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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. THE PLANT PAGE A participatory plant projectKaiEbato – AzuraErizal – KyeshaKeleher – MelissaKuttan - Cinzia Sammassimo
  2. 2. Concept/InspirationWhat is the Plant Page? Initial Brainstorm
  3. 3. The JourneyThen & Now Less cluttered Modest Focus on quality
  4. 4. PositivesPlatforms used •Entirely visualInstagram •User generated. Usually individual, rar groups •Can search with #hashtags •Focused on art/photography blogs •Easy to contact users Negatives •Difficult to tweak themes •Hard to find original source of work • Visual • User generated – one person or artist/rarely groups • Photography based • Search by hashtags • Easily leads to other platform: can easily send through to Tumblr/Facebook/Twitter • Limited access to users info – cannot message user unless an e-mail or website is provided. Must leave a comment on their photo. • No website besides webstergram which is limited. • Hard to screen cap and repost. • Still the best for finding users who fit our aesthetic. • Majority of user submissions found via Instagram.
  5. 5. Platforms usedTumblrPositives•Mostly visual•Allows us to use Google Analytics•Focused on art/photography blogs•Easy to contact usersNegatives•Difficult to tweak themes•Hard to find original source of work
  6. 6. Rule 1) What works for some, doesn’t work for others.Why Facebook didn’t work • Targeting friends and not professionals • Not checking our Instagram/Tumblr page before submitting • Not original work • Not cohesive
  7. 7. Rule 2) The quality of the work and the quality of relationshipsTumblr Pros: •Easier to contact e.g. “Ask” function •More willing to share work •Vested interest in photography •Quick with responding Appreciation Contact Permission Cons: •Sometimes difficult to find original work Credit
  8. 8. The quality of the work and the quality of relationshipsInstagramPros:•Mostly original work•Personal•Vested interest in photography•FlatteringCons:•No contact information•Fairly arduous•Language barrier Appreciation Contact Permission Credit •Friendly •Correct •Like Seek out a •Complementary •Link to their •Comment personal/business •Professional blog, website, etc •Follow email •Accurate/Honest
  9. 9. The quality of the work and the quality of relationships Viewership = growing. But Less concerned with numbers &more interested in building a network
  10. 10. Rule 3) Go offline and get creative Created a QR code