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A fine example of the quality of work I produce when working passionately in a team.

We dreamed up a new, non-existent (but likely) service then created a marketing strategy around it (centered on promotion, given our class). This plan and the accompanying presentation are perfect examples of my drive to create strategic, exciting projects that blend passion, fun, and marketing.

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  • Fantastic Post! Can I get your permission to use you some of the elements of your Marketing plan for a mock presentation at my office? (It's to impress some of the higher-uppers at work. :D). Thanks.
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Virgin Lunar Marketing Plan

  2. 2. Virgin Lunar is a bold company out to achieve somethinggreat: leading humanity forward by bringing the moon withinreach. By using advanced spacecraft and technologies, Virginwill offer the elite the most unique travel experience todayand pave the way for future explorers tomorrow. Currentlythere are very few competitors offering low-Earth orbit flightscommercially and none are going as far as Virgin Lunar.The company will be working closely with Virgin Galactic tomaximize efficiency and efforts, and with Sir Richard Branson’sand Virgin’s backing, will have the capital it needs to pushforward. With over 1,400 billionaires worldwide and at leasthalf born during the space era, there are plenty of peoplewho can afford to launch with Virgin. Its main objective will beto create product awareness and attract customers with thesecondary goal of increasing overall brand awareness. Withits first flight aimed for 2018, Virgin Lunar will be rolling outan extensive and lengthy marketing campaign utilizing manydifferent promotional strategies including public relations,a website, social media, personal selling, strategic alliances,print materials, direct mail, event marketing, print advertising,and television. There will be ethical concerns with such a tripand Virgin’s legal team will be working closely with expertsin the field to ameliorate any concerns and harms. Whilethe cost of such a journey may be high for company andconsumer alike, it is a feasible endeavor that will put humanityand the adventurous where they belong: back to the frontier.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
  4. 4. M K T G 3 3 2 2 V I R G I N L U N A R I N T E G R A T E D M A R K E T I N G C O M M U N I C A T I O N S P L A N 2STRATEGIC FOCUS AND PLANThe birth of Virgin Lunar began on July 20, 1969, when a 19 year old Richard Branson watched the moon landingson TV with his parents and sisters and determined that he would one day step foot on the Moon.Virgin Lunar is a company within Richard Branson’s Virgin Group which plans to provide lunar orbital and surfaceexpeditions to space tourists. Further, in the future Virgin Lunar hopes to transform human lunar exploration bymaking these missions participatory expeditions that involve the general public and create exciting new waysto monetize human space exploration. Virgin Lunar’s spacecraft are launched from a large aeroplane, giving thespacecraft more initial speed and altitude than if it were launched from the ground.Virgin Group Ltd. is a British multinational branded venture capital conglomerate company. Its core business areasare travel, entertainment and lifestyle and it consists of more than 400 companies worldwide. The Virgin Group’sdate of incorporation is listed as 1989 by Companies House, and is classified as a holding company. The net worthof Virgin Group as of September 2013 was $4.6 billion dollars.(1)MISSION / VISIONLeading humanity forward. Virgin Lunar is the only lunar expedition provider for the citizens of earth. Virgin Lunarcreates the most unique travel experience for elite adventurers, allowing them to step beyond the bounds of earthand towards the next frontier, the moon.GOALS» The safe launch and return of 50 passengers in our first 13 years of business.» To have 20 individuals preregistered for a lunar expedition by January 1, 2018.» To launch our first expedition with a full ship of 4 passengers by July 1, 2018.» To increase Virgin’s brand awareness in terms of being a leader as a worldwide brand.SITUATION ANALYSISThe space industry is a $120 billion business(2)that is currently dominated by satellite, launch, and crew & transportsectors. Space flight as a commercial passenger flight is a small but emerging sector. Currently, there are only under half adozen companies that are in development to provide sub-orbital commercial passenger space flight to the public.COMPANY DESCRIPTION
