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5 Actionable Secrets to Make Money Blogging With WordPress


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To make money blogging is easier said than done.

And yet, a number of folks out there own bragging rights and make things look way easier than it *actually* is.

Well, with this well thought and put together actionable secrets, expect something new and unique.

My promise to you is, this isn’t any get rich quick secret guide to earn money online while blogging but *very doable*.

And if any implemented well, given time, you can reap really big.
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5 Actionable Secrets to Make Money Blogging With WordPress

  1. 1. Howdy.
  2. 2. Earn Blogging With WordPress Actionable secrets to earn a living blogging with WP from a blogger Kwehangana Hamza
  3. 3. ME?? Turning 24yrs - Dec 2018 A digital creative working with Launched @gotechug early 2017 with 0 traffic!! I believe in the NOW and creating a future I want…. ** Lover of life
  4. 4. “ Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me. *Carol Burnett
  5. 5. The - 5 Actionable Secrets 1. Affiliate Marketing (Adv) 2. Drop Shipping 3. Rank and Rent Websites (R&R) 4. Monetize Facebook 5. Create Lead Magnets
  6. 6. 1. Affiliate Marketing (Adv) 1. Find a target niche 2. Keyword research (search volume of 250-550) 3. Create niche content. 4. Publish massive piece 3000+ words 5. Promote content 6. Build links to it and rank 7. Get sales in..
  7. 7. 2. Drop Shipping 1. Get a niche 2. Secure a supplier 3. Create site (WordPress) 4. Promote site/content 5. Optimise and analyze
  8. 8. 3. Rank & Rent Websites 1. Keyword Research (GKP, GSC “hack", SEMRush) 2. Domain search 3. Web Hosting 4. Build site in 2 hours (1page WP site, outsource site content, add CTA) 5. Site indexing (FAG, Ping Site, GMB, Analytics data) 6. Reach out
  9. 9. 4. Monetize Facebook 1. Invest into video 2. Teach niche relevant content 3. Publish massive out-of-the-box content 4. Build an audience 5. Monetize with FAN
  10. 10. 5. Create Lead Magnets 1. Choose your TA (Buyer Persona) 2. Determine Value Proposition 3. Name your LM 4. LM Type (optin, video, tool, coupon, excl. access) 5. Promote the LM
  11. 11.