Land pollution (Environmental Science) Grade 7


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Land pollution (Environmental Science) Grade 7

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Land pollution (Environmental Science) Grade 7

  2. 2. LAND POLLUTION What is land pollution? By the way , what is land ? -Land is the solid part of the earth which covers ¼ of the earth surface. What is pollution? -Pollution is the excess waste of man which destroys our environment. Now, what is land pollution? -Land pollution is the pollution on our planet’s land surface.
  3. 3. LAND POLLUTION For your another information read this…... The human population continues grow, and garbage production continues to increase. The open landfills in the Philippines , called Smoky Mountain, is home to more than 20,000 people. These people live and work here but suffer greatly from health problems.
  4. 4. LAND POLLUTION The process of contamination of the land surface of earth referred to as land pollution. It results from human activities that cause an imbalance of nature. Dumping human and industrial waste, harmful agricultural practices and exposing the land to harmful chemicals leads to the pollution of the land.
  5. 5. CAUSES OF THE LAND POLLUTION Land Pollution is the result of human misuse of soil. Below is a list of the common causes of land pollution. 1. Increase in urbanization- construction uses up forestland. 2. Domestic wastes- every single day, tons and tons of domestic waste are dumped raging from huge pieces of rubbish such as unused refrigerator to fish bone. 3. Agricultural activities- excessive use to pesticides and chemical fertilizers causes soil contamination and prove harmful to the animal and plant life. 4. Industrial activities-the excavation and mining activities lead to the loosening of soil. 5. Technological Wastes- computer parts and other worn out , old machines had added to the land pollution. 6. Deforestation- is one of the major causes of loosening of soil, that in turn causes soil erosion. 7. Increase Solid Waste Disposal- most of the solid wastes, like paper, plastic containers, bottles, cans, and even used cars and electronic goods are not
  6. 6. Another information……… The toxic materials can get into the human body directly by: (1) Coming into contact with the skin;(2)Being washed into water sources like reservoirs and rivers.(3) Eating fruits and vegetables that have been grown in polluted soil; and(4)Breathing in polluted dust or particles.
  7. 7. EFFECTS OF LAND POLLUTION How does land pollution affect the environment? 1. One of the major consequences of land pollution is the imbalance of nature, resulting from the harm caused to the wildlife and vegetation on the land (exterminates wild life). 2. It adversely affects the human respiratory system and result in various skin problems if the toxic materials of the soil come in contact with the skin. 3. Pesticides which cause land pollution can damage crops ;kill vegetation ; and poison birds, animals, and fish. 4. When contaminated soil is washed away in the water reservoirs, it leads to the water pollution, which lethal to the aquatic flora and fauna. 5. The soil contaminants are driven by the wind, causing air pollution, which is detrimental to health. 6. Solid waste pose a health treat to people.
  8. 8. REDUCING LAND POLLUTION The concept of the reducing land pollution takes into account. Reduction of waste is also important. Here some ways to reduce land pollution. 1. Disposal of Wastes- Several steps should be taken to ensure that the waste gets disposed into the most harmless way, i.e. produces less or no toxins. 2. Recycling and Reuse- People should buy and use products that have been recycled. 3. Go organic-Go organic that’s the teaching for avoiding land pollution. 4. Grow More Trees-Initiative should be taken to grow more trees. 5. Efficient Use of Resources-There should be minimal wastage.