Virgin Lunar Marketing Plan Presentation


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A fine example of the quality of work I produce when working passionately in a team.

We dreamed up a new, non-existent (but likely) service then created a marketing strategy around it (centered on promotion, given our class).

This plan and the accompanying presentation are perfect examples of my drive to create strategic, exciting projects that blend passion, fun, and marketing.

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Virgin Lunar Marketing Plan Presentation

  1. 1. Executive Summary• Virgin Lunar IS Leading Humanity ForwardWhat Virgin is doingWhy they’re doing itWho it’s forDetails
  2. 2. Company DescriptionThe birth of VirginLunar began onJuly 20, 1969
  3. 3. Company Description• Virgin Lunar is acompany within theVirgin Group• Provide lunar orbitaland surface expeditionsto space tourists• Create ways tomonetize humanspace exploration
  4. 4. Company DescriptionVirgin Lunars spacecraft are launchedfrom a large aeroplaneThis gives thespacecraft moreinitial speed andaltitude than iflaunched from theground
  5. 5. Company Description• Multinational brandedventure capital conglomerate• Founded by Richard Branson• Core areas are travel,entertainment and lifestyle• More than 400 companiesworldwide• Net worth of $4.6 billiondollars
  6. 6. Internal/External Analysis
  7. 7. • Quality of Experience• Expertise in Field• Technological Skills• Market Leader• Capital• Marketing and Promotion• ConnectedSWOT: Strengths
  8. 8. SWOT: Weaknesses• Unpredictability• High Cost• Limited Capacity• Limited Flights
  9. 9. SWOT: Opportunities• Technological advances can result in:Expanding expeditions, further and longerHigher frequencyIncreased affordability
  10. 10. SWOT: Threats• Competition• Negative Social/Political Pressure• Economic Fluctuations
  11. 11. Communications Objectives• Market and Product ObjectivesCreate product awareness/purchaseIncreased brand awareness• Product FocusPrimary: new customersSecondary: brand awareness, use ofpromotional strategies
  12. 12. Communications Objectives• Marketing GoalsDrive traffic to sitesIncreased salesBrand awarenessBrand loyaltyGo-to for elite clienteleLeading company for lunar travel
  13. 13. Primary Target Market• SalesMen aged 40-70 yearsExtremely wealthy, travel for work &pleasureUniversity educatedMarried and divorcedRisk takers, ambitious, status drivenLove exclusive experiences
  14. 14. Secondary Target Market• Brand AwarenessMen and Women, 18-65High school or university educatedCareer oriented, creative, ambitious,adventurousEnjoy travel and recreational activitiesEarly adopters
  15. 15. Program Creative: Tactics• ProductExperience• Limited to 2 pilots and 4 passengers per trip• One launch per yearTraining• Broken into 3 phases• Mandatory
  16. 16. Program Creative: Tactics• PriceSet price: $100 millionLimited amount of seats and high price =prestigious experience
  17. 17. Program Creative: Tactics• ProductExperience• Limited to 2 pilots and 4 passengers per trip• One launch per yearTraining• Broken into 3 phases• Mandatory
  18. 18. Program Creative: Tactics• Brand Positioning:Producer of quality productsfor less• Brand Image:Speaks to the child at heartGives the customer what they need plus a little extra TLCVirgin speaks to those with an adventurous spirit
  19. 19. Program Creative: Tactics• Virgin Lunar’s Position:Seek out elite experiences & makes theirdreams a realityChampions of industryWorld leadersThose who cut the path that the rest of theworld walks down
  20. 20. Program Creative: Tactics• Promotional Strategy – Two ProngedPrimary : Billionaires for moon expedition salesSecondary: General public; purchase all Virgincategories• Creative execution style: Affective imagery• Desired reaction: Feel-Learn-Do
  21. 21. Creative Print Campaign• Primary Target Market:Speaking to the adventurer with all earthlypossessionsCan buy something that they could never getbefore: An expedition to the MoonYou’ve seen our world. Now step foot on another.
  22. 22. Creative Print Campaign• Secondary Target MarketIgniting the adventurer and spirit ofexploration and relate those feelings to theVirgin brand• Focuses on inspiration & education:Utilizing TV documentaries, PR & promoeventsEx: The Moon Balloon
  23. 23. Marketing Tactics• Primary & Secondary Target MarketsPublic RelationsWebsiteSocial Media
  24. 24. Marketing Tactics• Primary Target Market – BillionairesPersonal relationship/ networkingStrategic AlliancesPrint MaterialsDirect Mail MarketingEventPrint Advertising
  25. 25. Marketing Tactics• Primary target market: General publicPrint advertisingEventWebsiteTV
  26. 26. Program Creative: Tactics• PlaceWebsiteGlobal network of Accredited Space AgentsRequest for additional information
  28. 28. Tactics: Primary Audience• Personal relationships/networking• Strategic alliances• Print materials• Print advertising• Direct mail marketing• Event marketing: announcement and launchevents
  29. 29. Tactics: Secondary Audience• Print advertising• Event marketing: The Moon Balloon• Television
  30. 30. Tactics: Combined Audience• Website• Public Relations• Social Media
  31. 31. Financial Data & Projections• Cost for each passenger• Estimation of total costs• Justification for cost of each trip
  32. 32. Execution• In house marketing team for sales marketing• Focus on print and strategic alliance marketing• Boutique Agencies hired for:Social MediaPublic RelationsEvent Marketing
  33. 33. Evaluation• Measurement will be comprised of quantitativeevaluation methods• Primary & Secondary AudiencesWebsite trafficPublic relationsSocial media
  34. 34. Evaluation• PrimaryPersonal relationships/networkingStrategic alliancesPrint materialsPrint advertisingDirect mail marketingEvent marketing
  35. 35. Evaluation• SecondaryPrint advertisingEvent marketingTelevision
  36. 36. Ethics and Standards• Unique set of challenges and concerns• Safety• Environment impact• Ownership & property rights