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MARQUE!                                                                 6 NOVEMBER 2011                     CANVASStory Te...
MARQUE!                                                                         6 NOVEMBER 2011STORIES AND THE ANALYSIS OF...
MARQUE!                                                                        6 NOVEMBER 2011ONCE UPON A TIME    We all h...
MARQUE!                                                                        6 NOVEMBER 2011   CADBURY, STORY BASED CAMP...
MARQUE!                                                                        6 NOVEMBER 2011DIFFERENT, AND, INSIDE    In...
MARQUE!                                                                          6 NOVEMBER 2011INTEL INSIDE    From the d...
MARQUE!                                                             6 NOVEMBER 2011Marque - IIM Rohtak Official Website: htt...
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Canvas edition 2


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We present to you the Second Edition of IIM Rohtak's Marketing Club's Newsletter- Canvas

Published in: Business, Spiritual
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Canvas edition 2

  1. 1. MARQUE! 6 NOVEMBER 2011 CANVASStory Telling CampaignsThe campaigns and the advertising a! about stories.... Sneak Peak • Stories and analysis of Power - Bharadwaj Battaram • Once upon a time - Priyamvada Singh • Cadbury’s Campaign - Ankur Shukla • Different, And, Inside - Bharadwaj Battaram! PAGE 1
  2. 2. MARQUE! 6 NOVEMBER 2011STORIES AND THE ANALYSIS OF POWER The 21st century unfolds. Humanity faces a new crisis, unique and complex. Centuries of colonialism,genocide, unchecked industrialization, plunder of the natural world, and the unexamined story of“progress,” have pushed the planet’s life support systems to the brink of collapse. An understanding of itall can be found looking through the lens of stories. Humans understand the world and their place in it through stories. Stories are embedded with power,power to explain status quo, power to define the world and change it even, power to create and bringtogether, and power to destroy too. As they say, “History is written by the winners”, over time a story (even imposed by brute force) becomesconventional wisdom and embeds itself into the culture and heritage, the ways of life. In other words, welive in an Era of Stories, outdated stories and stories of meaning and reason. As more and more peoplerealize what stories are outdated and bring us to divide and ruin, the world is changing for the better,thanks to the efforts of these wise few. With these efforts also grows the room for new stories, alternatestories. This space invades everywhere as people from all walks of life take to action challenging systems ofdomination and control. These interventions occur at all places, from the point of destruction of theecosystems and life to the point of birth and production where workers organizing in the workplaces,sweatshops and farm lands. Consumer boycotts and market campaigns spring up at the point ofconsumption where are sold products made from exploitative processes. In today’s media saturated world, soundbyte news coverage seamlessly blends with imagemanagement, misinformation and global advertising marketing complex. To keep the work fromdrowning, an understanding of the cultural environment and a deeper understanding of how poweroperates through narrative proves necessary. Story based strategy explains what people DO, what the existing stories are and what the underlyingand defining assumptions are. It works to reach past people’s narrative filters, affect the dominant issueand bring it to a better light. The revolution is coming. The revolution of the common sense. The revolution of the imagination.All the changes in the world point to that. And as marketers, it is duty to be ready and part of therevolution. - Bharadwaj Battaram IIM Rohtak! PAGE 2
  3. 3. MARQUE! 6 NOVEMBER 2011ONCE UPON A TIME We all had a grandmother who used to tell us and will keep following in life. This is wherebedtime stories. But there was something in those marketers gain. They make use of this humanstories, that I am reminded of them all and would tendency. The tendency to grasp more when told inwant to pass on to my grandchildren. Why is it so? a story because it relates to our surroundings, itStories leave an impact on our mind so strong that relates to our life.even when 15 years old, we still manage toremember them. They stay there somewhere andpop up when you see anything whenyou see shiny heels, they remind you ofCinderella... the instance you see your friendsleeping, u call her ‘sleeping beauty’... I bet thishappens with all of you. So what is common in allof them? Why every one of us has our favoritefairy tale? Human mind is good at understanding thingsand remembering them when associated withsomething and followed up on the same story line.Stories are something which have been there sinceour birth. All the stories of our childhood havesome theme or lesson in it which we still follow Today Maggi is loved by before office, it is there with customers and thus was able toaround 90% of population of friends, and it’s there always. So show the trust customers have onIndia. The present generation when Nestle asked people to it. It not only increased theirhave enjoyed it since their share their stories with them, sales but also strengthened thechildhood. When ‘Maggi’ turned customers started recollecting bond between the customers and25 in 2009, Nestle launched a their memories with Maggi. It Maggi.campaign “Me aur meri Maggi” indirectly made them realize for Marketing throughand it was a huge success. They