  5. 5. M K T G 3 3 2 2 V I R G I N L U N A R I N T E G R A T E D M A R K E T I N G C O M M U N I C A T I O N S P L A N 3INTERNAL ANALYSISVirgin Group Ltd. is a pioneer as the first company to offer sub-orbital and orbital space flights to space tourists. Virgintakes the leap one step further with a new offering: commercial passenger tourism to the moon. Virgin Lunar offers aunique, exclusive and once-in-a-lifetime experience that only a limited few will be able to access. As a company, Virginand its founder Richard Branson are viewed as an innovative thought leader which is continually reinforced throughVirgin’s ground breaking offerings as a company.Virgin’s previous marketing strategy in promoting Virgin Galactic has been minimal within traditional channels. A printcampaign was developed for magazines such as Wired, CMYK Magazine — publications that were viewed to be designand technology forward. Their efforts are more focused towards event sponsorship, press releases and coverage that hasled to positive word-of-mouth and public relations. This strategy supports the exclusivity and elite nature of space flight.A similar strategy will be utilized for Virgin Lunar to continue to establish not just Virgin as a brand, but the service ofcommercial lunar travel as truly extraordinary and unparalleled.EXTERNAL ANALYSISCONSUMER ANALYSISIt is estimated that there are over 1,400 billionaires with a record net worth of $5.4 trillion(3)with more than half born in thebaby boomer era. This generation has a special emotional connection with the concept of moon travel because of thecelebrated and televised lunar landing of Apollo 11 in 1969. The concept of moon tourism will be highly desired by this setas it appeals to their nostalgic side. Lunar travel is certainly attractive to other demographic groups as well, in particular,people that consider themselves part of the innovator and early adopter set.Booking a seat on a Virgin Lunar flight is a high involvement purchase but will not involve the typical decision makingprocess a high value purchase usually takes. Due to Virgin’s unique product, purchase intention, brand loyalty orintegration processes are not factors since the service is so unique and the first of its kind. Instead, the steps areshortened from the potential passenger’s need recognition that is motivated by the desire for esteem and self-actualization, followed by a search for further information regarding the safety and viability of space flight and likelystraight through to a purchase decision.COMPETITIVE ANALYSISROCKETSHIP TOURS, founded in 2008, is in development to offer space tourism packages to the public. RocketshipTours is in a partnership with XCOR Aerospace the creator of the Lynx Aircraft, design to carry one pilot and onepassenger. Their space tours are priced at $95,000, with a $20,000 deposit, that includes screening, training and a trip intosuborbital space.SPACE DEV is a subsidiary of Sierra Nevada Corporation Space Systems and has been developing spacecraft systems,propulsion systems and other space technologies since 2009. Their latest ventures involve development of the DreamChaser. A four-passenger sub-orbital and a six passenger orbital vehicle with funding from NASA.GOLDEN SPIKE was founded in 2010 by Alan Stern and Gerry Griffin, both former NASA administrators. They arecurrently working towards building lunar landers and space suits for commercial space flights. Golden Spike has created acampaign to contribute to their fund raising through crowd-sourced funding.
  6. 6. M K T G 3 3 2 2 V I R G I N L U N A R I N T E G R A T E D M A R K E T I N G C O M M U N I C A T I O N S P L A N 4STRENGTHSQuality of experience: A unique and special travelopportunityExpertise in field: Experienced, well-trained crew fortraining and flightsTechnological skills: Latest technology in spaceengineering and safetyMarket Leader: Virgin is the only known commercialspace flight to the moonFunded: Virgin has the ability to fund their expeditions tocompletionMarketing and Promotion: Virgin has marketing savvyand the experience to market moon tourismConnected to the right target markets: Virgin andits founder, Richard Branson, have the influence andconnections to reach billionairesWEAKNESSESUnpredictability: As the first-ever tourist expedition tothe moon, there are many factors that no amount ofpreparation can account forHigh cost of flightsLimited capacity of passengersLimited flights availableOPPORTUNITIESTechnological advances can result in:» Expanding expeditions further (other planets, etc.) andfor a longer duration» Making expeditions more frequent and available tomore people as flights become increasingly affordableTHREATSCompetition:» Sub-orbital and orbital space flights:SpaceDev Dream Chaser in development for a fourand six passenger commercial flightRocketship Tours» Lunar flights:Golden Spike is currently working towards raising fundstowards a lunar expedition» Other:Companies like SpaceX who already have equipmentand crew transport could enter the tourism sector ofspace flight.Environmental effects on earth and the atmosphere maycreate negative social and political pressurePotential world-wide economic fluctuations can affectfunding of future flightsSWOTCOMMUNICATION OBjECTIVESVirgin Lunar is leading humanity forward. As the only lunar expedition company in existence, Virgin utilizes advancedtechnology and forward thinking to offer the most unique travel opportunity today and pave the way for future explorerstomorrow. A travel experience unlike any other, Virgin enables people to transcend Earth towards the next frontier.Because Virgin Lunar is a new service that does not yet exist on the market, the object of its messaging is to arouseawareness, educate the elite about the adventure and company mission, and generate buzz within the general populace.Currently, no customers exist, so the goal will be to create an initial investment from the target market that leads to thefirst (and most likely only) purchase of a Virgin Lunar expedition.
