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Sapunova A.


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My student's project about winter holidays, Chrismas, St. Nicholas Day

Published in: Education
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Sapunova A.

  1. 1. ST. NICHOLAS DAY Підготувала учениця ІІ-го гімназійного класу Сапунова Анастасія
  2. 2. I like this winter holiday very much and celebrate it with my family. And I like to give some interesting things for my parents. And of course my parents also make very good gifts for me. For example this year they bought me some furniture for my room (table, wardrobe, chest of drawers), blanket and warm gloves. And previous year I got a warm robe, carrying case for phone, hat, socks, watch, fruit, sweets,and so on. On this day we get together and go to church .This is very interesting and exciting. St. Nicholas Day
  3. 3. Christmas
  4. 4. Decorating Christmas trees At Christmas all people decorate their Christmas trees. I like to do it very much.This is very interesting.
  5. 5. Children and their parents N0w we know that St. Nicholas does not exist, but long ago that man really existed, he was good and loved children, and therefore gave them gifts.