how long they have been storytelling is an art whichstarted with a beautiful concept enjoying Maggi and thus making depends on how accurately youof asking the customer about their loyal customers even more are able to identify the factortheir story with Maggi. They loyal and attached to it. The which moves a customer andtargeted every single loyal customers got an opportunity to which can make a customercustomer and attacked their share their stories and thus to be relate with a brand or company.emotions. The campaign asked able to see themselves on the Nestle figured it out prettyeveryone to share their stories packaging of their favourite accurately and launched itsrelated to Maggi 2-minutes brand. Thus the customers were absolutely new campaign whichInstant Noodles. Maggi (esp excited. With a low cost strategy, connected to mass like neverinstant noodles) is now an requiring only redesigning the before...important part of our lives. It packaging and setting up awas there in our Tiffin when we website to request stories, Nestlewent to school, it is there at 3am was able to touch each of theirwhen we are hungry in hostel, it loyal customer’s heart. Theis there when we don’t have interesting point here is that theenough money for a lavish treat, stories about Maggi were givenit is there when we don’t have by customers. The company justenough time to make breakfast triggered the emotions of the - Priyamvada Singh IIM Rohtak! PAGE 3
  4. 4. MARQUE! 6 NOVEMBER 2011 CADBURY, STORY BASED CAMPAIGN Stories are part of every culture and especially wife takes a bite of the cube and reluctantly smilesIndian culture where we are used to listening to at him. The husband then points towards the exitthem during bed time. They are used as a means to and she steps out with him. Just then, a youngteach us moral values and provide entertainment at neighbor notices her and compliments her. This adthe same time. Using them in advertisements with is again in the form of a story with which youngeffectiveness requires a lot of creativity. It can also married couples could associate. The values ofbe used to make your product a high involvement Indian families are brought out. A very commonproduct because if used effectively people will talk problem with which young married women couldabout it, it will be there in the mind and we will like associate is used. In India it is still difficult forto see it again and again. The present article will women to wear modern clothes (e.g jeans) in front ofdiscuss ad campaign from Cadbury which was in the elders. This problem is beautifully used in the formform of a story. of a story and the importance of “kuch meetha ho The ‘Shubh Aarambh. Kuch Meetha Ho jaye” is also brought out. The background musicJaye’ (Auspicious start. Eat something sweet) again is very cleverlycampaign was build around the fact that Indians used and leaves a niceusually prefer to eat something sweet before doing auditory impact.some ‘shubh kaam’ to have a favorable outcome. The ad which I am talking In India sweets areabout is set up on a bus stop with symbols of festivitythe girl eating dairy milk and and happiness and awaiting for bus. The boy asks for lot goes into preparing and serving them.a bite to which the girl inquires Indians are diehard fans of sweets and keepthe reason. He tells her that his looking for occasions to celebrate. Sweets aremother has advised to eat ingrained in Indian culture and associated withsomething sweet before starting positivity and prosperity. Cadbury Dairy Milkanything auspicious. The girl offers him a cube of has tried to capture the essence, the flavor and nitty-the chocolate. She then inquires about the ‘shub gritty of the mithai moments, building itself on thekaam’, and the boy tells her that he was thinking of back of a widely followed custom and familiardropping her at home. It unfolds like a story and you rituals. By continuously honing the strategicare hooked to it till the end. It’s difficult to change communication behind the brand’s eloquentthe channel if you are watching it for the first time. campaigns and commercials and through insightfulYou want to know what will happen next. In just few product innovations, Cadbury Dairy Milk hasseconds the advertisement has all the elements of a succeeded in devising ways to increase consumptionbeautiful story crafted to perfection. The music in and become a healthier choice of replacement to thethe background is also very soothing and brings out traditional sweets. The targeting of each segmentthe naughtiness in the whole set up. The target has been with innovative story line behind it andsegment is the young generation. Young people with issues they could associate. If all the elementsusually find it difficult to ask a girl out for a date or of a good story can be incorporated in such a shortstart a conversation. The ad uses this hitch very span time and leave a smile on your face at the end,cleverly. I am sure the boys would have felt the then the ad surely sets a standard for itself in termscreativity in starting a conversation and girls would of being creative and fulfilling the purpose for whichhave felt how innocent it was after seeing the ad. It it was meant. You never get bored seeing the adalso highlights the Indian cultural values for the again and again.youth. It is difficult to get out of your head. Another ad in the same campaign in which ahusband offers Cadbury Dairy Milk to his wife whois nervous to step out in jeans because of thereaction of her neighbors and mother in law andwhat they would say about her. The husband tells - Ankur Shuklaher that his mother would advise her to eat IIM Rohtaksomething sweet before starting a ‘shub kaam’. The ! PAGE 4
