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Ce intro slide show

  1. 1. KPA is now on Facebook, the popular social media site that is taking over the gl be! Fans of the Kentucky Psychological Association Facebook page will be privy to special promos, news and photos from KPA events! Become a at Facebook.com/KentuckyPsychAssociation Additional information can be found on the KPA website at www.kpa.org
  2. 2. •Founded in 1932•1030+ members •Over 600 full members & over 400 student members•KPA’s Mission… “To promote psychology as a science and as a profession.” Kentucky Psychological Association
  3. 3. KPA Strategic Planning includes… •Membership •Advocacy •Leadership Development Kentucky Psychological Association
  4. 4. Kentucky Psychological Association
  5. 5. • KPA has a respected voice in Frankfort and is active in working to promote and protect the profession on both the state and national levels.• Government Relations & Federal Advocacy Coordinator - Dr. Sheila Schuster• State and Federal legislative initiatives• Networking with other groups, e.g., NAMI, 874 K, KMHC, KARP Kentucky Psychological Association
  6. 6. “Sheila Schuster, PhD, is a former executive director of the Kentucky Psychological Association who continues to serve as KPA’s Federal Advocacy Coordinator. Dr. Schuster, who had a long history as a lobbyist in her home state, played a pivotal role as executive director of a mental health coalition that won mental health parity for Kentucky in its first attempt.Dr. Schuster credits the early success to the strong partnerships withinthe diverse and broad-based coalition, including consumer voices, builtover the 18 months prior to the session and to the fact this legislation wasgood for the public.” - Dr. Katherine C. Nordal, APA Monitor, May 2010 Kentucky Psychological Association
  7. 7. Kentucky Psychological Association
  8. 8. KPA Interest Sections help Members connectwith those sharing similar professional interests.Join the sections that fit your interests! Clinical Child and AdolescentCommunity and Public Service Developmental Disabilities Diversity Education & Training Forensic Health Psychology Rural Science & ResearchBest of all, section membership is free! Kentucky Psychological Association
  9. 9. KPA is focused on the needs of the nextgeneration: more than 20% of members havegraduated within the last 10 years and KPA is proud to have the third largest student membership in the country. Kentucky Psychological Association
  10. 10. “Children with chronic illness star in their own self-help videos, thanks to this pediatric psychologist.”Bryan Carter, Ph.D.- APA Monitor, July/August 2010 Kentucky Psychological Association
  11. 11. KPA is a home for Academic Psychologists with a dedicated voting seat on the Board and one of the largest Academic memberships in the country. The annual Spring Academic Conference is one of the largest offered by a state psychological association! Kentucky Psychological Association
  12. 12. Kentucky Psychological Association
  13. 13. Unlike many other states, KPA includes psychology professionals licensed at theMaster’s level as full members and has voting Master’s representation on the Board. Kentucky Psychological Association
  14. 14. KPA supports practitioners in improving andexpanding their practice opportunities and in developing business skills needed to survive and thrive. Kentucky Psychological Association
  15. 15. “As a specialist in the areas of pain management,sleep medicine and bariatric surgery, clinical and healthpsychologist Jonathan Cole, PhD, has no shortage of patientsand referring physicians in need of his services. And as founderand president of his own successful health psychology practice,he has valuable advice for others looking to establish nichepractice areas.”APA Good Practice Magazine , Summer 2010 Kentucky Psychological Association
  16. 16. • Discounted CE Workshops• Free legal, ethical, and practice consultations• The Kentucky Psychologist newsletter• www.kpa.org – Members Only Section• E-newsletters highlighting current KPA activities• Listservs for various interest groups• Many more… Kentucky Psychological Association
  17. 17. Join KPA Today and Receive a Coupon for $25 Off your next KPA CE Registration!•Sign up at www.kpa.org or pick up an application at the registration desk.•Affordable monthly dues option•Graduated dues for ECP’s•Low student and academic faculty rates•Support Kentucky Psychology!•Invest in your professional development! Kentucky Psychological Association
  18. 18. Registration Date Location Event/Topic CEs Speaker(s) Details Art Nonneman, Ph.D. RegisterSept 28 Neuroscience and Clinical Today! Wilmore 6 & (Fri) Practice See Registration Steve Stratton, Ph.D. Desk 3 Register Oct 12 Mindfulness Meditation in (AM) Paul Salmon, Ph.D. & Today! Louisville (Fri) Clinical Practice 3 Ruth Baer, Ph.D. See Registration (PM) Desk Featured Speakers: •Jessica Henderson Nov 7 - 9 Daniel, PhD, ABPP, Save the Louisville 2012 KPA Annual Convention TBD(Thur-Sat) •David Rudd, Ph.D., Dates! • David F. Tolin, Ph.D., ABPP
  19. 19. 2012 KPA Webinar Series Keeping Up: Research and Clinical Updates for Busy ProfessionalsKentucky Psychological Association
  20. 20. 2012 KPA Webinar SeriesKeeping Up: Research and Clinical Updates for Busy Professionals Date Workshop Recording Therapist Effects: Characteristics and Actions of Effective Therapists Available Presented by Bruce E. Wampold, Ph.D. Recording Treating Depression in Late Life: Current Research and Best Practices Available Presented by Suzanne Meeks, Ph.D. Recording Psychological Interventions in the Treatment of Schizophrenia Available Presented by Richard Lewine, Ph.D. Recording Myths and Misconceptions Concerning ADHD Available Presented by Richard Milich, Ph.D. Symptom Validity Tests and Feigned Psychiatric Symptoms in Neuropsychological Recording Assessments Available Presenter David Berry, Ph.D.Sept 19, 2012 Peer Victimization in Schools: An Update on Current Findings and Implications Wednesday Presented by Richard Gilman, Ph.D.Oct 17, 2011 A Primer on Telepsychology: Research and Practice ConsiderationsWednesday Presented by Jeff Reese, Ph.D.For more information on this series please see the KPA Staff at the Registration Desk! Kentucky Psychological Association
  21. 21. Ready to do some learning in the comfort of your own home?Take at look at the quality Home Study courses available from KPA Clinical Applications of Neuroscience Research Series Religion, Spirituality, and Clinical Practice Series KPA Domestic Violence Series- Meets criteria of KRS 194A.540 for Domestic Violence! Additional Home Studies Available- Including Ethics! See registration desk for more details.