  7. 7. M K T G 3 3 2 2 V I R G I N L U N A R I N T E G R A T E D M A R K E T I N G C O M M U N I C A T I O N S P L A N 5TARGET AUDIENCE AND SEGMENTSPRIMARY TARGET AUDIENCEOur target audience is comprised of men, aged 40 to 70 years old who are extremely wealthy. They tend to live in largecities all over the world and often have created their own companies or run large corporations. They are highly motivated,successful people who wish to continue building their legacy. The majority are university educated and are very drivenand ambitious individuals who tend to be slightly aggressive, type-A personalities. They care about status and often wantunique and exclusive offers and experiences. Family-wise, they are likely married or divorced with children that are nowadults or are in university. They are no strangers to air travel, as they fly around the world often for work or pleasure, mostlikely in their own private planes.Women are not excluded as a target audience, however, they are a small percentage of the group, so the focus of Virgin’smarketing efforts are on the males. Research will primarily be database analysis driven to find Virgin’s potential customers.Since Virgin Lunar is such an exclusive product, it is easy to immediately eliminate a huge number of the population basedon lack of means to purchase space flight and focus solely on the high earning demographic (or will likely be able topurchase a flight on the First Launch in 2018).SECONDARY TARGET AUDIENCEThe secondary target audience is a much larger group. This audience will not be the intended targets for sales oflunar flights. Rather, this market will serve as an audience for creating brand awareness and relationship building withVirgin. The secondary market comprises of men and women aged 18 to 65 who are high school to University educatedand who live in urban cities. This group enjoys exclusive and unique events and experiences. They take pride intheir careers and participate in recreational and social activities in their spare time. These are creative and ambitiouspersonalities who have a sense of adventure. Not only are they early adopters, but they have also purchased Virginproducts in the past.TARGET AUDIENCE, BASED ON THE COMMUNICATIONS EFFECT PYRAMIDSince Virgin Lunar is a new product and category, the largest part of the campaign will be to build awareness.The target market needs to know that flights to the moon are now a reality. Once there is awareness, thetarget market will seek more comprehension and knowledge of the product, likely through the website andadvertisements. According to the Communication Effects pyramid, after understand of the product or service,40% who like it will likely translate into 25% of people choosing Virgin as their preferred brand over thecompetition. Leaving 20% who will try it and finally, 5% who will repurchase or become regular customers. SinceVirgin’s product is such an elite, exclusive and expensive experience, the percentages expected will be slightlydifferent from the traditional model. Virgin expects trial level to be at 5 to 10 % and repeat potential at 1%.
  8. 8. M K T G 3 3 2 2 V I R G I N L U N A R I N T E G R A T E D M A R K E T I N G C O M M U N I C A T I O N S P L A N 6PRICE STRATEGYThe pricing for the Virgin Moon Mission is a firm $100 million. This was established, not only to offset the costs ofthe development, but the actual space travel costs and training. We are appealing to a very select market of people(billionaires) who are able to afford thisincredible, once in a lifetime experience.Having the finances to go on this journeyindicates prestige and the limited amountof seats and trips will be for only a selectfew in a very elite group of people.While this pricing strategy may not includethe “regular” Virgin audience, the brandawareness that is driven by the sheer factthat these trips are occurring will drivemore traffic to the brand overall. This willhave an increase in both domestic andinternational Virgin flights, as well as rippleeffects towards Virgin’s other companies.PROGRAM CREATIVE: STRATEGY AND TACTICSPRODUCT STRATEGYEXPERIENCETRAININGTwo pilots and 4 passengers per journeyCustom space suitOne ship launched per year (this will be expandeddependent upon demand and logistics)Cost per passenger is $100 millionFlight is 8 days with one full day spent on the moonEach passenger will have two space walks which will lastapproximately two hours eachA photograph will be taken of passenger standing infront of their home country as it spins past the EarthJourney captured by a videographerLifetime membership to the astronaut’s club “The onlymembers of mankind to walk on the moon.”A meet and greet with meet Buzz AldrinIn-flight movie: MoonrakerCustom souvenirs: space ring, made out of moon rockand mounted moon rock in a jarThree phases of training:1. Orientation2. Fitness training / Safety training3. Simulation / medical examination and approvalTraining will span over 15 weeks of training and includeparabolic flight training, underwater training, centrifugetraining and flight simulator modules.
