Marketing knows racing and knows racing schools. We work with small and large schools. incorporating our proven marketing strategies to increase your sales. We do more than just find new customers: we help with customer service issues, increase customer spend and increase traffic to your website. -M@ ENTW FREE FREE CALL CAI . L CALL CALL " CALL. CALL J J L L L ooooiooooo oooooooooooooo comer us r: ::: :'; °;: ::*; ° I2-fi; w0u__/ "1_ 310-628.2290 f lacebookcomIRow1Marketing 300.524.9702 ’ Qmfomercgaigg info@row1 marketlngcom
  2. 2. RAEINE Sllflflfll IJIIMPLEIE PAEIIAEE We track, measure and analyze the conversation about your business. products/ services, and competitors across the entire social custom design Facebook page Local Maps optimization on Google Places Marketing video Production Maintain Facebook Linkedlrl. 'IMtter and YouTAbe pages solicit tans / likes update custom tabs and pages as needed consistently search ror new followers and fans to connect with Social Media SEO. Keyword Analysis and Selection Create and manage events Contest and Sweepstakes pages Create and manage paid targeted ads Manage, create and place Facehook advertising Maintain consistent communication with your business for updates, weekly reports on up coming events, specials, and new ‘hi hi‘ Of Pinterest users are female . Dew Relexrch or lnstagi-am users check account daily —imt-tr-m We target your competitor's customers, racing enthusiasts and race fans! SIICIAL MEDIA WIIRI. Tired of advertising to the same people? ‘of Active Facebook users in the us, 70% log in once aolay. ’ Ogilvy I: BtlddyMedla social media accounts for ~ 25% of all time spent online over 35 minutes per hour. - Nillxerl of consumers are inlliienoed by Do 2.4 updates weekly products. consumers rely on social media to _ , , , , V _ _ _ _ i n rnends posts on social media when Respond to incoming messages Competitor analysis inrluence their purchase decision A making 2 pumhasmg demon Reputation management Customer Analysis - Em’-M _ PM mum upload photos, logos and videos Ce]-npefflor Monitoring Mom Lagging ' Momoring and mm“ repms 33/ 3°13 “II °f "'9 W°"“'5 I“‘°"‘e‘ “Sm 0 of Facebook users have liked a brand on Facebook 59'“ ""°°kIY 1 billion people, will have a Facebook account _ Ex 1 ‘ - TIME l|2”I ‘iii ii it i iiiiiiii iii I‘i’JlIltl l‘I ivlii. t I’l will 3[]| ]‘| ]|]fl NL‘Vi/ £]Ct, ‘«'Jlll1I Dll Iwllltfl ml] Billion Mini lie M i : :i—. ii. n.~l on F. io, -hoot. 490 million Llnlqllv 'v'I‘iI<’il‘i in-i mom I l'i llllr‘ , Ari. ‘ iiiii hill? il IIIIIIIOII Hi ii. i- vIlI4'll't‘vI‘lr‘ ii; ili. .ii. .i1 I41] iI1li«-vai: temr~4a'- 2i]MiIIi|1i| Ai'i))IIllllllDl7‘i IH‘, iilIIL', " 10,000 Aclvi, -iiii«. iiii—, iiiilrio 55Mi| |ion 10% ii i million wwwtwimiconi W Anllytlcflaclboekicom I‘~liiw / E‘/ |‘Il‘iIl| ‘ II II‘ will ell my tmlylictyoulublioem 4 Ifliliiflfl Pi. ~i, »iilc illI, ‘- «, 'U7IllL", 'i(, ‘ll
  3. 3. SERVICE SOLUTIONS 5‘ About U 5 Row 1 Marketing is the leader in motorsports marketing. delivering highly qualified leads to racing schools by targeting your competitor's customers. racing fans and other highly qualified consumers from our proprietary databases. We do the hard stuff - generate sales and create new programs - so that you can get back to doing what you do best. Reputation Boss Intluencer Identification We optimize your social media profiles, monitor and We provide you with new customers who are ready respond to all reviews while they're fresh. across the to buy! We target your competitor's customers, most important review sites, racing fans and other highly qualified consumers. Tt"nllllll"ll| {l'. F-‘ll C iwvv ©@@ We help you collect and spread positive word of We create sales opportunities by cleansing and mouth by obtaining and sharing testimonials from segmenting your database for highly targeting happy customers on Yelp, Facebook and Googlei-. custom emails and newsletters Social Media Crew Chief Daily Deal Profit Maker We create engaging messages, special offers and We work directly with Daily Deal companies to help promotions, and start real-time conversations that you keep more of your profits, Our proprietary spread word of mouth. driving traffic to your website. technology reduces your net payout 15% or less. Twit-rii. irlwmig §; :«: ii1tev Tm in Frtil Fm’): »i ting Our telemarketing team contacts your customers We provide a monthly report card with all key with promotional offers, class confirmation, upsells, metrics so you can see everything being said about surveys etc. to generate sales. your business. online - A 1-star increase can boost Monthly promotions to sales 12%-17% keep the conversation going 2303 Scholarship, Irvine, CASKIZ T+l31062B290 | 1-16005249702