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Mobile Device Checkout


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Avaya Healtcare Solutions

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Mobile Device Checkout

  1. 1. Avaya Mobile Device Checkout Personalized mobility for every nurse on every shift Tethered to the nurse’s station in today’s hospitals In a modern hospital there are many different ways for a nurse to stay in communication with patients and colleagues. Unfortunately, most of them begin and end at the nurse’s station. In the smart hospital — one where everything is connected — it is imperative that nurses have the ability to move throughout the facility without being tied down by the limitations of their communications technologies. Nurses are always on their feet, members of the staff to contact one walking up to five miles during a another, they must post temporary typical shift. Much of this time is directories or even rely on sticky-notes spent traveling to and from the nurse’s to indicate the contact number of the station — the communications hub handset they are carrying. This means on most floors where nurses spend a that they are likely to have a differentAvaya Healthcare Industry Solutions disproportionate amount of their time. number every shift, and if the listempower hospitals to take full advantage of At the same time, they are expected with the numbers gets misplaced, ittheir integrated voice and data networks to to be everywhere at all times, and in makes it even more difficult to reachhelp make clinicians more productive and a role where every minute counts, the the correct nurse. The result of this nurse’s communications capabilities communication discontinuity is slowerworkflows more efficient. often tether them to a central location. clinical processes and ultimately a negative effect on patient care. Traditional hospital communication systems, such as desk phones, pagers, To meet the growing connectivity overhead paging and two-way radios, demands of today’s patient can alleviate some communication environment, nurses in a challenges but create others. Often hyperconnected hospital need a unified nurses have access to mobile handsets communications solution designed that they share with other nurses and specifically to meet their needs. clinicians on their floor. In order for SOLUTION BRIEF 1
  2. 2. 1. R emovehandset and fully-charged battery from station. 2a. Scanthehandset with reader kiosk. 2b. ScantheIDbadge with reader kiosk; the system programs the new user’s information on the handset. 3. ttheendoftheshift, the nurse A scans the handset again, returns it to the station and replaces the battery in the charger. It is now available for the next user.What they need is a personalized mobility the hospital. Essentially, they “checkout” system, so that hospital personnel can easilysolution that allows them to remain in the handset for the duration of their shift. locate a user in real-time on a map of thecontact at all times, extending the power No more manual tracking of who has what hospital, allowing them to quickly and easilyand capabilities of the nurse’s station while phone number and no more publishing a contact or redirect clinicians to where theyenabling them to spend more time with new phone directory with each shift change. are most needed.patients. Avaya can help. Once the phone is checked out by a user, it When a nurse’s shift ends, he or she simply automatically adopts their personal phone scans the phone again — deactivatingAvaya Mobile number or extension and provides access it — so it is ready to hand off to another to their relevant features such as call colleague, who scans the phone and their IDDevice Checkout lists, personal directories and voicemail. badge to checkout the phone for their use.Avaya’s Mobile Device Checkout solution The solution also allows integration into And if a phone gets contaminated duringsupports nurses and hospital staff by helping other clinical applications so that alarms the shift, the nurse can simply return it forto more effectively equip and manage and alerts, specifically for that user, are cleaning and check out another.nursing communications. routed to the Avaya handset, for example. This allows nurses to work more efficiently Mobile Device Checkout not only consolidatesWhen a nurse begins their shift, they simply hospital communications to a single point of without having to sign-in to various differenttake a Avaya mobile handset from a nearby contact, it provides the equivalent features of applications, or constantly check multiplecharging station and scan its barcode at a dedicated phone for each nurse, significantly devices for new voicemails, emails, missedthe accompanying kiosk. Then, by scanning reducing implementation and inventory costs. calls and pages.a barcode on their ID badge, they imprint The solution also delivers a centralized system forthat handset with their unique user identity With Mobile Device Checkout, a user can managing handsets so that at the start of eachand register that phone as active within also be identified by Avaya’s location tracking shift, every phone is charged and ready to go.2
  3. 3. avaya.comAvaya’s Healthcare HealthcareWorkflowsolutions use integrated communications technologies and leverage Healthcare Mobility solutions areIndustry Solutions the Healthcare Mobility solutions to fundamental technology solutionsAvaya’s Mobile Device Checkout solution accelerate workflows involving human-to- that give nurses and staffis a part of the broader family of Avaya application or human-to-human interaction. members greater mobility withoutHealthcare Industry Solutions which When a clinical process uses these compromising accessibility.empower hospitals to take full advantage accelerated workflows, the end result isof their integrated voice and data networks improved staff productivity and operationalto help make clinicians more productive efficiency. These solutions include:and workflows more efficient. HealthcareSolutions consist of four categories: • PatientDischarge — Streamlines the patientHealthcare Mobility, Clinical Workflow, discharge process via automation of internalHealthcare Notification and Patient Contact. and external approvals and notifications, increasing patient throughput and boostingHealthcareMobilitysolutions are fundamental nursing productivitytechnology solutions that give hospital staffgreater mobility without compromising • PatientAdmitt— Streamlines theaccessibility. Avaya Healthcare Mobility admission process from the Emergencysolutions include: Department (ED) through process automation and communication• AssetTrackingandManagement — enablement of clinical business processes Identifies and reports the location and status of critical resources in a HealthcareNotificationsolutions allow information hospital via RFID tags and wireless and instructions to be transmitted in real-time across the organization or to a specific doctor, • PatientAppointmentReminder — LAN technologies, reducing equipment nurse or other professional. These interactive Automates a process normally performed searches and wait times while lowering events notifications improve hospital operations, with considerable human interaction. The equipment inventory requirements staff productivity and patient quality of care solution not only maximizes resources but drastically reduces no-shows, recovering• MobileDeviceCheckout — Allows nurses • Nurse-CallResponse — Allows the nursing otherwise lost revenue from the hospital and clinicians to “checkout” a mobile handset while maintaining a personalized staff to receive and respond to urgent patient needs and help alleviate long • PatientFollow-up — Assures patients are contact number at all times wait-times for patients. recovering properly after they leave the hospital. This effective automated process• Nursecommunications — A set of PatientContactSolutions provides an interactive reduces re-admittances, reduces clinical advanced communications tools that patient, clinician and hospital experience. workload and improves patient satisfaction. are uniquely tuned to support the collaborative work demands of the These solutions automate routine processes in an efficient manner to allow improved clinical nursing staff, enabling increased nursing productivity and enhanced patient care productivity and expanded patient interaction outside of the hospital. 3
  4. 4. About AvayaAvaya is a global leader in enterprise communications systems. The companyprovides unified communications, contact centers, and related services directlyand through its channel partners to leading businesses and organizationsaround the world. Enterprises of all sizes depend on Avaya for state-of-the-artcommunications that improve efficiency, collaboration, customer service andcompetitiveness. For more information please visit© 2010 Avaya Inc. All Rights Reserved.Avaya and the Avaya Logo are trademarks of Avaya Inc. and are registered in the United States and other countries. avaya.comAll trademarks identified by ®, TM or SM are registered marks, trademarks, and service marks, respectively, of Avaya Inc.All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Avaya may also have trademark rights in other terms used herein.01/10 • LB5028