  9. 9. M K T G 3 3 2 2 V I R G I N L U N A R I N T E G R A T E D M A R K E T I N G C O M M U N I C A T I O N S P L A N 7PLACE STRATEGYVirgin Lunar’s exclusive experiences can be purchased online at our website After the purchaserenters their information, one of our accredited Space Agents will get back to them within 24 hours to confirm theirbooking. Individuals can also make a booking through our international network of Accredited Space Agents locatedin offices around the globe. They have been specially selected and trained by us to handle all aspects of our client’sreservation needs.The Space Agents are composed of travel agencies who specialize in elite travel adventures and have a unique anddistinguished client base. Our space agents will also contact their select clients on our behalf to invite them to join ourexclusive Virgin Lunar moon missions and send them collateral materials. Virgin Lunar’s Accredited Space Agents officesare located in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East and Oceania.In addition, if a potential client is not ready to make a reservation but would like to receive an update from Virgin Lunarthey can provide their contact details to receive our Virgin Lunar newsletter, as well as customized updates from Virgin’sSpace Agents.PROMOTION STRATEGYBRAND POSITIONINGVirgin is positioned within the market as the producer of quality products that are less expensive than their competitorsand providing for better service. Virgin’s brand image speaks to the child at heart and gives the customer what they needplus a little extra tender loving care. No matter the price range, Virgin speaks to those with an adventurous spirit. VirginLunar’s position speaks to the ultimate adventurer, one who seeks out elite experiences and makes their dreams a reality.They rise to new heights. They are champions of industry, world leaders, those who cut the path that the rest of the worldwalks down. Leading humanity forward.The promotion strategy for Virgin Lunar will include a two pronged approach. The first approach will address the needs ofour primary target market (billionaires) for moon expedition sales and the second approach will be composed of a mediacampaign directed at our secondary target market, composed of members of the general public who have the ability topurchase Virgin products from our category lines. Both campaigns strongly rely upon imagery as the creative executionstyle with the intention of being affective and producing the reaction of feel-learn-do in the audience.The primary target market’s creative print campaign is speaking to the adventurer who has all the earthly possessions that theycould need, but now they can buy something that they could never get before; an expedition to the moon. You’ve seen ourworld. Now step foot on another. The secondary target market’s creative campaign is focused on inspiration and educationthrough television documentaries an active public relations campaign and follow the moon balloon event. The intention of thiscampaign is to igniting the adventurer and spirit of exploration in the audience and for them to relate those feelings to Virginbrand and note the company as leading humanity forward.
  10. 10. M K T G 3 3 2 2 V I R G I N L U N A R I N T E G R A T E D M A R K E T I N G C O M M U N I C A T I O N S P L A N 8PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP/ NETWORKINGRichard Branson will personally contact his billionairenetwork to invite them to participate in a moon mission.STRATEGIC ALLIANCES*Partnerships with credit card companies that offer elitecards to their high net worth members as to distributemarketing materials to these individuals.Partnerships with private jet manufacturers to offer theircustomers marketing materials.EVENTSSpecial invitation to billionaires to exclusive events, hostedby Richard Branson at the Virgin Galactic Space Launchcentre, to be the first to join the program.DIRECT MAIL MARKETINGDistribution of moon walk packages specially delivered toselect clientele. (Includes a personalized video from RichardBranson and an invitation to their exclusive event.)PRINT MATERIALSDistributed to high end travel agents and a network ofAccredited Space Agents globally.Creative print campaign targeted towards the adventurerwho has all the earthly possessions that they could need,but can now buy something that they unattainablebefore; a journey to the moon.PRINT ADVERTISING(4)Jetset Magazine, The Affluent Lifestyle MagazinePlane & Pilot, The Excitement of Personal Aviation& Private OwnershipYachts InternationalDolce VitaRobb Report, United StatesElite Traveller Magazine, United StatesCenturion (Distributed exclusively to American Expresscard members)Wealth Collection Magazine, United KingdomPrestige Magazines, SingaporeThe Private Journey Magazine (The only magazinecurrently available on-board private jets)Bespoke Magazine, Middle EastLuxury Life Magazine, SwitzerlandNoblesse Media InternationalPublishers, Korea & ChinaAmerican Express Publishing, United StatesBillionaire MagazineMillionaire MagazineMARKETING TACTICS: PRIMARY TARGET MARKET* Please note that all strategic alliances would operate as an affiliate marketing partnership; where the partnering company and employee whorecommended the purchaser would receive a total payment of $100,000 for each successful moon expedition purchase.
