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Social Media Quiz

You have been at social media for a while now, its time to find out if you're ahead of the pack or lagging behind.

Take this quick quiz as a sure fire way of finding out how good you really are. Good luck!

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Social Media Quiz

  1. 1. QUIZ: HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW SOCIAL MEDIA? 10 Questions to test how socially savvy you really are
  2. 2. A hashtag is a feature of which social media network?a) Google plus #Southafricab) Facebookc) Twitter
  3. 3. Social media networks are considered?a) Web 1.0 sitesb) Web 2.0 sitesc) Web logs
  4. 4. Which site overtook MySpace in July2011 to become the second largest social networking site?a) Pinterestb) LinkedInc) Google+
  5. 5. Which social site allows you to create a board using picturesa) Instagramb) Pinterestc) Flickr
  6. 6. Which social media site helped launch Susan Boyle’s career?a) Facebookb) Twitterc) YouTube
  7. 7. Which feature gives you the ability to identify and reference people in photos, videos and notes.a) linkingb) taggingc) looping
  8. 8. What percentage of employers usesocial media as a way to research potential job candidates?a) 50%b) 35%c) 80%
  9. 9. Which three countries have the highest rates of cybercrime?a) America, Australia, Japanb) China, South Africa, Russiac) UK, Brazil, France
  10. 10. Which social media platform has a search feature called graph?a) LinkedInb) Facebookc) Google+
  11. 11. True or false? Can you permanently erase a social media post? Delete thisa) True postb) False
  12. 12. Answers• 1 - Twitter• 2 – Web 2.0• 3 – LinkedIn• 4 - Pinterest• 5 - YouTube• 6 – Linking• 7 – 80%• 8 – China, Russia, South Africa• 9 – Facebook• 10 – False
  13. 13. Add up your Points, here1 2 3 4 5A- 3 A- 2 A- 1 A- 1 A- 3B- 2 B- 3 B- 3 B- 3 B- 1C- 1 C- 1 C- 2 C- 2 C- 26 7 8 9 10A- 3 A- 2 A- 1 A- 2 A- 2B- 2 B- 1 B- 3 B- 1 B- 3C- 1 C- 3 C- 2 C- 3
  14. 14. What does your Score mean? You need a social• If you scored between 1-10 Media SOS!You need help, fast!! The world of social media has SO much to offer, by getting the basics right, you’ll be able to connect better, attract more people and engage in better quality conversations. Get in there, try stuff out, read some eBooks and get training if you feel like its getting too late to catch up on your own.• If you scored between 10-20 You are getting thereYou have a good grip on social media and are probably able to work with several different features, are interacting on different platforms and enjoying it. Social Media is a fast moving arena, keeping up to date is essential to staying on top. You should think about delving into more advanced features and using the medium to grow your networks and business more effectively, get to grips with how social media will affect your organization going forward• If you scored between 20-30 You’re a social media whizzLooks like someone might be a social media pro! Are you getting others on your team involved? Are you running your company’s blog and growing a community on the platforms you’re on? You have the understanding to be a trailblazer, some solid goals and a clear strategy will really help you. Don’t forget to keep learning and experimenting to keep your head start.
  15. 15. Contact UsKwazi Communications is a Johannesburg, South Africa based Media andCommunications company.We offer social media literacy and social media policy/guidelines services. Call usto help you take advantage of all that social media has to offer.Contact Or +27(0) 11 234 2500You can also find us on: