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Example ft skream


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Example ft skream

  1. 1. Example ft Skream – Shot yourself in the foot again opening to the music video starts as a montage setting up the scenario, everything is clear andthe choice of actors reflects the type of people who would listen to this type of music. The artistsdon’t make an appearance but the album covers do as a sort of album promotion. The lighting isplain and natural. The interior shots may have some artificial lights to get a day balance but Ipresume the outside shots were all lit by street lamps, hence the orange glow. The editing cuts,juxtaposing interior shots to exterior shots and cuts on beat with the music. If the shot is held foreffect the cuts would be cut into a montage and to keep the same shot but move it on rhythmically.As you think the man is walking home to his wife, the lyrics sort of throwing you off, the shot belowshows he actually walks into a pub. This shot is supposed to represent the ‘shooting yourself in thefoot’ the song is on about. The music has finished its intro and the listener expects the drop of thesong, what dubstep is well known for. And from here the drop kicks in and the editing speeds uprapidly as does the music.
  2. 2. We see the man and his friends on a wild night out and the narrative is disequilibrium and the actionon screen matches the lively up beat sounds we hear. The party scene shows a pan of peoples shoes,showing the type of culture the music is made for and is referring to.In the club as the second drop kicks in rapid cuts are employed here again as we see a stereotypicalclub scene with lazer lights drunk girls and men drinking, also the taking of shots. All shots cut intime with the music, dancing is in sync with sound and showing everyone having a good time.The fact people are looking at the camera does not spoil the video and the rapid edits are notshowing that fact for long enough. The atmosphere shown by rapid editing and a range of shotsmostly group shots and a deep focus conveys a sense of frenzy.
  3. 3. The conventions present are the party music illustrated briefly by a club scene, loads of drinking andbeing immature and having a laugh. The audience can relate to this plus the “boy and girl”conventions are subverted and a dysfunctional relationship is shown, which is more realistic, almosta reflection of past relationships that the artists may have had and most people have had.