  11. 11. M K T G 3 3 2 2 V I R G I N L U N A R I N T E G R A T E D M A R K E T I N G C O M M U N I C A T I O N S P L A N 9MARKETING TACTICS: ALL AUDIENCESPUBLIC RELATIONSMedia Releases (Globally – Newswire & Targeted MajorMedia Outlets)WEBSITEArticles, Press Coverage, videos & registrationSOCIAL MEDIATwitter , Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, Flickr, BlogPRINT AD CAMPAIGN (APPENDIX B,C)PRINT ADVERTISINGNational GeographicScientific AmericanThe EconomistWEBSITEMoon Balloon websiteTVDocumentary on the making of the modern moon mission onNational Geographic Channel, Space, Discovery, and PBS.EVENTSMysterious hot air balloon (looking like a full moon) willmakes appearances in cities all over the world.The balloon will not be branded and will eventually beidentified by the public as a Virgin marketing campaign.(APPENDIX A)MARKETING TACTICS: SECONDARY TARGET MARKET
  12. 12. M K T G 3 3 2 2 V I R G I N L U N A R I N T E G R A T E D M A R K E T I N G C O M M U N I C A T I O N S P L A N 10PRIMARY TARGET MARKET [ALL SCHEDULES ARE APPROXIMATE]INTEGRATION OF TACTICSPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS/NETWORKINGKEY MESSAGE: The CEO will extend personal invitationsto those who are worthy, once again, of setting foot on themoon.SCHEDULE: Ongoing, up to one year prior to first launch.WHY THIS MEDIA WAS CHOSEN: Richard Branson hasextensive connections within billionaire networks, as wellas the clout to convince them of why this is a trip worth themoney.STRATEGIC ALLIANCESKEY MESSAGE: If you are successful enough to like doingbusiness with us, you’ll love Virgin Lunar.SCHEDULE: Ongoing (until seats fill up)WHY THIS MEDIA WAS CHOSEN: These companiesalready conduct business with the fabulously wealthy andhave considerable influence with this set. Moreover, themonetary reward (distributed to the companies and theemployee themselves) should provide adequate incentiveto market to Virgin’s target audience.PRINT MATERIALSKEY MESSAGE: You’ve seen our world. Now step foot onanother. (For those who have traveled everywhere)SCHEDULE: Keep elite travel agents supplied withmaterials up to 15 months before first launch.WHY THIS MEDIA WAS CHOSEN: The rich often don’tplan trips on their own and rely upon a third party toschedule their next exotic vacation. By giving them therequired marketing materials, Virgin is more likely to getmore travelers.PRINT ADVERTISINGKEY MESSAGE: Different messages to be determined bycreative boutiques.SCHEDULE: Ads taken out quarterly, with new messages(determined by creative boutiques) biannually.WHY THIS MEDIA WAS CHOSEN: Like any other person,the top 1% have their own unique selection of magazinesthey choose to read. This is one more way Virgin can reachthem and stay top-of-mind.DIRECT MAIL MARKETINGKEY MESSAGE: Custom tailored materials for the recipientas well as a personal invitation video from RichardBranson.SCHEDULE: Once every six months to each billionaire oridentified potential customer.WHY THIS MEDIA WAS CHOSEN: This adds a personaltouch to the marketing. A creative boutique will researcheach billionaire (what trips they’ve been on, etc.) todetermine the best way to market to them and send adirect mail piece biannually to show why they would loveto go to the moon.EVENT MARKETINGKEY MESSAGE: Special invitation event (and pressconference) for the interested and already signed upbillionaires, hosted by Richard Branson at Virgin’s launchcenter to invite those who can afford it.SCHEDULE: End of 2014.WHY THIS MEDIA WAS CHOSEN: This event hits bothtarget audiences by making the wealthy feel special whileat the same time giving Virgin (and attending billionaires)the press they desire, as well as a fabulous night out.
