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Webquest on webquests for ed


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Webquest on webquests for ed

  1. 1. WebQuest on WebQuests WebQuest to Create Webquests Title For Educators Introduction Designed by Task Marilyn Croskey Process Evaluation Conclusion Rubric Upload Embed Resources Based on a template from The WebQuest Page
  2. 2. WebQuest on WebQuests Introduction Title Search for the word "WebQuest" in any search engine, and you Introduction soon discover thousands of online lessons created by teachers Task around the world. Process What is a WebQuest? Evaluation Conclusion "A WebQuest," according to Bernie Dodge, the originator of the Rubric WebQuest concept, "is an inquiry-oriented activity in which most or all of the information used by learners is drawn from the Web. Upload WebQuests are designed to focus on using information rather Embed than on looking for it, and to support learners thinking at the levels of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation." WebQuests: •engage students in critical thinking activities •usually involves group work, with division of labor among students who take on specific roles or perspectives; •are built around resources that are preselected by the teacher. •Students spend their time USING information, not Resources LOOKING for it.
  3. 3. WebQuest on WebQuests The Task Title Introduction Your task should you decide to accept it Task (of course you will because it will be graded) Process is to create a WebQuest. Evaluation Conclusion It should be engaging and include critical thinking Rubric skills. Upload Embed The focus needs to be on website evaluation. The WebQuest subject can be entirely on website evaluations or you can use a topic from your content area and scaffold the quest with quality websites. Resources
  4. 4. WebQuest on WebQuests The Process Title • Look at Samples WebQuests in Springboard - Content Resources Introduction • Determine the subject of your quest. Task • Organize your thoughts and the steps you want to follow. Process • Create a WebQuest template or download the sample in Springboard : Content Resources Evaluation • Follow the five rules for making a WebQuest Conclusion • Find great sites Rubric • Orchestrate your learners and resources Upload • Challenge your learners to think • Use the medium of the Internet and tools of technology Embed • Scaffold high expectations (higher level is better than light easy thinking) • Use Rubistar to create a rubric • Upload your WebQuest to Slideshare • Embed in your ePortfolio Resources
  5. 5. WebQuest on WebQuests Evaluation Title Rubric: WebQuest Introduction Criteria Level 3 Level 2 Level 1 Score 3 points 2 points 1 point Task Requirements All requirements are met and exceeded. One requirement was not completely met. More than one requirement was not completely met. Process Product shows a large amount of original Uses other peoples ideas (giving them credit), but Uses other peoples ideas, Originality but does not give them thought. Ideas are creative there is little evidence of Evaluation and inventive. original thinking. credit. Covers topic in-depth with Includes essential Conclusion Content details and examples. information about the topic Content is minimal OR there are several factual Subject knowledge is but there are 1-2 factual errors. Rubric excellent. errors. Many resources are varied Upload Varied resources provide meaningful information for and provide meaningful Resources provided are information for students. students. Resources not sufficient for students Resources provide most of Embed Quality of Resources provide all information needed for students to the needed information for to accomplish the task. Less than half of the links students to accomplish the accomplish the task. All are up to date and task. Many links point to links point to high quality credible. high quality up to date up to date credible sites. credible sites. Some misspellings and/or No misspellings or grammatical errors. Many Many errors in spelling or grammatical errors. All of the links work correctly. grammar. Some links do links work correctly. Font Font formatting has been not work correctly. Font Mechanics formats (e.g., color, bold, carefully planned to formatting makes it very italic) have been carefully complement the content. difficult to read the planned to enhance It may be a little hard to material. readability and content. read. Total Level 3 Level 2 Level 1 Points Overall Score 11 or more 6 or more 0 or more Resources
  6. 6. WebQuest on WebQuests Conclusion Title Congratulations! Introduction You have explored various WebQuests and created one of your own. You have one more tool in your Education Toolkit Task Process Evaluation Conclusion Rubric Upload Embed Resources
  7. 7. WebQuest on WebQuests Create Rubric Title Introduction •Go to Task •Register to create Log In. Process Evaluation •Create new rubric. Conclusion •Can choose from Customizable Rubric or Rubric Create one from scratch. Upload Embed •Choose a Customizable Rubric. •Create Rubric •Download Rubric to Excel •Copy and Paste into Webquest Evaluation. Resources
  8. 8. WebQuest on WebQuests Upload WebQuest Title •Go to Introduction •Sign up for free account Task •Click UPLOAD (Not UPLOAD +) Process Evaluation •Enter Title, Description, Tags, and Category Conclusion •Go to My Uploads Rubric •Open your Presentation Upload •Copy the URL Embed •Paste in a Word Document •Add your name and the Title of your WebQuest to the Document •Upload to Springboard – Assignment Dropbox •Copy the Embed Code Resources
  9. 9. WebQuest on WebQuests Embed in Wiki Title •Go to your Wiki Introduction •Log in to your Account Task •Add a new page Process •Edit Page Evaluation Conclusion •Open Widget Rubric •Click on Slideshow Upload •Choose Other Slideshow Embed •Paste the Slideshare Embed Code in the the text box. •Save •Preview the page •Save Resources
  10. 10. WebQuest on WebQuests Resources Title Rubistar : Introduction Task Slideshare : Process Evaluation Slideshare WebQuest : Conclusion Rubric Springboard : Upload Embed : : M Croskey’s Wiki : What is inquiry-based learning : Resources