  5. 5. MARQUE! 6 NOVEMBER 2011DIFFERENT, AND, INSIDE Inspiration springs from the most dire of situations and that inspiration flares the imagination, that’show great concepts are sometimes born. Two of the biggest names in today’s world stand proof to thestatement, names that we see everywhere we turn, names that have grown to supersede all others, namesboth of which are duo syllabic and five letter long.THINK DIFFERENT bought space in popular magazines and fashion In an almost forgotten, long ago time, dire magazines for the print ads.straights were where Apple was in. It was 1997. The campaign debuted on September 28, 1997.Steve Jobs had returned. Press wasn’t interested in It was remarkably popular, receiving glowing pressApple. The TV studio on Cupertino campus was write-ups. It was the turning point for Apple. Theunneeded. Umax’s updated S900 embarrassed ads won a slew of awards. Developed a cultApple. Apple’s brand was diluted. following. After the first campaign, Apple started Acting as the de facto CEO, Jobs took on the sending complimentary products to public schoolsproblem personally. Lee Chow, creative director of to hang in the classrooms.Chiat/Day, one of the three ad agencies invited to The campaign maintained till 2002, some ofpresent ideas, presented Jobs with a new slogan and the Apple stores featuring Think Differentaesthetic for the ads: Think Different. Chow said tableaus.he wanted to feature filmmakers at DreamworksSKG working on their Macs. Jobs, enamored with the concept had otherideas. Instead of filmmakers, he wanted to usecelebrities and thinkers. The brainstorming beganon the spot. Chiat/Day and Jobs got working on the ad, in atotally computer based creative environment.Though the ad was entirely produced by Chiat/Day, Jobs reviewed revisions at every step. TheTelevision commercial was produced using an Avid4000 system on a Mackintosh with AdobeAfterEffects. Jennifer Gulab, who worked on theTV commercial, was in contact with Jobs daily,working out the images, the music and thenarration which was done by Richard Dreyfus.Dreyfus read a free verse poem, “Here’s to theCrazy Ones” written by a Chiat/Day copywriter,Craig Tanimoto. The first rule of the campaign was that therewould be no products in the ads. The participants(or their estates) instead of being paid, were givenmoney and computer equipment to be donated tothe charities or non-profits of their choice. Apple! PAGE 5
  6. 6. MARQUE! 6 NOVEMBER 2011INTEL INSIDE From the dawn of personal computing in the advertising stressing speed, power and affordability.1970s, marketing was driven by computer vendors It used state-of-the-art special effects to takeand software publishers. The processor drove the viewers on a sweeping trip through the innards ofrapid increase in performance which in turn helped the personal computer before hovering over thesystems run smoothly and faster. Intel played a campaigns raison dêtre - the then new Intelcentral role in transforming the PC. But the i486™ processor. Along with colorful TVconsumers were none the wiser. One mentioning advertisements, Intel added a distinctive and“microprocessors” would get mystified stares from memorable three-second animated jingle (known asthe consumers. a signature ID audio visual logo), displaying the Then came 1989. And Dennis Carter. logo and playing a five-tone melody.The tune, nowMarketing manager at Intel, he formed a small familiar, cemented a positive image in thegroup and marketing microprocessor 386SX to the consumers’ minds.IT managers purchasing PCs for their businesses. The campaign was a huge success. The PCsThe effort was successful and the team realized the took over the world in the years to follow. Andtime was ripe to launch a new marketing program, with them, Intel grew on too. From being aa novel campaign of marketing to the end users. component unknown, the processor became TheThe idea seemed a stretch to the people within the component in the PC and Intel was on the and to the media too. Another issue wasthat the semiconductor was only a component, akey component but a component still. After much study, in 1991, Carter and teamlaunched the Intel coop marketing program. Theycame up with the tagline “Intel. The computerinside” which was later shortened to “Intel Inside”.The OEM program was the first, and when it wasunderway, Intel started print advertising aroundthe world explaining to the customers the logo andwhat it meant. In 1992, made by George Lucas’Industrial Light Magic, Intel debuted its first TVABSTRACT’S THE KEY There are numerous style. While many would choose greatness from the past and thecampaigns that the world has to tell the story open and clear; present, and telling of thewitnessed, which are built around most consciously, and treasures hidden inside.a story. There are also the many unconsciously, tilt over to the Campaigns centered on storiesmore campaigns that aren’t so more abstract telling of the story, certainly can be successful, if toldobviously built around a story. so much so that the lack of story properly.But, the fact remains, there is no seems an argument holdingcampaign that doesn’t have a ground. It is here that the linestory at its heart. A successful takes birth, Abstract’s the key.campaign is like a well written Could it be so? The storystory, pulling in the reader into certainly seems to be with thethe world of the story. It is up to abstract. And these abstractthe marketer to choose the stories change fortunes, changedesign of the campaign and the the world itself, telling of - Bharadwaj Battaram IIM Rohtak! PAGE 6
  7. 7. MARQUE! 6 NOVEMBER 2011Marque - IIM Rohtak Official Website: Visit Marque: Join us and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!/marqueiimrohtak Connect with us on LinkedIn