  13. 13. M K T G 3 3 2 2 V I R G I N L U N A R I N T E G R A T E D M A R K E T I N G C O M M U N I C A T I O N S P L A N 11SECONDARY TARGET MARKET [ALL SCHEDULES ARE APPROXIMATE]PRINT ADVERTISINGKEY MESSAGE: We are a company that’s leading humanityforward where it belongs: the frontier.SCHEDULE: Quarterly through 2015, biannually in theyears following.WHY THIS MEDIA WAS CHOSEN: These magazines focuson improving the life of humans and pushing boundariespositively. By associating Virgin Lunar with them andshowing its goals, the public will become more aware ofthe brand and its endeavors.EVENT MARKETINGKEY MESSAGE: Creating buzz around Virgin Lunar viapseudo-guerilla marketing of hot-air balloon.SCHEDULE: Takes off 18 months prior to Virgin’s firstlaunch and touches down on the evening of First Launch tocelebrate the event.WHY THIS MEDIA WAS CHOSEN: Event marketing isexcellent at creating brand awareness, and by doing aunique, eye-catching, worldwide marketing stunt, theevent (and its initial secrecy) will create significant buzzaround Virgin Lunar.TELEVISIONKEY MESSAGE: Why it’s important that humans revisit theMoon.SCHEDULE: Late 2013 / early 2014.WHY THIS MEDIA WAS CHOSEN: To reach Virgin Lunar’ssecondary target audience, mass media is a key tooland influencer. Since there will be many skeptics thatdon’t see the value in Virgin’s mission, a documentary onseveral television stations will provide entertainment andenlightenment to the importance of such an endeavor,hopefully creating public support.ALL AUDIENCES [ALL SCHEDULES ARE APPROXIMATE]WEBSITEKEY MESSAGE: A central hub for all the buzz, activities,and latest news of Virgin Lunar.SCHEDULE: Launched on announcement. Ongoing.WHY THIS MEDIA WAS CHOSEN: To have a maininformation location for billionaires, the press, and thegeneral public to find out more about Virgin Lunar, aswell as a vehicle to release important updates and newmarketing campaigns.PUBLIC RELATIONSKEY MESSAGE: Sharing the benefits, wonder, andgreatness that is Virgin Lunar.SCHEDULE: Launched on announcement. Ongoing.WHY THIS MEDIA WAS CHOSEN: Given the broadrange of Virgin Lunar, its significant cost, and the lengthytimeline that accompanies it, there will be undoubtedmedia attention. Virgin plans to be ready for the inevitablequestions and attention it will receive, as well as be on topof issuing news releases and updates.SOCIAL MEDIAKEY MESSAGE: Respond to the public’s inquiries aboutVirgin Lunar.SCHEDULE: Launched on announcement. Ongoing.WHY THIS MEDIA WAS CHOSEN: With such a high-tech company, it will need to stay on top of cutting edgemarketing and be where its customers and publics are.Social media will likely be an area that they will frequent.
  14. 14. M K T G 3 3 2 2 V I R G I N L U N A R I N T E G R A T E D M A R K E T I N G C O M M U N I C A T I O N S P L A N 12Personalrelationships/networking20132014201520162017201820192020-2023Q1Q2Q3Q4Q1Q2Q3Q4Q1Q2Q3Q4Q1Q2Q3Q4Q1Q2Q3Q4Q1Q2Q3Q4Q1Q2Q3Q4Q1Q2Q3Q4StrategicalliancesPrintmaterialsPrintadvertisingDirectmailmarketingEventmarketingPRIMARYPrintadvertisingEventmarketingTelevisionWebsitePublicrelationsSocialmediaSECONDARY ALLFIRSTLAUNCHMYSTERIOUSMOONBALLOONLAUNCHESANDSPOTTEDALLOVERMAJORCITIESINTHEWORLDBALLOONLANDSONLAUNCHPARTYLaunchedwithannouncementofVirginLunarandrolledouteverysixmonthsLaunchedonannouncementofVirginLunar.OongoinguptoayearpriortoFirstLaunch.LaunchedonannouncementofVirginLunar.Oongoinguntilallseatsarebooked.Detailedmarketingmaterialsprovided15monthspriortoFirstLaunch.Quarterlyadvertisingwithchangingmessagebi-annually.Last2quartersofFirstLaunchandLastLaunchwillhavemoreurgentmessaging.Specialinvitationeventsatendof2014.LaunchedonannouncementofVirginLunar.Ongoingandbecomesbi-annualafter2015.LaunchedonannouncementofVirginLunar.Ongoing.LaunchedonannouncementofVirginLunar.Ongoingandbecomesbi-annualafter2015.VirginLunardocumentarieslaunchedlate2013toearly2014ANNOUNCEMENTOFVIRGINLUNARINTEGRATEDTACTICSTIMELINE
  15. 15. M K T G 3 3 2 2 V I R G I N L U N A R I N T E G R A T E D M A R K E T I N G C O M M U N I C A T I O N S P L A N 13The Virgin Lunar flight will cost $100 million for each passenger, and seat four passengers per trip. CNN reportedin 2005 that a flyby trip to the moon would cost about $100 million.(5)That is the low side of the estimate; giventhat Virgin’s goal is to actually land people there, the cost would be significantly more. On the high end of theestimate, the cost of a Saturn V launch in 1969 was $375 million,(6)which in today’s dollars would be approximately$2,372,268,392.