2013 KPA Foundation Spring Academic Conference Slideshow


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2013 KPA Foundation Spring Academic Conference Slideshow

  1. 1. Welcome to the2013 KPA Foundation Spring Academic Conference Get Psyched! Putting Psychology to Work
  2. 2. Thank you to our sponsors!
  3. 3. Schools Represented at the KPA Foundation’s 2013 Spring Academic Conference
  4. 4. KPA Membership What’s in it for me?G raduate and U ndergraduate StudentsAll of the Kentucky PsychologicalAssociation’s Continuing Educationworkshops and conferences are availableto students at steeply discounted rates.Students also have the opportunity tovolunteer at these events and earn freeattendance!
  5. 5. Student Spotlight Donna Price, M.A. Doctoral Candidate at Spalding University ------------------------ Clinical Psychology/Health Psych Emphasis Research interests include how marginalized people experience the healthcare system ------------------------KPAGS State Representative Current Practicum: Frazier “KPA has been great for Neuroscience and Rehab Institute networking and learning about advocacy”
  6. 6. KPA Membership What’s in it for me? Graduate Studen tsGraduate Students are encouraged to serve onKentucky Psychological Association’scommittees where they can work alongsidepsychology professionals who share similarinterests. Graduate student membership is only $25! See the registration desk to join today.
  7. 7. Student Spotlight Pooja Khariwal, M.A., M.S. 3rd year at Spalding University ------------------------ Clinical Psychology/Adult Emphasis Area ------------------------ Current Practicum: Bellarmine University Counseling Center ------------------------ Research interests include clients “KPA has been great for with severe and persisting mental diversity illness & their relationship withtraining, scholarships, learning various providers about advocacy, & meeting motivated individuals in the
  8. 8. KPA Membership What’s in it for me? Undergraduate StudentsVolunteering with the KentuckyPsychological Association offersundergraduate students the opportunity tolearn more about the field from the “inside”and meet leaders in Psychology from allover the state! Undergraduate student membership is FREE! See the registration desk to join today.
  9. 9. Student Spotlight Morgan Sinnard Junior at the University of Louisville ------------------------ Psychology Major, Philosophy Minor ------------------------ Research interests include peace psychology and LGBTQ- focused psychology
  10. 10. KPA Awards and Scholarships 25th Annual Psych Bowl Champions- Bellarmine University 2012 Multicultural Professional Development Award Winner- Tahirah Abdullah, M.S. (University of Kentucky)
  11. 11. Awards and Scholarships2012 Undergraduate Poster Competition Winners- Cody A. Ison, Kathryn C. Applegate, Linzy R. Justice, Tina D. Wall & Dustin B. Wygant, Ph.D. (Eastern Kentucky University) with Head Judge Dr. Tierra Freeman 2012 Graduate Research Paper Competition Winner- Erica L. Birkley and Tamika C. B. Zapolski. [not pictured] (University of Kentucky) with Head Judge Dr. Dustin Wygant
  12. 12. Student Spotlight Amanda Mitchell, B.S. 3rd year at the University of Louisville ------------------------ Counseling Psychology ------------------------Research interests include exploring the cultural motivations, experiences, and mental health of caregivers of individuals with chronic health “KPA has been a great conditions resource for information and ------------------------ networking related to Current Practicum: advocacy “ The Brook - KMI
  13. 13. KPA Membership What’s in it for me?Graduate Students Leadership Opportunities KPA Student leaders at the APA State Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C.