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Question 2 and 3


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Question 2 and 3

  2. 2. In the video our actors/singers/stars are represented as fun, playfulyoung people with talent, we chose to reflect this on our front coverand Ad, we hope use this element as a selling point and this should fitin with the tone and mood of the song. This affected the video anddigipack in the sense of instead of having a conceptual theme it will bemore focused on iconography.
  3. 3. I chose to not focus on a straight up star image but to have a colourful and abstractedge to the digipack and the blurred lights over the two actors was an idea that Ithought reflected the chilled vibe and urban theme of the video, also the colourscheme reflected the chilled vibe the song has. The video seemed to have an “edge”to so in the final drafts I chose to have our stars through shapes to make morestriking and interesting visuals opposed to a conventional portrait, explored indrafts and ideas. The font used was chosen especially because it was a casual fontyet didn’t have too many connotations attached to it. The clothing of the performerswas casual yet not conforming to any genre (eg: hoodies and caps to connect withthe hip hop crowd), this look is open to connect to any genre or subgenre of musicand attracting maybe more than just garage fans, this also reflects onto the digipackand the advertisement.
  4. 4. The idea is to use an urban setting to connect with the audience andurban themes to solidify this in the ancillary texts. Keeping a low budgetfeel, this connects with audience as our target audience is used toconsuming music from youtube and the video has the feel that it is madebe one of the target audience themselves.
  5. 5. Without feeling glamorous, the stars of the music video connect with theaudience by looking at the camera, smiling and having a relaxed bodylanguage as if they are with the audience performing especially for them.We chose a low budget studio setting for our performance shots to showthe passion for music and show the creation of the music and pringingthe music video to a more personal level. With the “narrative” the“London at night” theme connects with most of the target audience as itis recognisable and the aftermath of a party scene along with fireworkscreates a celebratory feel, the fun fair then the stumbling home creates alive atmosphere winds down and the drunken night continues at home,relatable to most teens who have experienced this.
  6. 6. All of these features are important to conforming to the genre/subgenrebecause it solidifies its place with all the other music videos and ancillarytexts but standing out at the same time. It conforms to the conventions but atthe same time brings a few more features to the table such as having pop andindie artists singing on a garage instrumental and not be generic.
  8. 8. From constant audience feedback throughout the editing stages as well asthe pre production stage, it has help us ground our ideas and stick tothemes and ideas that would appeal and attract our target audience.Reoccurring themes such as couples, parties, love and the “night out”along with the “morning after” all reflects on our target audience sociallyand just by having the themes present makes the video more entertaining.The feedback from the music video was mainly positive and the feedbacktold us the fast cuts and contrasting visuals were engaging andcompliment the visuals and was a interesting break from the performanceshots. On the other hand the performance shots did drag on a bit.