(7)This does present a challenge, however several factors offset that cost: first, Virgin Galactic hasalready developed several near-Earth orbit spacecraft, so the technology is partially in place already. Second,the passengers will be paying a sum total of $400m per trip. Third, qualitatively speaking, is Virgin’s goal toincrease brand awareness around the world, which this program will undoubtedly do thereby justifying much ofthe cost. Fourth, much other technology has been developed in the 44 years since that calculated cost, which willundoubtedly drive the price down. Finally, if all else fails, it is possible that much of the required hardware andtechnology could be salvaged or used on contract with NASA. Therefore, although there is somewhere betweena break-even and a $1.97 billion deficit on paper, there are far many more factors that would bring that price downsignificantly, thereby making the company and its efforts far more feasible. Even if Virgin does lose money on theseflights, it could be attributed to the cost of advertising and increasing their brand awareness, as well as R&D fortheir other efforts (such as airlines).Due to the complex nature of the product, as well as the extremely small target market, Virgin Lunar has decidedto manage all of the sales-based communications to be run within Virgin’s in-house agencies. Some creative willbe contracted out to boutique agencies to keep the promotions fresh. Virgin has put together a specific marketingteam within the Virgin Lunar division that can create and run all sales specific marketing communications. TheVirgin Lunar team will focus on print ads for high-end luxury magazines, as well as combined marketing with otherextremely exclusive luxury item companies such as private jets or luxury yachts.For all other visibility (brand awareness, etc.,) Virgin will be outsourcing to boutique agencies for activities such asevent planning, public relations agency, etc. Virgin Lunar will use various specialized agencies to take the majorityof the work for general brand awareness campaigns that include social media, PR and/or marketing stunts, toallow the sales marketing team to focus on selling and marketing to the target market. Virgin will choose agenciesto work with based on their experience with international brands and campaigns, as well as their ability to workin conjunction with other agencies. The social media agency hired will focus on creating a campaign to bringawareness to Virgin’s incredible endeavour, and to manage all communications with the public while maintaining apositive voice from Virgin Lunar. The PR agency will be in charge of creating newsworthy stories for media outlets allover the world. Finally, Virgin will have a marketing agency whose specialty is out of the box, pseudo-guerilla stylemarketing and promotions. This will help create buzz around Virgin Lunar as a new product and experience, as wellas the overall Virgin brand. Virgin will work closely with these various agencies to ensure that the messages andcampaigns are working in complete synchronization and consistency under an integrated communications model.FINANCIAL DATA AND PROjECTIONSEXECUTION
  16. 16. M K T G 3 3 2 2 V I R G I N L U N A R I N T E G R A T E D M A R K E T I N G C O M M U N I C A T I O N S P L A N 14The evaluation and measurement of marketing goals will be comprised of the following quantitative methods .EVALUATIONPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS/NETWORKINGNumber of individuals Richard Branson visitsNumber of inquiries made regarding request forinformation after each visitNumber of bookings result from visitSTRATEGIC ALLIANCESNumber of alliances securedPercentage of increased reach from alliances in terms ofindividuals contactedNumber of bookings generated from referral programsPRINT MATERIALSNumber of print materials distributed to potentialcustomersNumber of inquiries made to accredited space agentsNumber of bookingsPRINT ADVERTISINGNumber of magazines utilizedTotal number of ad placementsCombined reach and frequency of magazines utilizedDIRECT MAIL MARKETINGNumber of direct mail materials distributed to potentialcustomersNumber of inquiries made following mailingsNumber of bookings resulting from direct mailEVENT MARKETINGNumber of individuals in attendance at the eventNumber of news agencies to cover the eventNumber of public relations pieces that stream from eventsIncrease/decrease in web traffic to Virgin Lunar webpageIncrease in website traffic one week followingPRINT ADVERTISINGNumber of magazines utilizedTotal number of ad placementsCombined reach and frequency of magazines utilizedIncrease/decrease in web traffic to the Virgin Lunarwebpage (as measured by a QR code)EVENT MARKETINGNumber of articles and press attention from the MoonBalloon’s worldwide journeyNumber of visits and page views onwww.watchthemoon.comIncrease in Virgin extended product lines sales withinevent’s time spanIncrease in cyber chat and social conversations regardingVirgin Lunar and the Moon BalloonTELEVISIONNumber of television spots placementsAir time for each documentaryRatings recorded for each television placementIncrease/decrease in Virgin Lunar traffic within one weekfollowing the airing of each documentaryPRIMARY AUDIENCESECONDARY AUDIENCE
  17. 17. M K T G 3 3 2 2 V I R G I N L U N A R I N T E G R A T E D M A R K E T I N G C O M M U N I C A T I O N S P L A N 15WEBSITENumber of visitors to the siteNumber of click throughs recordedNumber of times Virgin Lunar was searched throughGoogle analyticsNumber of inquiries made to space agentsNumber of bookingsNumber of press inquiriesPUBLIC RELATIONSNumber of public relations pieces receivedDistributors reach for each public relations piecepublishedIncrease in website traffic one week following publicrelations piecesCclick throughs from online public relations pieces tothe virgin lunar websiteNumber of times Virgin Lunar was searched throughGoogle analyticsSOCIAL MEDIAFACEBOOK: Number of likes, people talking about usYOUTUBE: Number of views, likes, shares, add to’s andcommentsFLICKR: Number of images displayed, views, commentsand favesPINTEREST: Number of images displayed, likes, andcomments; clickthrough traffic to websiteGOOGLE+: Number of stories and interactive sharesregarding Virgin Lunar, number of +1’sTWITTER:» Utilize TwInfluence to track how many of our followersare actually listening to our messages» Utilize Twitalyzer to analyze Twitter account popularityand how many times messages are being referredto and tie into Google analytics to track informationabout traffic that is redirected from Twitter.» Utilize TweetEffect to find out how many people areresponding and reacting to posts to determine what isand isn’t resonating with followers» Consider using a larger measurement platform such asRadian 6 coupled with HootSuiteALL AUDIENCES
  18. 18. M K T G 3 3 2 2 V I R G I N L U N A R I N T E G R A T E D M A R K E T I N G C O M M U N I C A T I O N S P L A N 16Looking at historical exploration of any vast new area, violence, greed, or questionable morals are always afrightening factor. Although the human race has hopefully learned from these unfortunate ventures, and VirginLunar is moving forward with none of these intentions, the exploration of space comes with its own unique set ofethics and challenges, especially when done commercially.As a company looking to profit off selling these adventures, there are many issues to consider: the safety of guestsand crew, the impact of humans on another celestial body with regard to preservation and conservation, thesustainability of the business model in terms of its long-term impact, and property rights, to name a few.Health-wise, those who orbit Earth are subject to cosmic rays and other forms of radiation that the earth’satmosphere generally protects surface dwellers from. Combined with the relatively small risk associated withspaceflight (historically, a death rate of approximately 5%) and the effects of zero-gravity on the human body(deterioration of bone and muscle mass), there are health risks to be addressed for the passengers who pay forthe journey and the staff who are employed by it.The other main issue to consider is one of an environmental nature. One needs look no further than thedestruction of the rainforest to see that when mankind finds pristine new environments it often exploits them.The Moon, for the most part, is a pristine landscape barely touched by the human species. To increase trafficthere by a substantial factor (the last person on the Moon was in 1972) means to also look at how a humanpresence will affect the orbiting body in the short and long term, as well as ensuring that it will not be exploitedto benefit select few individuals. It may be devoid of life, but that doesn’t mean mankind can act wantonly with itsfuture. Finally, sustainability demands that the company and its missions take care to have little impact on Earthand the Moon so that they might continue to operate for a long time to come.Lastly, the issue of ownership and property rights needs attention. Just as the Arctic and Antarctic are unclaimedby any one nation, so is the Moon. The Americans may have been the first there, but that does not necessarilygive them rights and ownership of a beautiful object that has captivated every tribe to ever live on this planet.So to venture forth and make a profit from this object, legal entities will need to decide laws, regulations, andresponsibilities of anyone involved with the Moon. Just as other countries have different laws to obey, so mustother objects in our Solar System and the universe beyond.ETHICS AND STANDARDS
  19. 19. M K T G 3 3 2 2 V I R G I N L U N A R I N T E G R A T E D M A R K E T I N G C O M M U N I C A T I O N S P L A N 17REFERENCES1 Jolly; Gohar Razi; OECD International Futures Programme; Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (2007). The spaceeconomy at a glance: 2007. OECD Publishing. p. 14. ISBN 978-92-64-03109-8. Retrieved 10 June 2011.3The Richest People in the Planet 2013 (multiplied by 100, given the converter’s $10 million limit)
  20. 20. M K T G 3 3 2 2 V I R G I N L U N A R I N T E G R A T E D M A R K E T I N G C O M M U N I C A T I O N S P L A N 18APPENDIXA. MOON BALLOON
  21. 21. M K T G 3 3 2 2 V I R G I N L U N A R I N T E G R A T E D M A R K E T I N G C O M M U N I C A T I O N S P L A N 19APPENDIXB. SAMPLE PRINT AD NO.1
  22. 22. M K T G 3 3 2 2 V I R G I N L U N A R I N T E G R A T E D M A R K E T I N G C O M M U N I C A T I O N S P L A N 20APPENDIXC. SAMPLE PRINT AD NO.2