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KB035 PowerPoint


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Tet 200 about me project

Published in: Education, News & Politics
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KB035 PowerPoint

  1. 1. The Road To Becoming An Elementary Teacher
  2. 2.  Born November 12, 1988 at LeMars Floyd Valley Hospital  Grew up in LeMars, IA my whole life  I have one sister named Kym and she has two daughters, my nieces, Taylor (13), and Bailey (6) Top: Kyle Beach
  3. 3.  Bill and Mary Beach (Mother and Father)  Kym Beach (Sister)  Taylor Beach (Niece)  Bailey Beach (Niece)  Two Dogs (Allie Marie and Jake Dupree)
  4. 4.  Schools Attended: ◦ Clark Elementary ◦ Kluckhohn Elementary ◦ LeMars Community Middle School ◦ LeMars Community High School ◦ Western Iowa Tech Community College ◦ University Of South Dakota
  5. 5.  Like to spend time with my family  Activities that I love……. ◦ Golfing ◦ Water Sports ◦ Tennis ◦ Poker ◦ Interior/Exterior Design
  6. 6.  Graduated from LeMars High School with a diploma  Graduated from Western Iowa Tech Community College with an Associate of Arts and Science Degree  Currently enrolled at University of South Dakota to be an elementary education teacher  Long term goal is to be a guidance counselor in the school system
  7. 7.  In ten years, I would like to have a teaching job that I love. While I am doing that I would be working on being a counselor at that school.  All I want in ten years is a decent house and a decent car. I am not flashy so I don’t need many material things in life  In ten years, I want financial peace of mind if it exist!
  8. 8. On The Road To Success